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Su-30 Fighter Jet Was Accidentally Shot Down During Drills In Russia

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Su-30 Fighter Jet Was Accidentally Shot Down During Drills In Russia

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A Russian Su-30 fighter jet that crashed during a training flight in Russia’s Tver Region on September 22, was shot down by accident, Russian state-run news agency TASS reported citing informed sources.

“Preliminarily, the cause of the emergency is the accidental hit of a shell in the Su-30 during an exercise. The shot was fired by another aircraft,” the source said.

The incident did not led to any casualties. Both pilots safely ejected from the warplane before it crashed.

According to REN TV, the second fighter was performing the training flight together with the Su-35. According to the plan, the fighter jet was supposed to make a photo shooting – to photograph the pursued aircraft from the camera after entering the target. Instead, however, the warplane fired a shot from a cannon. REN TV says that a possible cause of this could be a technical malfunction.


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Lone Ranger

Glad the pilots are ok. That 30mm autocannon is lethal. Probably only fired 1 round or a 3 round burst. Lot more effective than the M61A1.

Damien C

Hope that Su35 gets to do one of its “photoshoots” with Mike Pompeo


Live fire exercises. Sometimes something bad happens. But, on the other hand, soldiers develop nerves of steel.

Black Waters

The only thing that may happen (that’s the purpose of the exercises) is a full scale NATO invasion, but even that it’s really a low possibility situation in real terms, exercises are made to be prepare in such cases, so soldiers and personal know how to handle in such situation.

The bad news is that the worst already happened in March 2020, the U.S economy just died. So Russia and his allies are preparing for a possible U.S world invasion (literally), the U.S has a lot to lose, and they aren’t gonna give it just like that.


jet was supposed to make a photo shooting – to photograph the pursued aircraft from the camera after entering the target. Instead, however, the warplane fired a shot from a cannon. REN TV says that a possible cause of this could be a technical malfunction.

So pilot instead of photo shot down plane?!? How can 2 seat -2 pilot crew jet make such stupid mistake?!???!?!!? Is there any safety lock on auto-canon? How can trained pilot do such stupid mistake because he was not even flying jet just doing stupid photo session?!?!? Either they tell us bollocks story or something is missing here….

Rhodium 10

Because when you lock on another plane in dogfight and you have fire automatic mode connected…the system automatically fires the cannon if the the other plane is within range of the 30mm Gun. the same if you have loaded air to air missile…it was a pilot error similar year ago when a Spanish Eurofighter fired a air to air missile while was patrolling over Baltic states.


Thanks. That sounds like the biggest mistake he could possibly do…Since being copilot that was his principal and practically only duty to control weapons systems and verify switches.

Tudor Miron

Su30 is a two pilot jet. According to TASS (and knowing who’s in charge there I would take their reports with a large grain of salt). Su35 fired (single pilot). In case of Su30 co pilot job is navigation and air to ground weapons. Weapons do not fire in automatic mode. Neither GSH-30-1 (Greazev, Shipunov – are names of constructors who led the design team) nor Air to Air or Air to Ground missiles. When target is in range of high probability hit (this is less than missiles max range) pilot see ПР letters (пуск разрешен) on the hud. But he has to push the button himself. In case of training pilot uses the same buttons (he’s training to fight not to take pictures) as in combat situation but instead of gun fire a picture of his hud is taken with “enemy” aircraft in his site and measure of hit probability there (there’s sort of circle in the hub center that change its appearance according to calculated gun fire hit probability). So if this really happened (and I actually doubt it) than it wasn’t a pilot’s mistake. Who’s mistake (technicians on the ground or other) – that’s a question. That is if this thing really happened.


OK thanks Miron. Obviously I wasn’t reading article. I was convinced that two SU-30 were involved. Officer in charge of all this operation will have to take some responsibility. That fighter jets shoot down each other by “accident” is the last thing that should happen in any situation. Specially to experienced trained pilots. What the hell would they do in war, in combat situation than?!? They would be danger for everybody around them.

Somebody has seriously messed up and should be demoted.

Jim Allen

Sometimes a fuck up is just a fuck up Sigmund…


No shit genius? Like soldier killing another soldier “accidentally”, because nobody told him not to keep his finger on trigger ever and his weapon pointed at somebody in non combat situation? Those are the most basic things. That should happen to the amateurs only and never ever to trained professional. That’s why amateurs are more dangerous to those who surround them than to the enemy.

Servet Köseoğlu

let me tell you something accident:Rumours that After combat duty, the Su-35S fighter was sent to ordinary (training) flights, namely for “sparring” in aerial combat (with the Su-30SM). The missiles were removed from the Su-35 but due to someone’s oversight, the fighter plane’s cannon’s were not disarmed.https://www.defenseworld.net/news/27903/Did_a_Su_35S_Fighter_Shoot_Down_a_Su_30_Jet_in_Russian_Exercises_#.X2tIPGj7SUk


That was no technical malfunction, those guys screwed up, a multi-million dollar error. Well, if you are a surgeon, that patient is dead


Plane is dead, pilots ejected to safety :)

Ivan Freely

IIRC, several years back there were two US pilots flying (F-15???) to Alaska and they were also carrying missiles to deliver to their destination. The two decided to have an unauthorized mock dogfight. Annnddd a missile was fired. Results was one damaged fighter, airbase received one less missile, two pilots soiled their suits and lost their jobs. LOL


A similar thing happened in Japan in 1995, an F-15 accidentally shot down his wing-man with a missile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_F-15_losses#Japan


So Su-30 can lock on and fire upon friendly targets. Thats good to know.


So, what will you be able to do with this information IMHO, the one who has learned to use a pc keyboard recently.


i will leave you guessing on that

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