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Sukhoi Su-34 to Get Newest Electronic Intelligence Complex

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The strike fighter Sukhoi Su-34 will get a unique electronic intelligence complex.

Sukhoi Su-34 to Get Newest Electronic Intelligence Complex

Photo: Sputnik / Dmitry Vinogradov

In the near future, an arsenal of the advanced Russian strike aircraft Sukhoi Su-34 Zashchitnik will be supplemented by an electronic intelligence complex, the Izvestia Daily newspaper reported on Monday. The new system will allow aircrews not only to detect, but also to strike at the enemy’s headquarters, communications and infrastructure of information transfer to the points of unmanned aerial vehicles’ control in real-time. The system, officially named UKR-RT, is mounted in a special suspended container, installed under the fuselage of the Su-34.

“Currently, the works on the electronic intelligence complex for the Su-34 has been completed, and the system is testing. We hope that in the near future the suspended container of the electronic intelligence will be adopted for service,” the representative of the Defense Ministry, familiar with the situation, told to Izvestia.

According to the source, several companies, belonging to the group of JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey and the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), are taking part in developing of the new system. However, the representative of the Defense Ministry refused to designate the specifications of the newest complex and the number of items, which is planned to be purchased by the Russian Aerospace Forces, citing the privacy.

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This use of that weird ‘complex’ instead of the usual terminology ‘system’ probably is a consequence of robo-translation?

Valhalla rising

nope thats russian military terminology

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