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Supposed SDF Fighters Burning Crops In Northeastern Syria (Video)

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On June 11, Syrian opposition activists shared a video showing alleged fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) setting fire to a farm in northeastern Syria.

In the video, two gunmen with a pick-up truck, carrying the SDF’s banner, can be seen starting a fire in a farm of wheat. The Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently blog said that the video was shot near the town of Tell Abyad.

In the last few days, the northeastern part of Syria witnessed a series of fires that burned hundreds of acres of wheat and barley.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for these arson attacks and called on its followers to burn crops in Syria and Iraq as a form of revenge. The terrorist group’s cell usually use improvised-incendiary devices (IIDs) and carry out their attacks in night time, unlike the gunmen seen in the video, who were setting fire to the farm in day light.

Opposition and pro-government activist had accused the SDF of burning the farms of anyone who refuses to sell his crops to the SDF-controlled administration in northeastern Syria. The new video, which is being ignored by the US-backed group, supports these accusations.

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╭∩╮( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)╭∩╮

Dirty terrorists, they are ISIS 2.0

klove and light

opps what a fucking surprise…….after years of FORCED RECRUITMENT (which is practically Kidnapping) of thousands of Young arabs and all the ugly consequences that come with it(parents and other Family members tend to try to protect their Children)………….but the reason why this is all possible…here in the east, up in the North with TAF and ist Proxy jihadi bastrados and to the south with al-tanf and the 30,000 civilians taken hostage and to the west with IDF, attacking each and every day without the slighst sign of reprecussion…..is because SAA is not attacking…it seems in syria the Motto is “take what u want”… SAA will make Agreements and ceasfires but they just wont attack………this all would be impossible in lebanon or Iran or for that sake in jemen……..the houhtis have multiple fronts…..without no airforce waht so ever or air defense….but they aint gonna make some shitty agreemenst with invading Forces……they maek them know….just as in 99.9% …that any invading force will be attacked which is the most common Logical law of mankind….be it in civilian life or in the Military….somebody Comes to your house or aprtment and wants to kill your Family….. quess what you´ll fight……. somebody attacks your homecountry…quess what the goverment army´s in any Nation first priority is?????? defending the home Nation and attacking the Intruders.

well not here in syria…

not 1 attack on SDF Forces not 1 attack on al-tanf not 1 attack on TAF not 1 attack on IDF

ridiculous, pathetic and this sure wont end good for syria if this ridiculousness continues.

iam pro syria..pro Iran pro houthi pro hezbollah ..death to the jews death to america and great britain

Jens Holm

If You cant find back to the menthal hospital Yourself, You could take a taxi and let them pay.


truth hurts ha scum?

Jens Holm

It certainly does. You not even know, what it is.


yeah you know jihad loving scum.. go aND suck your ZIONIST masters cock


I fully Support your opinion, but I think Syria should focus on the Golan Heights after the war, because any attack on Israel would further complicate the situation for Syria

Gregory Casey

I agree with you to a large extent but it is critical that Syria and SDF clear Homs, Hama and Idlib of the Salafist Jihadi Turks and others first before they try clearing East from the Euphrates to the Iraqi and Turkish Border.

Jens Holm

SDFs has no reasons to burn food.

Harry Smith

You have to read Lenin. Food control is the most efficient control of the population. They are using Lenin strategy. Confiscate all crops and then distribute it to the loyal population, while opposition will slowly die from hunger. And they burn it because they are sure that humanitarian aid will be sent to them to fight the starvation.


SDF are not the only ones that can read. Even some IS can. False fkag operations, IS and turkish specialty.

Btw on anha hawar there is a video posting a turk setting fire to land right under the turkish wall. That one is assuredly not a kurd as turks shoot at anyone that might be kurdish.


Russia, Turkey and their allies have completely failed to establish Syrian forces control on Hama, Idlib, Al-Rukhban and on the rest of Syria with in four years.

Therefore, it gives chances to US, Israeli, AL-QAEDA and ISIS terrorists to attack and butcher Syrian nation again and again to destabilise the country and establish themselves there. The next target of America and Israel is Turkey and Russia. It has already started as I see the incidence in Russia.


Off course. Whenever an SDF fighter wants to burn opposition crops (opposition crops??) then he does this waving an SDF flag and in uniform. Plain BS.

They, as in opposition, IS , think everybody is stupid and, it seems, they are right.


wow, wow ,wow, thiss is SDF under USA command, of course. Russia has stopped any serious offensive on terrorists (Idlib, Al-TAnf, Kurds). What we have seen so far are just little advance at Idlib, constant defending position on Allepp , Palmyra. Even with advanced weapons, air support, and tanks Syria army sometime go away on the run. Something very wrong Turkey-Russia agreement has created on Syria land. There can not be peace in 45% of Syria land (on the hands of SAA) if the other part is full of terrorists. Russia must stop pleasing Turkey.

Mahmoud Larfi

That’s the trend these days as the crops are about to be harvested I mean everyone seems to do it: SAA does it in Idlib, ISIS and SDF militias do it too east of the Euphrates.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I smell a rat, this video is way too convenient. What was the crop they burnt and where was it all, what they did burnt just looked like scrubgrass to me.

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