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Su-30SM’s Absent Missiles And Armenia’s “Forever Prime Minister”

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Su-30SM's Absent Missiles And Armenia's "Forever Prime Minister"

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The political chaos in Armenia continues, as Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan remains in power.

He remains in his seat not because of his effective leadership, or any particular quality.

Rather he remains in power due to the opposition’s inability to actually mount any effective activity, since they appear quite disorganized.

Ridiculous statements on the part of Pashinyan, however, are abound.

It recently turned out that Armenia had purchased Russian Su-30SM fighters without missiles back in May 2020, months before the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“Yes, we bought the fighter, it was delivered in May [2020] and yes, we did not have time to buy the missiles before the war [in Karabakh]. Would you buy planes so that we could buy missiles? Why did the 26-year-old state [Armenia] not have fighters?” Pashinyan said.

He said so on Facebook, as this is where he leads the country from.

Former Chief of Armenia’s army General Staff Movses Hakobyan said in November that the fighters were without missiles intended for them, as Russia prohibits the sale of missiles for the Su-30SM to other countries. The Armenian authorities remained silent about this matter until recently.

The prime minister’s press service and the Ministry of Defense announced in December 2019 that the Armenian Armed Forces had been “equipped with Su-30SM multifunctional fighters” and in July 2020 Pashinian wrote on Facebook that the Su-30SMs had “successfully tested missiles.”

Pashinian denied any contradictions between his answer to a question related to the purchase of the fighter jets and the test of missiles asked by a pro-government lawmaker in parliament on March 24.

He explained that since fighter aircraft are ultramodern and powerful, “it is obvious that manufacturers of aircraft and missiles of different modifications are not the same entities.”

“In other words, they are not produced in one place, and, therefore, are not purchased in one place,” he said.

“Unfortunately, during the war we did not have time to purchase all those necessary accessories…that would make it possible to use the ultramodern Su-30SMs for their intended purpose and in accordance with their power,” Pashinian said.

He said training flights were carried out after the Su-30SM fighter jets arrived in Armenia in May 2020 and missiles that were already in the Armenian military’s arsenal were used for the tests.

Specific military situation decisions on their use were made during the war in accordance with the extent to which the available ammunition allowed the aircraft to fulfill combat missions, he said.

Pashinian did not explain the discrepancy between the December 2019 press statement from his office showing photographs of him and then-Defense Minister David Tonoian at an airfield watching demonstration flights of Su-30SM fighters and boarding the cockpit of one of the aircraft, and his statement that the Su-30SM fighter jets had arrived in Armenia in May 2020.

According to him, when the planes were conducting training flights in Armenia, at that time old missiles that were in Armenia, were used to hit targets.

But during the war, these missiles were not used.

He again reminded that when the Su-30SM were bought, the government did not have time to purchase missiles for fighters, which did not allow them to be used during the war.

After starting on September 27th, 2020, the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh ended on November 10, 2020 after the signing of a trilateral agreement between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The document was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Pashinyan. The document also provides for the introduction of Russian peacekeepers into the region, the exchange of prisoners between the parties to the conflict, the transfer of a number of regions of the region by Armenia to Azerbaijan and the return of refugees to Karabakh.

Since then, Nikol Pashinyan has refused to give up power, and has been driving Armenia into the ground, by leading the country through Facebook, attempting to remove any opposition figures from significant posts and more.


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Ashok Varma

It is incredulous that a discredited and treacherous corrupt criminal who oversaw the worst defeat and dismemberment of his country is still clinging on to power. Even the defeated Pakistanis has enough shame left to lock up the drunk debauched Yahya Khan who led them into the Bangladesh defeat. Armenians appear to have no honour, moral compass or shame.

johnny rotten

What a disgusting man, he is really a guy of soros.

Kenny Jones ™

comment image


Some sales guy really screwed Armenia over

Band Itkoitko

Then, why didn’t they use the old missiles that fit on the airplane? Why didn’t they order some missiles from some of the many providers out there? India does it all the time. Why didn’t they address the question of armament around the time of purchase of the airplanes? When they ordered the Su-30 they didn’t arrive the next week. They had time to purchase armament then and have them delivered at similar times. Long-range AA missiles on the Su-30 could have had very strong effect on the war outcome. They are expensive but would have been totally worth it.

Diana Cornwell

Here’s how disgusting and dishonest Putin and the Russians are: https://novayagazeta.ru/articles/2020/12/18/88427-starshiy-brat-s-bolshoy-dorogi?fbclid=IwAR16oqHlcLcZHq4hxeGG63VDTmMbGU4dUCTS5EcF8amtwmG0AAr-dZ0KBag

Putin didn’t give the Armenians the missiles.

Russians didn’t give their military ally Armenia the missiles that their jets needed to defend Armenia.

Putin and the Russians screw the Armenians everywhere and all the time, yet they have the gall to criticize Armenians when they seek to establish ties with the West?

The Russians screwed the Armenians even over the sale of electricity. That’s right; the Russians are defrauding their supposed ally Armenia even over utilites which the Armenians need to survive: https://jam-news.net/russia-armenia-allies-eurasian-union-economy-karabakh/?fbclid=IwAR1iVv5YADCF3GSDp_LNXCaDlFxgPuIIhcR4latVW-IB6Wsr5d1-fzWei9U

In Russian, the original article in Novayagazeta: https://novayagazeta.ru/articles/2020/12/18/88427-starshiy-brat-s-bolshoy-dorogi?fbclid=IwAR16oqHlcLcZHq4hxeGG63VDTmMbGU4dUCTS5EcF8amtwmG0AAr-dZ0KBag

Frank G

usually when fighters are bought the pilots are trained in russia at least a year ahead of delivery or longer and the countries only send their best for training.
as for missiles i am sure old soviet stock are compatible, what is banned for export are the full range cruise missiles, the export versions are not but do have a shorter range, pashynian played and plays his own people betraying his country while serving for his master soros

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