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Supposed Israeli Strike Targets Convoy Of Popular Mobilization Units In Iraq (Photos)

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The situation in the Middle East is rapidly escalating due to an increase of hostile Israeli actions in the region.

On August 24, Israeli warplanes bombed what the Israeli military described as ‘Iranian targets’ near the town of Aqraba south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Two Hezbollah members were reportedly killed in the attack. However, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps denied that any Iranian target was hit.

Meanwhile, two Israel idroned hit a Hezbolalh media center in Beirut’s Southern Suburb. According to Hezbollah, “the first drone fell without causing damage while the second one was laden with explosives and exploded causing huge damage to the media center.

On August 25, a supposed Israeli airstrike hit a convoy of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Iraq, near the Syrian border. The convoy was reportedly belonging to the PMU’s Kataib Hezbollah.

Photos of the supposed result of the alleged Israeli strike in Iraq:

Supposed Israeli Strike Targets Convoy Of Popular Mobilization Units In Iraq (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Supposed Israeli Strike Targets Convoy Of Popular Mobilization Units In Iraq (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Supposed Israeli Strike Targets Convoy Of Popular Mobilization Units In Iraq (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image


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Jacob Wohl

IDF roasting IRGC terrorists everywhere from Syria, Lebanon to Iraq all within 24 hours! moral of the story: Never mess with the IDF. bad time to be hezbollah terrorists


They arent IRGC they are PMU who arent even attacking Israel.

klove and light

satanic child fucking jew!!!!!!

Dont worry, your wishes will soon come true……you want war….you will get war……

till now, resistance stayed calm for 1 reason only……..like ALL “normal” humans which detest war cause war brings suffering and destruction and death to all parties involved, they tryed to avoid it at high Costs…………..

Right now you dirty child fucking satanic jew…… the resistance did not hit back……wait and see and hear and feel………. and IF you SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that Israel and its Population wont get hurt in war….than you are just prooving my Point…..JEWS ARE

lying. stealing,raping,murdering satanic Evil beiings!!!!

Pave Way IV

Never mess with the IDF when it’s hiding behind its well-bribed-and-owned U.S. thug. Never mess with the IDF when it’s funded, armed and equipped by U.S. taxpayers. Your ‘fierce’ IDF depends entirely on a blind and corrupt U.S. government (and our FUKUS cronies). Besides, you’re running out of fresh, brainwashed meat for the IDF. The kids of all those parasitic Soviet welfare refugees you imported don’t seem to be too eager to die for Israel – they just came for the free shit. How’s that working out for you?

klove and light

ps. too bad I cant meet you on a personal Level satanic Evil child fucking jew…. tough Little jew…ey..

AM Hants

More like an injured snake, fighting for it’s last breath.

Interesting to see the Iranian Foreign Minister, turn up to the G7 bash?

chris chuba

Israel is bombing Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. How many countries is Iran bombing?


Stupid Troll.

John Wallace

Hello Jacob , nice to see you again. You remind me of Bruce Willis in that movie where he wears a sandwich board and goes into an African American area and walks around with the sign reading ‘I HATE NIGGARS” You are doing the same but from the safety of hiding behind a keyboard. I bet you are tough though aren’t you. You would shoot from 20 meters away an unarmed old man lying on the road to show how tough you really are. Know what .. I doubt you would even have the balls to do that .. Have a nice day Jacob and see you again when you want to spin some more shit.

Rhodium 10

they are fighting terrorist..why israel dont attack Iran?…

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Time to react accordingly and refuse to give in to bullying and threats from zionists.

klove and light

war is inevitable……. satanic jews……..

AM Hants

Was the Middle East calm and peaceful, till they stuck Israel in the middle of it, back in 1947?


The Zionists were causing problems in the 1800s. By the time that the King Crane report was published in 1919. The Zionist precursor to the Yinon plan was in full swing. And the region and the world were well aware of the destabilizing machinations of the Jews.

AM Hants

The Fabian Society had so much to answer for, back in the 19th century.


What did they have to do it?

AM Hants

A lot. Check them out and their history.


I searched Fabian society and Jews and didn’t find anything. Do you have any links?

AM Hants

The crowd behind the Fabian Society, were the ones who were instrumental in creating the Bolsheviks, together with the Nazi Party. Look at events around those times? Including who was behind the Balfour Declaration, in 1917, and the world events, at the time. The IRA, were created in 1917, the same year the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire, overthrow, the fall of the Prussian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. The lead upto WWI, to set up the League of Nations. Then in the 20s, after the fall of 4 Empires, the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, Chinese Communist Party and the European Fascist Parties turned up on the scene.

Fabian Society – The Fabian Society is Britain’s oldest political think tank. Founded in 1884, the society has been at the forefront of developing political ideas and public policy on the left for over 130 years… https://fabians.org.uk/about-us/our-history/

Fabian Society and the London School of Economics

‘…In 1894 Henry Hutchinson, a wealthy solicitor from Derby, left the Fabian Society £10,000. The five trustees of the Hutchinson bequest were Sidney Webb, Edward Pease, Constance Hutchinson, William de Mattos and William Clark. Webb suggested that the money should be used to develop a new university in London. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) was founded in 1895. As Webb pointed out, the intention of the institution was to “teach political economy on more modern and more socialist lines than those on which it had been taught hitherto, and to serve at the same time as a school of higher commercial education”… https://spartacus-educational.com/EDlse.htm


Funny, did not realise that David Rockerfeller was a student at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Believed that the Rothschilds invested heavily in the school, but, did not realise the links to Rockerfeller. Can never tell the difference between him or Soros, dead or alive.

David Rockefeller Biography… ‘… Founder/Co-Founder: Council Of The Americas, Club Of Rome, International Executive Service Corps, Council On Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Americas Society, Stone Barns Center For Food & Agriculture, Partnership For Ne

More Facts Education: University Of Chicago, London School Of Economics And Political Science, Harvard University, Columbia University

Awards: 1998 – Presidential Medal Of Freedom 1945 – Legion Of Merit 1943 – Public Welfare Medal 1965;1959;1935 – Richard A. Cook Gold Medal Award…’



You’re asking me to do your research to prove your point. I don’t see a lot of Zionist or Jew nexus in your Fabian society material. You’re trying to blame shift from the Jews to the Brits for the Jew’s crimes.

I agree that the Brits were complicit. But it was the Jews who carried out the Bolshevik revolution and the takeover of Palestine. Without the Jews pushing for it, I don’t think that the Brits would have got involved in the manner that they did. The Brits didn’t carry out the Russian genocide, the Jews did.

Why would the Brits have engineered the IRA to disassemble part of the UK? It doesn’t make sense.

AM Hants

I am asking you no such thing. Owing to believing that you can point things out, but, at the end of the day, respect another person’s view, as to whether they wish to find out more. Not do the work for them, when they ask a question, but, point them in a direction, to discover more. Which is what I did. No skin off my nose, whether you look further or are quite happy with your own views and opinions. That is the beauty of freedom of thought.


You aren’t? That’s not the way that I read your comment which says: “Look at events around those times” I asked if there was any link between the Fabian society and Jews and you didn’t provide any. Just a long post about the Fabian society without a single thing about Jews. And a line about look it up for yourself.

AM Hants

‘Look at events around those times’ – suggestion, which you could look into or not. Not a demand.

Remind me, but, who asked the question, with regards me providing sources to link the Fabian Society with the Jewish Faith? The biblical Jewish persons are completely different from those created out of the Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who adopted Judea, Christianity, Islam and taught themselves Hebrew. Wasn’t Judea an outpost of the Roman Empire, back in those days? I did not mention the Jewish factor, when I stated the Fabian Society had a lot to answer for, and you replied asking for links? Now did I?

Now who runs the City of London, and what laws and taxes do they abide by? Who runs Washington DC and what laws and taxes do they abide by? Who runs the Vatican Estate, and what laws and taxes do they abide by?

The Fabian Society, was a 19th Century ‘think tank’, who also went on to create the London School of Economics, based on ‘social science and a socialist ideology. It is still up and running. Remember, Hitler led the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party and Lenin ran the Bolshevik Communist Party. Where does the ‘far right start and the far left end’? Which parites in the 20th century, whether fascist, socialist or communist, desired ‘totalitarian state control’? Which has now morphed into ‘Full Spectrum Domination, NWO. What was the aim and amibitions of the Fabian Society? What are the aims and ambitions of the London School of Economics. Personally for me, I seriously find the link, with regards plans for the 20th century, were formed and initiated, courtesy of the crowd involved in the Fabian Society. Many religions, many faiths, but, all focused on the same ideology, in their planning for the 20th century. However, that is just going back to the 19th century, but, you will see the same script running, since at least the days of the Roman Empire.


The whole Khazar thing is a myth from what I can determine. If it wasn’t there would be genetic evidence, and it isn’t there. At least not according to the University of Huddleston study and others.

I can show Nazi Zionist collaboration and the Bolshevik Jew evidence is overwhelming. Was or is the Fabian society run by Jews? If it was you haven’t provided anything beyond conjecture. I’m looking for judicial quality evidence, not conspiracy theory.

This is proof of Jew infestation:

“Banking/Finance Who Controls the Economy? Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 2) Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 1) Who Controls Goldman Sachs? Who Controls American International Group? Who Controls the Treasury Department? Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 1) Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 2) Mass Media Who Controls Big Media? Who Controls Hollywood? Who Controls Television? Who Controls Music? Who Controls Radio? Who Controls Advertising? Who Controls the News? (Part 1) Who Controls the News? (Part 2) Government/Politics Who Controls the White House? Who Controls the Senate? Who Controls the Congress? Who Controls the Supreme Court? Who Controls the State Department? Who Controls the Justice Department? Who Controls the Defense Department? Who Controls the Treasury Department? Social Engineering Who Controls the Ivy League? Who Controls the Think Tanks? Who Controls Professional Sports? Who Controls the Anti-Defamation League? Who Controls the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who Controls the American Civil Liberties Union? Who is Behind Gun Control? Who is Behind the Climate Change Hoax? “New World Order” Who Controls the Group of Thirty? Who Controls the Bilderberg Group? Who Controls the Trilateral Commission? Who Controls the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 1) Who Controls the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 2)”

– Who Controls America? When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America –


AM Hants

If I had the time, would happily go through your list and find the links between them and the UK leading t’think tank’ of the 19th Century. Which ironically, is still going strong today, with an interesting list of members, from past to present.

With regards the Univeristy of Huddleston, not coming up with the results you require, I do believe Dr Eran Elhaik, over at Sheffied University, has come up with some excellent work on the subject.

DNA Research Confirms That Modern Khazarian “Jews” Are Not the Descendants of Ancient Isrealites or The Seed of Abraham…

… DNA Science Confounds the Common Wisdom There is only one problem. And it is a huge one. Science proves those who call themselves “Jews” are not Jews! DNA Science has confounded the Christian evangelicals by proving conclusively that most of the people in the nation of Israel and in World Jewry are not the descendants of Abraham.

Those living today who profess to be “Jews” are not of the ancient Israelites, and they are not the seed of Abraham. In fact, the new DNA research shows that the Palestinians actually have more Israelite blood than do the “Jews!”

The nation of Israel today is populated with seven and half million imposters.

The “Jews” Are Not Jews But Are Khazarians

Dr. Eran Elhaik, geneticist researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, found that today’s “Jews” originated from Khazaria and not Israel. They are not the seed of Abraham. The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct. What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

Geneticists report that less than 2% of “Jews” living in Israel are actually Israelites. Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.

“There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”…



His credentials:

Career BSc (1999) Israel, Open University (double major in Computer Science and Business) PhD (2009) Texas, University of Houston Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2009-2011) Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2011-2013) Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health Research Associate (2013-2013) Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health Lecturer (2014-present) University of Sheffield Professional Activities Topic Editor for Frontiers in GENETICS Research Interests Dr Eran Elhaik research

My research centres on identifying and addressing BIG QUESTIONS in biology from multiple fields such as:

Complex disorders, particularly mental health disorders Population genetics (biogeography, population structure, DNA reconstruction) Personalised medicine (prescribing medicine based on biogeography) Molecular evolution (molecular clocks, evolution rates) Genomics (genome evolution, phylogeny) Paleo-genomics (Adam Y chromosome, ancient genomes) Epigenetics (methylation, gene expression, regulation) My research is multidisciplinary and requires computational and statistical skills alongside epidemiological and mathematical skills. For example, in Elhaik (2013a) I designed a dedicated microarray for genetic genealogy, in Elhaik (2013b) I showed that the origin of European Jews is from the Khazars, in Elhaik (2014a) I dated the most ancient human Y chromosome known as “Adam” Y chromosome, and in Elhaik (2014b) I developed the GPS tool that uses DNA to predict geographical origin of populations with an extreme accuracy.

Current research topics include:

Identifying the environmental causes of autism and developing therapeutic methods Identifying the “Missing Link” between human and ape Predicting the geographical origins of ancient populations Developing applications for personalised medicine and stem cell therapy Teaching I teach on the following modules:

APS135 Skills for Biologists 1 (L1) APS 222 Animal and Plant Tutorials (L2) APS331 Dissertation (L3) APS344, Topics in Evolutionary Genetics (L3) APS351, Human Evolutionary Genetics (L3) MEDT32/33, Bioinformatics & Interpretation in Genomics (MSc in Genomic Medicine) I have completed my CiLT2 certificate.

I was nominated to the Sheffield Students’ Union Academic Award 2016 for Best Personal Tutor.


You didn’t look very hard:

“Genetic studies on Jews have found no substantive evidence of a Khazar origin among Ashkenazi Jews”

– Khazar hypothesis of Ashkenazi ancestry –


“A 2013 study at the University of Huddersfield, led by Professor Martin B. Richards, concluded that 65%-81% of Ashkenazi Mt-DNA is European in origin …

The authors found “less evidence for assimilation in Eastern Europe, and almost none for a source in the North Caucasus/Chuvashia, as would be predicted by the Khazar hypothesis.””

– Genetic studies on Jews –


As far as Jews and think tanks. In the US the evidence of them running them is overwhelming, as I linked to. If that’s also the case in the UK. You haven’t proved it and I haven’t found it.

Ralph London

AM, 2 interesting verses from the book of Revelation about ‘jews’: Rev 2:9 ‘ I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.’ & Rev 3: 9 ‘Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…’

AM Hants

Thanks for the verses and as you say, seriously interesting. Nice one.

Bill Rood

Brits were supporting “Jewish restoration” long before 1884. In the early 19th Century, Lord Palmerston wanted a Jewish “buffer state” in Palestine loyal to Britain.

AM Hants

It is interesting how far it goes back, and how we just keep going round in circles, from one century to the next. Nice to see that they can no longer sweep things ‘under the carpet’.

Walter White

It seems Israel are looking to piss everyone off my guess is America told them to strike pmu targets. If you think about it America are in Iraq they have intelligence on the ground they just pass it onto their puppets Israel. Iraq need to take a vote to expel America out of the country ?


I’m not sure Israel is a puppet of America it seems to me to be the other way round

Bill Rood

Israel and the US government are just two of many reeds bound round the axe.


Can you tell me how many groups are involved im aware of the secret societies and the Israel faction who all seem to fight for a common cause but who or what is controlling them l will probably get laughed at here but I think it may be aliens spirits or the devil himself

John Wallace

A question on quora answered by a Jew or Jew supporter Is Israel a vassal state of the US? Amy Johnson Amy Johnson, Adult Actress (2008-present) Answered Wed It is the other way around. And it is a good thing.


WTF? Anyway, Israel is just fucking itself. Now that the truth is out in the open, no Pro-US (and by extension pro Israel) Iraqi politicians can deny it. They will be forced to take action, and sooner rather than later end US presence in Mesopothamia. I wonder why Israel now changes it tactics from covert operation with deniability in Iraq to such overt operations. Its stupid, and the previous deception tactic was one of their most effective assest. Must be elections coming up, so Bibi wants short term PR action at the cost of long term strategy. But with US under pressure to move out of Iraq, and Iran having a much better political environment in Iraq to offer their air defenses, it is pretty dumb for Israel.


You’re right, this kind of behaviour is going to increase up until September, 17th. Netanyahoo desperately needs to convince his followers that only him can protect them. It’s either winning the election or going to jail for him. That’s the price he is opposing on his own country and the United States, it’ll cost them both dearly.. The best answer that resistance can give him till that date is probably just protection and not retaliation, which is exactly what he’s hoping for. Naturally, if this behaviour continues, they must be taught a lesson they don’t forget.


If the US is smart, which is questionable, they’ll stay out of it and let a regional coalition form to get the region’s Jew problem corrected. The Iraqis need to finish getting the Mossad infested US out of Iraq.


It appears Israel is operating drones out of US/Centcom bases in Iraq or NE Syria. ? Unless the CIA and Mossad is involved with small airstrip.


In either case the US knows where they’re coming from and is complicit in the attacks.


Not way, you are forgeting the powerful jews lobby in USA. It is not possible for north-american gentile people to get rid of north-american jews.


I trust in the wise resistance leaders and my heart is with all the people there fighting for us all


Intresting, indeed. This time, I will not as much focus on the Joohos, but the ear shattering silence, do you notice that, everybody knows, and yet its dead silent, no condemnations, nothing about pounding another country, nothing. One thing that strikes me, is do the joohos really know what they are doing, one thing is Iran, Iraq is so corrupt that nothing will come from them, the rest isnt wurth an rats ass, but do they really think, just shoots and then expect nothing coming back. I wounder, ISISrael is an smal country, and isnt hard to cover with even a stone throw, and what is hindering this to escalate, UssA, maybe, but other powers are also in to this protection of the terror state ISISrael, and there are in fact people out there, deluional creeps like Saker, and even more delutional morons in the so called alternative sites witch is just an joke, since most are run from Tel-aviv (like Beritfartlingas etc to AJ, that have managed to crawl up their own asshole and lives in an alternate reality where they think Russia will be an sort of gardian of the Arabs, Syria and Iran, when I know Putin is an spineless Russian Mofo, and nothing else, even Lavrov the Meek is dead silent, cant say anything because you can be jailed, right. China, expect nothig, and I dont. EU…..huh…. the foggy bottom.

This, is an new spiral, and again, why am I not the slightest surpriced, but will see the coming days with intress, and I recomend others as well, and do notice, the “coincident” with the massive in flow of HasbaRats, its all coordinated, and all this for an election, hurmf. Remeber this, the last war they conducted was against Hamas in the Gaza enclave, 3 days and the IDF crawled back, beaten and humiliated, by Hamas, and the “most morale army” resorted to pound Gaza indicrimentelly for several days after from inside ISISrael, brave huh. And now, after loosing the 2 previous wars against Lebanon, the want an new round,, this time, I hope the Hazb wipes the land clean of the fake Joohos, the people of the synagog of satan, dont stop before the last scums of this earth is swiming from ISISrael territory, send them back to Africa or where ever, because this time, they wil loose even more, this time, Hezb. show no mercy, just wipe them of this panet, every single one, because they never have shown any mercy what so ever. Happy hunting and to IDF, remeber to use dipers, scums, because you will encounter an force that knows what war is, incl close quarter combat, and you dont, apart from sniping children.

Let this be the last one, Hezb. and there will be peace.



It seems the coming war with Israel is going to happen sooner than I expected I’m thinking of cashing in my superannuation and heading over there to join the fight although the Australian government has just passed these foreign fighter laws which makes it more difficult I believe that these laws were implemented to stop people joining the coming fight with Israel rather than stopping the movement of jihadist as they claimed.


God will reward you, for joining the Jewish jihad, with a Kosher heaven and one feminist wife (definitely not monogamous nor a virgin) for eternity.


You think this is a joke dickhead if something isn’t done about this let’s call it the Jewish situation we are all fucked

This is sad and funny. It is sad that the good guys are being wiped away. It is funny that Israel goes to war against Iraq and Lebanon and Syria all on the same day, and not one single retaliation in return lol. Israel is free to bomb three neighbors at once and the entirety of the Iraqi military, the entirety of the Syrian military and the entirety of Lebanese militarizes are helpless to level a single town in Israel. No wonder Israel is brave, their foes cannot muster the courage to go to war against Israel.

Rhodium 10

Wait and see…


1.The political system of Iraq (mostly) is really corrupt + Kurds and Sunnis have more sympathy with Israel than with Iran 2.As long as I remember Lebanese army wont dare do anything that will upset Israel, add to this that West and Russia will not sell any weapon system that could change the balance of power against Jewish stat,

Rhodium 10

Surely Israeli drones from US Al Tanf base in Syria…


That sounds like a good guess.


I read all comments, EVERY ONE MISSED THE MOOSE IN THE ROOM ! That is a destroyed “khordad 3” air defense system.! that is a MASSIVE escalation! crap is about to hit the fan !


Please explain more,

Rodney Loder

Netanyahu is desperate to get Trump locked into a Middle East War before Trump is forced to abdicate when China descides its had enough, so the best thing to do would be to attack when Trump is bogged down in the Pacific, but the US is likely going to dump Trump if and when that should happen .

Mainly it’s up to the Democrats and who they run with that will cast the future war as home base bipartisan or not.

The Democrats are certainly ready to be the alternative to a crazy man.

The problum they got is, Trump unless hysterically desperate won’t commit to any war before November next year, so for the next at least 14 months Netanyahu is at his most vulnerable.


+ possibility that some elements in US army and in CIA together with Mossad and B team in White house put Trump inside a war,

Rodney Loder

A lot of Trumps support hate Jews and zino jews they may be a bit white supremacist but that’s OK we can work with these guys, they can live with Muslims but would rather see Palestine being Chridtisn in some weird undefined way, they know it was better before jews took over their country .

David Parker

What is that stuff that looks like oil that is all around the bombed vehicles? It can’t be oil, but I am sure there were no fire trucks on scene either, nothing at all to save, not even bodies. Also, this is the very definition of a precision strike. Unbelievable accuracy from the air. Israeli commandos under the media cover of an air attack?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So the strikes dont happen further away than they can be struck by aircraft flying in Israeli or Lebanon airspace?

That could suggest that the IAF is still very respectfull (read: scared) of the syrian air defence.


Israel is making enemies all around this country for free (Lybano, Syria, Iran, and now Iraq). Is Israel doing this because its Talmud says to do it ?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x