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Suicide Bomber Kills 70 Civilians In Southwestern Pakistan

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On July 13, a suicide bomber blew himself up killing 70 people at an election rally in the town of Dringarhin the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan, according to Reuters news agency.

The home minister of Balochistan, Agha Umar Bangulzai told the Qatari al-Jazeera TV that the suicide bomber targeted a rally of the Balochistan Awami Party. The Party’s candidate Siraj Raisani was reportedly among the victims of the attack.

“Security has been increased in the whole province … We do not want a repeat of this; all the candidates will be advised and given further security,” Bangulzai told al-Jazeera.

Hours later, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Dringarhin. The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that more than 80 people were killed in the attack, including “Mir Saraj Khan” the head of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISIS) branch in Balochistan.

Suicide Bomber Kills 70 Civilians In Southwestern Pakistan

ISIS suicide bomber, Abu Bakr al-Pakistani, Click to see full-size image

Earlier today, a bomb blast struck the campaign convoy of Akram Khan Durrani, a candidate of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal party (MMA) in the northern province of Bannu. According to Reuters, four civilians were killed in the attack.

These attacks pose a serious threat to the Pakistani general election, which is set to be held on July 25. The Pakstani security forces and intelligence will likely step up their security measures all over the country in order to secure the process.

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Seems like the IGRC officers that were sent to Syria is gaining pretty good experience and skills in running AD networks and defence that Israel are very worried about it as was the US. This seems the real reason they wanted the Iranian and Hezbollah out of Syria ASAP since as they present, witness, and survive they’re gaining capability to combat much more effectively in the future.


More evidence to prove that Daesh have not been weakened and will never be defeated!!! But unfortunatley people STILL don’t get it!!!

You can call me Al

Thank the Yanker scum.


I see the CIA’s dirty hand in this terrorist bombing!


Of course, it’s all America’s fault!!!


Yes it is Americas fault, the US created controls and pays these creatures, to do what Americans call Gods work.


Kill America, and you kill Daesh, they are one and the same.


Pakistan merely proves the demonic wickedness of ORGANISED RELIGION and tribal organisation. If you are proud to belong to any organised church (rather than having your OWN spirituality) you are personally responsible for atrocities like this one.

After British Rule ended, India divided, then Pakistan divided, and yet more divisions are needed thanks to tribal and religious Deep State control mechanisms.

It is telling that all the most powerful jews are ATHEISTS, yet world jewry works to support the islamic and christian churches. Jews know the power of divide-and-conquer, and tribal mechanisms.

Organised religion may seem at its most extreme with ISIS and terror bombings, but actually the more ‘mundane’ modes do the most harm to Humanity. And never forget the first organised religions of prehistory organised the GENOCIDE of the other intelligent ape descendants that once lived along side us. Man is alone amongst the intelligent species for Man wiped out all the others, in the name of ‘religion’.

A true Human is spiritual but NOT religious. A true Human belongs to no tribe.


With efforts like these where gangs and parties try to murder opposing candidates and intimidate voters, then there’s the stuff everyone knows is going to happen like voter fraud of all sorts. How honest can any election in Pakistan be under these conditions?
Also, let’s keep an eye on this because this internal war could end up causing a coup and/or an insurgency strong enough to carve out territory and civil war.

Richard M

So it’s a lot like the DNC?


Did you and your colleagues received a memo from the supervisor to ready the public opinions about a “civil” war in Pakistan? With the pretext of saving democracy from the “election fraud”? With the ultimate goal of “carving out” territories from it?


ISIS working hard for uncle Samuel.


Trump was working on this project for very long time to send ISIS and Israel from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan by Helicopters to do suicide explosions in election gatherings in Pakistan to disrupt election campaign.

On 13 July, 2018 in ISIS suicide explosion 150 innocent civilians died and 200 injured during election campaign. Now political candidates can keep continue political campaign from homes or TV studios via Internet and radio / TV broadcasting. In this election precious lives have gone. Life is a precious gift of God.

All those that passed away in this current election campaign were all precious, God leads their souls to heaven and give comforts to their loved ones for ever and ever and those that have injured in this campaign, God soon heal them and remove their pains. This is a very hard and painful time in which I am in solidarity with Pakistani brothers and sisters.


What? But I thought “Western imperialism” was the ultimate cause of Islamic terrorism. So why are Islamic terrorists killing other Muslims?

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