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Suicide Drone Targets Erbil International Airport

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Suicide Drone Targets Erbil International Airport

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On July 6th, an explosives-laden drone hit Erbil International Airport, the Kurdistan Region’s Counterterrorism Directorate has said.

The airport, where US-led coalition troops are stationed, was attacked by a drone at 10:30pm, with a fire breaking out at the site, according to a statement from the directorate.

In a statement, the Pentagon said it was aware of reports about a drone attack, but initial information did not indicate structural damage, or injuries or casualties.

Another spokesman for the U.S. military, citing initial information, said one drone had “impacted” near Erbil, but that there were no injuries or any damage,

Telegram channels affiliated with Iran-backed elements of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) claimed that 20 rockets and three drones were used in the attack.

It comes less than 24 hours after an “airborne threat” was shot down over the US embassy in Baghdad.

Reportedly between 3 and 8 rockets also hit Ain al-Asad airbase in Anbar on the afternoon of July 5th.

Erbil has been targeted in several rocket and drone attacks in recent months. Multiple drones hit an area northeast of Erbil late last month, close to the site of the new US consulate.

Two people died and 13 others injured after multiple rockets hit the city in mid-February.

In April, a drone dropped explosives near the U.S. forces stationed at Erbil airport. That was the first known attack carried out by an unmanned aerial drone against U.S. forces in Erbil, amid a steady stream of rocket attacks on bases hosting U.S. forces and the embassy in Baghdad that Washington blames on Iran-backed militias.

Additionally, on July 6th, the Iraqi resistance groups attacked four U.S. logistical convoys in with roadside bombs.

The repeated attacks on US-led coalition supply convoys are meant as a response to the to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani.

They have ramped up recently due to the June 27th, US strike on PMU positions on the Syria-Iraq border, and the death of 4 PMU fighters.


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A clown like you

Clearly “someone” “nicely” saying stop sucking yanquis di*ks.
Truth be told, Kurds (N-Iraq Kurdish government and N-Syria SDF) most see what happened to those who worked for yanquis in Afghanistan.
“‘We will kill you’: Thousands of Afghans who helped U.S. want to evacuate before the Taliban finds them.”
They worked for yanquis for 20 bloody years and that’s what they get.
It is the same story with Kurds…who let Turkic kill you and take Syrian land? Ask why would the yanquis do such a thing?
Kurds are in the same position as Afghani.

It is up to the Afghani and Kurdish population, not their moronic “government” to ask for help from Iran. Look at Houthis, Syria, Iraq, and ofc Hezbollah…Iran doesn’t backstab their allies, unlike yanquis.

Funny thing SF talked about the Fatemiyoun brigade (the Afghani who fuk the mother of ISIS with Iran and her allies – they can fuk the Taliban as well)…Iran is the protector of Shi’a in Afghanistan…that is the truth. Not this Ghani Zion bitch who sucks yanquis di*ks, fun fact about him, his wife the ugly bitch is Zion pig.
I will not forget this ugly fuker,

Amdericunts LOSERS

The CIA puppet Ghani will be on the first plane out when the Taliban knock on the gates of Kabul. The Americunts are such pathetic kicked loser dogs that they even took the keys out of the ignition of thousands of humvees, Toyota hilux and MRAP the fleeing losers left behind in the middle of the night. They even cut off electricity so the puppet ANA was literally in the dark.

Persian boy

Islamic government in iran cannot supply its own electricity, it does not need to support the Kurds, the Shiite terrorists.

Jew a$sehole boy

Dumbass Jew troll loser, Iran is the major electricity supplier to Iraq and the Kurd turds are hated by the Arabs, Turks and Persians. Get a grip idiot.

Last edited 19 days ago by Jew a$sehole boy
Persian boy

Hey bitch boy , I am an Iranian and now I am in the heart of Iran, if you want to open your mouth wide, come and see for yourself that the Iranian people love the Kurds and hate the Islamic government, The Kurds are real Iranians.


We stand behind you in your quest against the evil regime. Persia has a long history

A clown like you

yeah go and tell that to Afghani you just backstab…fuking bitch pussy.


Keep talking garbage zionist swine. Remember to put on your diapers when you hear the next air raid siren.


And most iranians hate the Mullah. The regime is doomed to fail haha

A clown like you

Oh, you poor poor clown…you are one of those morons who live in their own ignorance.
Even the Zion knows that is BS to fool their own population.
You are young buddy, LMFAO 40+ of self jerk off and Iran grows and grows only.

A clown like you

Iran sells electricity to its neighbors are you stupid?
How many times Iran had blackouts?


Turkmenistan is offering a sanctuary of sorts to Afghan nationals who worked with US – they willing are them come if US pays a hefty fee for each and every one of them. Just how welcome they would remain after the US pay for entry fee is anyone’s guess.

Amdericunts LOSERS hit hard

The FACT of the matter is that the Kurd turds have backed the wrong Jew and Americunt loser dead dogs. After the Americunts fleeing Bagram in the middle of night with Humvee and MRAP keys in their lardass pockets, no one is intimidated by the pathetic losers and the attacks on the savage perverts will only increase. This latest combined rocket and drone attack by the resistance was deadly and based on precise intelligence and has taken out a CIA and Mossad team. The damage is so extensive that even the Jew MSM had to acknowledge it and gave it headline news in Americunt media.

Peter Jennings

31 years ago the Iraqi people welcomed the american and nato forces into their country. Today the people cannot wait to see the back of them.
Kurds didn’t learn their lesson in Iraq and they won’t learn it in Syria either.


Is that you, Urban Moving Systems?!


Whatever happened, their’s a bigger game afoot with the Kurds. Part of the Jews’ plans for the destruction of Iran by their US Tyranny wardog is to have the Kurds occupy the Northwest portion of Iran they claim is part of their Kurdistan.

I believe this is why the Turks have been so aggressive the last few years with the Kurds and in Northern Syria.


Thx for the good laughs hahahahhawhahhahahhhaha


You are correct. The whole american, british, zionist “kurdistan” project was supposed to occupy territory from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Think kosovo 2.0. The ultimate goal would have been a fake a** “kurdistan nation” with access to either the Mediterranean or Black Sea.

Note the stupid zionist troll “tomsawyer”. Unable to deal with reality, as the zionist squatters can’t even save themselves, let alone create an artificial state for kurds.

Last edited 19 days ago by block
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