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JULY 2020

Sudan Offers Russia To Establish Military Base On Its Red Sea Shore


Sudan Offers Russia To Establish Military Base On Its Red Sea Shore

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Sudan is willing to house a Russian military base on the Red Sea shore, as it should help fight contraband and slavery, according to Sudan’s chairman of Defense and Security committee Al-Hadi Adam Hamid.

He noted that setting up a base in the country would be reasonable, calling the decision “marvelous”.

The chairman also complained about a lot of vessels illegally crossing the naval borders of  Sudan: “Vessels enter our territorial waters, fish illegally, and fisherman also cross borders illegally.”

Hamid added that Sudan has to fight slavery and contraband on the Red Sea. He stressed the importance of military cooperation with Moscow in this regard, and said that establishing a base “won’t be out of the ordinary.”

“The times demand it,” he added.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir visited Russia for the first time on November 23, where he had discussed a possibility of establishing a Russian base in Sudan with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. No official agreement had been signed. Kremlin did not provide comment.

During his visit to Moscow, the Sudanese President has reached agreement with the Russian Defense Ministry on assistance in upgrading its armed forces. According to al-Bashir, Sudan is also interested in developing economic interaction with Russia and is ready to discuss projects in exploration and peaceful use of nuclear energy

The President of Sudan stated interest of his country in developing relations with BRICS.



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  • RichardD

    It sounds like Sudan is interested in getting out of the Saudi/Jew world order orbit and in developing a better future for it’s people.

  • alejoeisabel

    Looks like Sudan seeks protection from Russia against Anglo/Zionist predators. This is what happens when you amputate Southern Sudan, and leave it in a mess. Smart move. This will keep out Al Qaeda out.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      sudan is islamic dictatorship. no one country, which honours itself, makes deal with sudan.

      • Garga

        There were and are all kinds of dictatorships, Islamic or otherwise which western and eastern countries were and are eager to have a relationship with or expand the existing ones.
        Is Sudan worse than Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pinochet’s Chile, Greece under the colonels, Pahlavi monarchy in Iran and Amin’s Uganda? Look who has the best relationship with those (or had, as long as they existed).

        The values have changed my dear, the most sever changes happened in the countries with the loudest claims on upholding the values and honour.

        • Turbofan

          You are wasting your time..You cannot debate with idiots

          • Garga

            I know, but @solomonkrupacek:disqus is kinda special…
            I suspect that something is seriously wrong with me. ;)

          • LOL

        • Solomon Krupacek


      • javier

        you are consistently incredibly stupid

        • FlorianGeyer

          Solomons stupidity is inbred Javier, as were his ancestors :)

        • Solomon Krupacek

          allahs bomb let you visit

      • Justin


      • As opposed to making deals with the …. honourable … Saudi Arabia?

        • Solomon Krupacek

          also not

      • Angelo Cinarelli

        Saudi Arabia is not a dictatorship country? Or you think is a model of democrathy.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          i wonder, why make deal with them usa, eu, russia, etc.

  • Justin

    wow this is huge! People don’t realise that the reason these sudanese and Somali pirates exist is because American corporations illegally scower the oceans of these countries to sell their “fillet o’fish” in the USA! Literally all the crap from the sea bed is turned over and sucked up to make these sea food mashed meat patties! This is why these extremely poor nations need to rob the giant boats that pass by, simply because they cannot fish their own ocean to survive! They are so desperate to survive that the extremely skinny men who operate these small vessels will bravely attack a giant cargo ship whilst being fired upon! We only ever hear about the pirates but we never hear about what the mega corporations are doing to their waters! They are being sucked dry of all sea life and the sea bed being destroyed thus ruining the seas ecosystem in that area!
    So I fully understand Sudan asking this! They are also a very strategic nation which grants access to the Red Sea which is a major Saudi transport region for oil!
    Being in Sudan gives Russia the control of the Red seas access, being in Egypt gives the Russians control of the Suez Canal access to the Mediterranean! Bases in Syria Gives Russia control of the access to the Med from the Middle East and Asia! Allying with Turkey turns the Black Sea into a Russian lake which means control of Eastern Europe!
    This is not a bad thing because it mean NO MORE AMERICAN HEGEMONY!
    It can also mean no more US Petro Dollar which means no more US reserve currency which means no more USA printing its own wealth which means no more USA because it has 20 Trillion in debt and most of its govt bonds are owned by China and also a lot by Russia!
    It means no more American empire and no more New World Order!
    A bi Polar or Multi polar world is much better than a mono polar world!
    We are witnessing the End of the US / Israeli (Zionist) empire!
    Thank fuck for that!
    The world will be a better place, believe me!
    Mr Putin is a good man!

  • Nice move.
    Hope the Russians buy.

  • abdalla abdelrahman elsiraj

    Russian Base in Sudan is necessary for Russia , The deep role of Russia in Liybia nessisate also establishment a Base in Egypt , sudan and Egypt may operate under the falg of Russia to takeover libya . to stop slave trade and to stop isis in the area > although khartoum and cairo still in state of conflict , but Russian stratigists developing stratigies to help sudan and egypt to stop conflict and operate under russian flag in the expected WAR in the middle east ,