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Suicide Attack Of Taliban Movement In Pakistan Left Four Soldiers Dead, Dozens Injured

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Suicide Attack Of Taliban Movement In Pakistan Left Four Soldiers Dead, Dozens Injured

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On September 5, a terrorist attack hit the border guards checkpoint in the Pakistani province of Balochistan. At least 4 border service employees were killed, 19 were injured, including two civilians.

The death toll may grow, as some of wounded are in critical condition.

Suicide Attack Of Taliban Movement In Pakistan Left Four Soldiers Dead, Dozens Injured

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According to reports by the Geo News TV channel, a suicide bomber on a motorcycle rammed a police car and detonated an explosive device near the checkpoint on the Quetta-Mastung road, about 25 kilometers south of Quetta city, the administrative center of Balochistan.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group (the Taliban movement in Pakistan) claimed responsibility for the attack. The group is associated with the Taliban in Afghanistan and is fighting for the creation of an Islamic state in their country. Following the recent developments in Afghanistan, they have increased their activities in Pakistan.

TTP mostly operates in the north-western regions of the country and in the border areas with Afghanistan.

However, TTP is not the only threat for the security in the Balochistan region.

Various Baloch separatist groups have been fighting for the independence of the gas and mineral-rich province for two decades. The Baloch Liberation Army and the Baloch Liberation Front are said to be behind most of the recent attacks on the security forces.

The Baloch militant groups are also fighting aginst the growing Chinese influence in the region.

Beijing is currently involved in numerous projects in Balochistan province within the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor, including roads, power plants construction and the development of agriculture in the region. China has played an important role in the development of the Gwadar port in the Arabian Sea.

Suicide Attack Of Taliban Movement In Pakistan Left Four Soldiers Dead, Dozens Injured

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Amid the instability in Afghanistan that followed the U.S. withdrawal, Pakistan is facing the growing threat of insecurity and activation of various militant groups.

On August 29th, two Pakistani soldiers were killed in a gunfire on the border with Afghanistan. Late on August 8th, a terrorist attack targeted policemen in the city of Quetta. At least 13 people were killed after the bus they were traveling in fell into a ravine in a remote region of northern Pakistan, on July 14.


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Hadi Heidary

seems fishy , could be false flag!
after the news of pakistan military cooperation with taliban against panjshir resistance group and pakistan bombardment on panjshir last night, a lot of people were criticizing pakistan so this attack seems weird.


These attacks are mostly by Indian saboteurs in Baloch and TTP guise. Neither Baloch organisation could exist without active Indian arms, training, finance and support, and – unlike what this article claims – there isn’t much love lost between the Taliban and the TTP.


Why would the Taliban attack Pakistan now, makes no sense, except it is propaganda posted as news.

If you can’t spot this kind of disinformation, are you in the right business?

The BBC is doing a better job than SouthFront (so shameful)

But when the Taliban were last in power 20 years ago, Pakistan was one of the few countries to formally recognise its government. And when the Taliban seized Kabul last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan declared the group were “breaking the chains of slavery”.

Pakistan’s historic support for the Taliban does not, however, mean it is entirely relaxed about the group’s takeover in Kabul. Pakistanis have suffered hugely over the years at the hands of Islamist terror groups launching attacks over the border from Afghanistan.


No such thing as “Islamist Terror” – These are all US/Zio paid mercenaries. WTF are they fighting for when pakistan is a self declared Islamic State? Let them attack Israel if they are seriously “islamic”


Seem like after all the Taliban are a great treat to Pakistan,china as well as they allies . If they consolidate power in Afghanistan then we can imagine more attack on the Pakistan military and else where close to the region,the Chinese, Russia, Pakistan and Iran must put a strategy in place and a combine force which will be jointly trained to deal with them in the near future.


Nice how the Talis now bite the Hand they fed them for the last 20 Years. ^^


TTP is not the same as Taliban of Afghanistan

Icarus Tanović

You saw it, now you reap it. You saw those Talibans, seeds of evil, now reap it.
One more thing. Masks are falling down. So all that masquerade in Afganistan is just to cut off those Chinese investments in Pakistan, and one of the bigger not the biggest even close pipeline from Iran to China goes through the Pakistan.
Now they want to make mess in Pakistan.
Maybe, JUST MAYBE it is time for another Benazir Bhutto to rise.

Last edited 16 days ago by Icarus Tanović
US & EU are Zion slaves
Icarus Tanović

Great one! But don’t forget that thkse talibans are Pakistanis. All those factories of evil known as high saudi comitee funding madrasas are factories of Wahhabism. So, pakistan is in dark waters, almost as well, Afghanistan. If Pakistan makes just one wrong move, Kashmir, there we comes.
They, Americans, Zinosts were trying to saw that seed in India, but no avail.

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