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Syrian Air Force Warplane Crashed In Southern Syrian Desert (Photos) – UPDATED

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The US-backed Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya (Lions of the East Army) militant group claimed on Monday that a Su-22 warplane of the Syrian Air Force crashed in the southern Syrian desert.

UPDATE [15:03 CET]: Further reports argued that the warplane turned to be a MiG-23BN. The pilot reportedly died. However, there has been no comments from the Syrian Defense Ministry so far.

The incident allegedly took place in the Dakwa area eastern Qalamoun located close to the area where US-backed militant groups and the Syrian Army are competing for control over the border with Jordan and Iraq.

Alleged photos from the crash site:

Syrian Air Force Warplane Crashed In Southern Syrian Desert (Photos) - UPDATED

Click to see the full-size image

Syrian Air Force Warplane Crashed In Southern Syrian Desert (Photos) - UPDATED

Click to see the full-size image

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mmm wonder how US supplied militants shot that down?
Lucky shot with a 23mm or a Stinger?

Joe Doe

Could be technical failure

Arina Mikheeva

Where is the evidence? I saw such news few hour ago but there is no any photo…


Dear Arina, photos were added

Tudor Miron

They do show (above) images of wreked parts that could belong to Syrian Su-22. Not a hard prove but still it is something. I would wait for reports from Syrian side. In any way I really hope that pilot is safely resqued. One has to admire SAF pilots for their service to their country. Operating those very old planes with no guided munition/limited navigation capability and doing it with such intensity is truely heroic. One that doesn’t take MSM as a way to learn how things work knows that so called presision weapons is not really about avoiding colateral casualties. From the military point of view the main difference between so called guided weapons and free falling bombs/unguided rockets (main weapons used by SAF planes) is that guided allows to operate from further distance making the plane less vulnerable to any air defence/resistance that is present. SAF has to operate on low altitudes, very close to their targets so there’s always high risk level.

Joe Doe

Most likely americans provided FSA airplane shoulder missile launcher. The same weapons Russia should provided to SAA forces. Especially SAA force in South of Syria

Solomon Krupacek

Confirmed the crashed jet was a #SyAAF Mig-23BN, crashed due to a technical failure.

Joe Doe

Could be crashed due to a technical failure or could be shut down. Most likely we would not know as the pilot is dead. Again, Syria need better Air planes and high tech military hardware

Solomon Krupacek

Again, Syria need better Air planes and high tech military hardware


Bill Wilson

It would be more practical to use piston-powered aircraft since that region is so dusty.

Solomon Krupacek

you are right

Tom Tom

Confirmed by who? Please provide link.

Solomon Krupacek

lower is twitter link. according MoD of Syria

Justin Ryan

totally agree. Russian Manpads to Syria immediately!

John Brown

Russia will supply them to the SAA now that the USSA has given them to ISIS / FSA.

Joe Doe

They should


Why? ISIS doesn’t have an air force and for now the USAF is not bombing the SAA. And I doubt a manpad could hit a US aircraft as Western air forces have engaged in high altitude bombing with smart bombs to evade the threat of anything but a coordinated air defense network with advanced SAM missiles.

Unless Russia rebuilds Syria’s air defense network and supplies the latest SAM systems manpads are going to do Jack Shit for the SAA.


What will we say when either Russia or Iran supplies the Taliban or ISIS over in Afghanistan with these same shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles? Too bad about that quagmire (now 16 years) over there in Afghanistan that you got yourselves into. Too bad you have to stay another 15 years.

Sean Glennie

The US government, along with NATO and journalistic pundits of the lame stream media circus collectively blame Russia for nearly everything that doesn’t go their way. Now they shift blame on Russia because there aren’t enough soldiers from NATO countries in Afghanistan to keep ISIS and the Taliban from cobbling up more territory.

John McCain (who’s level of professionalism and trustworthyiness is heavily compromised by lobbyists working for AIPAC, the defense industry, and so forth) publicly labels Russia as being a ‘much bigger’ threat to the US and the international community than terrorism (despite the US, NATO, Israel, Saudis, Qataris, etc actively creating terrorism), which of course is a total lie fabricated to justify a never ending supply of absorbently expensive defense contracts between the US government and the military-industrial complex.

Tom Tom

when you say “you” you don’t mean me or most Americans. “You” is both parties owned by Lockheed.

Solomon Krupacek

These are older generation aircraft that are flown really hard in Syrian conflict – and all air forces will lose air-frames to accidents and malfunctions. God’s speed to the pilot to reach safety and SAA.

Solomon Krupacek

pilot died after explosion

Bill Wilson

My bets are on the jet turbine bearings giving out.


:((( hope the pilot is okay and that it wasn’t due to enemy fire but if so hope the ones who did it are killed asap!!!

Bubba Junior

Considering the amount of sorties the SAAF have flown some losses must be expected. Regarding the fact that the Syrians are flying old aircraft,yes, but the fact is that SAAF su 22’s and mig 23’s have provided good firing platforms.

Fritz Otto

Its hard to understand but it seems me to be a genious taktik to make even murder some SAA-Soldiers but to get more pressure after it on to the US-Background…of these new Terrorists! – I am shure that this are partially recycled terrorists from the north may be raqqa site or else… – But it seems that a total change of all politics is planned now from GB and Katar – following the Bilderberger sessions and http://www.voltairenet.org – there coming soon…


The rebels claim that they shot down the plane. If this is true, and if the FSA have been given shoulder fired “manpads” by the US, it is time for the Taliban over in Afghanistan to also be supplied with the same weapons. It’s time to play hardball !

Samuel Boas

Rather have the Taliban posses Stingers than the terrorists in Syria.

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