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JULY 2022

Su-24 Bomber Crashed In Russia (Videos)

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On August 27, a Russian Su-24 bomber crashed in the Urals, both pilots ejected.

According to the report of the press office of Russia’s Central Military District, Su-24 bomber crashed 95 km west of the city of Perm, while making a flight to the Aircraft Repair Enterprise for scheduled repairs.the accident resulted in no destruction on the ground, as the aircraft crashed in a forest area.

After the accident, a helicopter of the search and rescue service has been dispatched for evacuation from the crash site.

“The [rescue] team has found the Su-24 crew, their lives are not in danger,” the source said.

Su-24 Bomber Crashed In Russia (Videos)

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This is the last crash in a series of accidents with Russian aircraft that took place the last month:

  • On August 23, a MiG-29SMT crashed in Astrakhan region.
  • On August 18, another MiG-29SMT crashed in the same Astrakhan region.
  • On August 17, an IL-112B crashed not far from Moscow.
  • On August 14, the Russian Be-200 crashed in Turkey.
  • On August 11, a Mi-8 crashed in Kamchatka.
  • On July 31, a Su-35 crashed in the Khabarovsk Krai.


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At least the crew got out alright. Su-24’s not new, whatever issue requiring repair probably sank it


What the hell is going on?


I would guess that it’s lack of or bad maintenance.

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

Wrong. Russia has a better readyness now than the U.S. and EU. With around 75% Its 60% in the U.S. And only 25-30% in the EU depending on country.

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

Better than burning Americant and EU tincans crashing left and right

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

The jet was en route for maintenance. I guess they pushed it a bit too hard for fun. It happens.


Another Anti-Slav/Russophobe racist. Everyone knows your type are generally displaced Khazars.


This aircraft is as old as me or older. If it were an American aircraft it would be dropping out of the skies constantly.

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

Worry rather about U.S. and ukropnazi jets crashing left and right. Around 40+ in the past 3 years in total Oy oy… And a few Isisraeli too… Koshernazis won’t be happy…

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

U.S.lost 40jets and helos in the past 3 years. Eu around 15 Ukraine doesn’t even have working jets anymore. Russian crash rate is well below western tincans.

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

These crash rates are well below that of the U.S. Would be a mistake to overthink it.


Standard troll trash coming from Herzliya.

Last edited 10 months ago by DustBowlWinds
Arch Bungle

Damn. I missed the salvage party. I could use those parts …

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