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Sudan Withdrew 10,000 Troops From Saudi-led Coalition Forces In Yemen


Sudan Withdrew 10,000 Troops From Saudi-led Coalition Forces In Yemen


On December 8, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok that his country had reduced the number of troops it has in Yemen from a peak of 15,000 to 5,000. These troops were deployed in Yemen as a part of the Saudi-led coalition and were involved in the fight against the Houthis (Ansar Allah).

“Regarding Yemen we said that there is no military solution and there must be a political solution,” Hamdok told media.

Sudan is an important part of the Saudi-led invading force and its troops have been deployed in Yemen since 2015. The public shift of Sudan’s stance towards the conflict indicates the ongoing collapse of the Saudi influence in the region.




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  • Hornet24

    Many of them was been withdraw by Houthis :P

  • Garga

    Aren’t they going to be sent to Libya to back another puppet, Haftar?

    • FlorianGeyer

      A lot of the Sudanese mercs need to finish their schooling first :)

    • LR captain

      um Haftar LNA are the good guys in that conflict. While he did defect and side with US early on to overthrow stable Libya. He has clearly seen what mistake that was is trying to put Libya back together.

      The GNA is backed up by the US and made up of jihads.

      The LNA is composed former Lybian soldiers and militia and is supported by Russia.

      long story short The US begging the Haftar to take them back and that is only because their assassination on him failed.

      long story short if GNA win that Status quo is kept and if the US gains more perks as they can levy demands for thier support to GNA,

      If Hafltar and LNA win the Libya can move forward stop being a failed state, plus with Haftars past experience he will be able to see through the cheap promises of america, and the US influence with reduced to back room dealings but never to point to were they can make heavy demands on Libya.

      • Garga

        There is no good guys in the Libyan conflict my friend, all sides are taking orders from foreigners. God show mercy on it’s people.

        • LR captain

          Halftar is pro-Russian and was given the tour on Russia aircraft carrier when it back from the syria cost.

          Plus im throwing my support behind Halfter cause his only goal is to put Libya back together, you have to give him credit for learn his lesson and rather then retiring to some village like the rest of the US dogs he realized his mistake and is try to correct it.

          Besides at the negotiation table he will see right through the US false promises and US will not have nearly as much power as they do now.

  • Icarus Tanović

    They were there from the beginning? I never knew that. Definitely Saudi hegemony is crumbling and it is very clear that it has almost become Vietnam for savage Wahhabis, or Saudis if you wish.