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Summary results of the colonial administration of Ukraine 2013-2021

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Summary results of the colonial administration of Ukraine 2013-2021

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Summary results of the colonial administration of Ukraine 2013-2021
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  1. The population of Ukraine decreased from 45.5 million to 30.1 million, according to some other data to 28 million. 5 million were lost due to excessive mortality; the remaining 10 million left the country in search of work. About 50% of those who left Ukraine (up to 5 million) have already become naturalized citizens in the EU and Russia, having taken out their families. This part of Ukrainian migrants does not contribute to the economy of the state anymore.


  1. According to the IMF and the World Bank, GDP of Ukraine was $155.582 billion by the end of 2020. Compared to 2013, when it was $ 183.31 billion, it fell by 15%.


  1. Compared to 2013, the industry collapsed by 25%. Thousands of enterprises have been closed. As a result, the unemployed population currently makes up 11% of the number of able-bodied citizens.


  1. The country’s energy dependence on imported supplies of hydrocarbons and electricity has increased. Ukraine’s own natural gas production decreased by 6.6% since 2013; and the decline continues. Ukraine is forced to buy coal and electricity from Russia, while being “at war” with Moscow, from Belarus, while being engaged in subversive activities against Minsk, and from the United States, paying significantly higher prices.


  1. The outflow of investments from the country continues. In 2013, Kiev received more than 5.6 billion US dollars; while in 2021 it got less than 800 million US dollars, according to the State Statistics Service and the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine.


  1. Ukrainian GDP per capita in 2013 was 4030.3 US dollars. In 2020, it was 3725.6 US dollars. Over the same period, the income stratification of the Ukrainian society has sharply increased.


  1. The average purchasing power has decreased by 20%. Today, 70% of Ukrainians have an income of 210-250 US dollars per month. At the same time, the food and medicine prices in Ukraine are much higher than in the neighboring countries. As a result, according to official data, 10 million citizens are suffering from malnourishing on a daily basis, and about 2 million are starving.


The country’s only “success” turned into a scandal. The data of the World Bank’s Doing Business rating, which assessed the situation of Ukraine as “positive”, were recognized as “distorted” by the World Bank, the rating was closed, and a bribery investigation was launched.

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Hunter Biden

Ukraine is owned by mafia, bandits, jewish clowns and nazi psychos (and of course by Hunter), but at least they have new shiny weapons from US/UK/Turkey. Pity they don’t have brains, otherwise they would use those weapons against Maidanterrorists in Kiev who destroyed Ukraine.


people in ukraine are subjected to the most brutal brainwashing in the world, poisoned and fed with constant hate towards Russia. it’s the only ‘food’ they get…

opposition and all who think different are purged and completely destroyed. First colored revolution failed miserably and people voted for Yanukovich, so CIA staged another revolution/putsch . Now Ukr. is completely under their control and they’ll never allow another Yanukovich. Ukraine has only one purpose now: to be NATO bastion of hate towards Russia; same as Poland and Lithuania, but Ukr even more fanatical and hateful. They are not a country any more, they are a social experiment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Z
jens holm

Whatever the brainwasking level is, its very much both ways.

Americans are Cucks

Nope brainwashing comes purely from you western clowns. But of course in case of a fight western cuckhold soldiers will be hiding under their beds

jens holm

That of course is according Splutnik and Sana.

Americans are Cucks

Its according to facts


You’re lied to all the time and ignore facts at every turn.


Your childishness, impulsivity, insincerity and insecurity keeps you on their leash. You’re retarded and never been to any place you have criticized.


Hey Schlomo, I found your picture!



Last edited 1 year ago by Frisian
Americans are Cucks

Lol western retard talking about lies. How do you feel that your western heroes are a bunch of scared cuckhold losers?


Above all, we are not talking about most african´s that doesn´t have enough access to education and information and can be fooled by any media, we are talking of people that have and can search for information wherever they want and are educated enough to know their past and present after the coup. One can admit that most are forced by a nazi force but they know what is going on and are responsible for not doing enough to take the country from ruin.

The end

Jens the Danish bastard needs Ukrainans to wipe his old ass for nickels. Ukies should know very well why they were born into this world.


What about Boris Nemtsov’s 2015 assassination in front of the Kremling? There is no way anyone can do that and get away with it for months without the proper connections.

Last edited 1 year ago by Frisian

Russia imprisons Russian ethno-nationalists and floods their country with foreign invaders, both Russia and China criticize Poland and Lithuania for opposing the influx of migrant invaders that Russia, Morocco, Turkey, and Western countries help to smuggle in. One idiot called them “Nazis” for doing what they would have done long before the NSDAP came into being, the claim that Hitler was a foreign agent is a joke and easily to dispel.



Last edited 1 year ago by Frisian

retarded nazi bot


Ukraine is routinely referenced as ‘country 404’ in Russia …. nuff said. TEP.

The end

Jens the Danish bastard needs Ukrainans to wipe his old ass for nickels. Ukies should know very well why they were born into this world.

jens holm

We need many 1000 well educated people too.

We are in a full speed having a boom, where the kroner has to kept down by force.

We are very happy for those incommers, which take those jobs.

But it remains we still are very unhappy and sometimes angry for about 50% of the muslims, which we help in danish traditions for wellfare for free and behave as they still are in Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistan.

If we were like them, they hardly could get a tent and oil and bread now and then.

The end

Jens the Danish bastard needs Ukrainans to wipe his old ass for nickels. Ukies should know very well why they were born into this world.

jens holm

People can go into only few jobs in the healtcare sector. They dont have the education as well and language contact is very important.

The few ones we have are in low advanced jobs in the private sectors. A big group is farmers hand. Most fit in better then the musælim import and some few establish themself well and prefare us for Ukraine, Poland and over there.

Sure they are in low paid jobs. Even so they has a higher livingstadard here as well as they send money home. Danish koner is highranked in the same level as dollar.


Ukraine has been setup as a future battlefield so I can see why Western powers have no interest in actually building it up. The US backed coup has proven itself to be on an ongoing disaster with no end in sight.

Lone Ranger

Glorious Ukropisstan…


Never mind, Victoria Nudelman will soon be along with another bag of cookies to make them all feel better.

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