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Sudan Offers Russia To Establish Military Base On Its Red Sea Shore


Sudan Offers Russia To Establish Military Base On Its Red Sea Shore

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Sudan is willing to house a Russian military base on the Red Sea shore, as it should help fight contraband and slavery, according to Sudan’s chairman of Defense and Security committee Al-Hadi Adam Hamid.

He noted that setting up a base in the country would be reasonable, calling the decision “marvelous”.

The chairman also complained about a lot of vessels illegally crossing the naval borders of  Sudan: “Vessels enter our territorial waters, fish illegally, and fisherman also cross borders illegally.”

Hamid added that Sudan has to fight slavery and contraband on the Red Sea. He stressed the importance of military cooperation with Moscow in this regard, and said that establishing a base “won’t be out of the ordinary.”

“The times demand it,” he added.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir visited Russia for the first time on November 23, where he had discussed a possibility of establishing a Russian base in Sudan with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. No official agreement had been signed. Kremlin did not provide comment.

During his visit to Moscow, the Sudanese President has reached agreement with the Russian Defense Ministry on assistance in upgrading its armed forces. According to al-Bashir, Sudan is also interested in developing economic interaction with Russia and is ready to discuss projects in exploration and peaceful use of nuclear energy

The President of Sudan stated interest of his country in developing relations with BRICS.



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