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Suicide Drone Strike Injures Six Russian, Syrian Service Members In Al-Hasakah (Video, Photos)

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On July 16 in the afternoon, a suicide drone targeted a group of Russian and Syrian service members in the vicinity of the town of al-Darbasiyah in northeastern Syria.

According to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA), Russian and Syrian personnel were meeting in the town’s coordination post to investigate a recent drone strike on the area, when a Turkish suicide drone exploded over the post.

The coordination post is located only 1 km  south of al-Darbasiyah, right on the highway linking the town with the city of al-Hasakah.

As a result of the attack, three service members of the Russian Military Police and three others of the Syrian Arab Army were injured.

The ANHA released photos showing the remains of the suicide drone, which was apparently a quadcopter armed with an explosive charge.

Suicide Drone Strike Injures Six Russian, Syrian Service Members In Al-Hasakah (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: Hawar News Agency (hawarnews.com)

Suicide Drone Strike Injures Six Russian, Syrian Service Members In Al-Hasakah (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: Hawar News Agency (hawarnews.com)

Suicide Drone Strike Injures Six Russian, Syrian Service Members In Al-Hasakah (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: Hawar News Agency (hawarnews.com)

The Turkish military possesses several types of quadrocopters, some come with attack capabilities such as STM’s TOGAN and KARGU. Due to this, it is highly probable that the strike was carried out by the Turkish military, which is located on the border line right north of al-Darbasiyah.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has not commented on the incident, thus far. If Turkish responsibility is proven, Russia may respond.


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Time to install an S300.

Paul O' Sullivan

Why would it be time to install S-300’s??


what its time for is a massive SAA attack with Russian air cover on that rats nest in Idlib,not sure when or if it will happen.


For a small drone? S300 can not even see them, as it is not their targets. You need Short range SAMs / CIWSs for that task. And it is time to finally show the Turks their limits, not install SAMs that wont be used anyway because they are controlled by Russia and by political descision not to use them.

Lone Ranger

S-300 can see them and the short range version can take them out. But why waste a million dollar dollar missile when an OSA can do the same for a few thousend $.


S-300 vs a drone ? good luck with your S-300.

King Cliff

If it’s true that the Turkish government responsible for such action they have big days,night and month and years over they heads unless they withdraw from iblib…if I was the Russian its time to make them pay respect cause it’s long overdue…


Turkey is controlled by US, and the Americans have openly stated that they will not let Russian succeed in Syria and will impose a very heavy cost, worse than Afghanistan. Now the ball is in Russian court.


“If Turkish responsibility is proven, Russia may respond.” For this? I am not sure if Russia would respond to Turkey annexing 20% of their territory lately, let alone for injuring “some soldiers”. But we will see…


Russia won’t respond; this war has become a major FU! Russia should have finished the conflict when they had th terrorists on the run, Turkey and the US were not established in Syria but Russia decided to make deals and now Syria is invaded by the US, Turkey and foreign terrorists.


Without Russia’s air cover and material aid, Syria would have been the battle ground that Israel, France, UK and of course the US had wet dreams about in 2014 for their Destroy Iran Project.

Syria today would have been split into warlord controlled zones under the control of the US etc + Turkey.

Iran’s situation if Syria had fallen would have been a lot worse than today.

The West today thinks of wars between conventional armies as a time controlled video game or Hollywood movie. In reality many historic wars have been fought tor generations. Even the Afghanistan conflict against lightly armed Freedom Fighters has tied down NATO for 21 years.

Russia will respond when the time is right, that may be tomorrow and may be at another time of Russia’s choosing.


War of Drugs, War of Terror, War of Covid, War of BLM. Probably something that Georgie S dreamed up.


War on statues, War on Free Speech, War on anything the Zionist Jews dislike.


Understand what you are saying but…..What would Russia, China and Iran do if Assad decides to give up and let the jews/turks and their yank prostitutes have Syria? The end result would be that the war would be over because the Chinese, Russian and Iranians would make sure that Syria remains with Assad.


Russia has a passive-aggressive stance and that invites open US and Turkish aggression. It is like a battered wife syndrome.


Turkey has 2, AliExpress has 1000


Putin is good chest player.. But not a good strategist.. Element of suprice and fastness and consolidation is important in start and finishing a war.. He did marvelous in crimea.. With few little green men.. He failed in donbas… The donbas militia has the ability to take over karkiv.. And coastal towns in a matter of days..they were advancing without resistance! But putin stop them.. Thereby giving ukraine and their untrusted western allies the needed time to reenforce those Areas. Citizens of donbas now have to live with quargmire and endless war situation… Same now with syria.. Just give the syria arab army the aircover and allow them to claw back their last territory.. Turkey is setting up countless of bases inside a souvering syria.. Erdogan on high horse refuse to talk to syrian government.. Instead putin who is not a syrian is negotiating a constant failing deal for syrian people with erdogan! granting erdogan the right to establish ever increasing countless military bases inside syria?!.. So with USA and ISreal too… Its is now well to say that putin has lost the meaning of sovereingty!.


I disagree on Donbass. I think it was a good move to not advance too far and consolidate what they had. And with time this proved right, with the frequent attempts at infiltration against a much smaller force, and even the surprising number of Ukrainian spies within.

Syria has improved a lot over time, but I don’t a lot more can be changed soon significantly without the withdrawal of Turkey/US or a significant increase of Russian military assistance.

Lone Ranger

Russia should bombard the dickheads. Turkisis only understands force.

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