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JUNE 2021

String Of Terror Attacks Continues In Indonesia

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String Of Terror Attacks Continues In Indonesia

A screenshot from the video

On May 16, Riau (Indonesian province) Police prevented an attempted terrorist attack on their headquarters in Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau province, The Jakarta Post reported.

Terrorists crashed a vehicle into the entrance of the police headquarters and attacked officers. Four attackers were shot dead by police and one was later captured. During the attack, one police officer was killed and one injured.

Video from the scene:

On May 13, a family of suicide bombers committed terror attacks in three churches in Surabaya. Indonesian Police later identified the father of this family Dita Oepriarto as the head of the East Java chapter of the Jamaah Ansharud Daulah (JAD), the largest terrorist group in the country affiliated to ISIS.

Later, another explosion killed three members of a suspected terrorist family in an apartment in Wonocolo, East Java province of Indonesia.

On May 14, another family of suicide bombers attacked the Surabaya Police headquarters, injuring 10 people.

The May 13-14 terrorist attacks resulted in death of 25 people, including 13 suicide bombers. At least 41 people were reportedly injured.

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More Jihadi inspired fun, brought to you by those who returned from the battlefields. You can take the Jihadi off the battlefield, but not the Jihad out of their mind. Indonesia probably lulled itself to sleep thinking these people only hate the West, therefore we are safe. Just like Europe lulls itself to sleep thinking that with some therapy they can turn them into productive citizens again.


they will never surrender their jihad ideology, even for ‘reformed’ terrorists


I reckon with the right kind of treatment you can take the Jihad out of the Jihadi, but I also reckon it will take a lot more work then most are getting even in the West, let alone in 3rd World countries like Indonesia, where social services is probably pretty much non-existent. And even then there are no guarantees.


The US flew its ISIS fighters out of Syria, some went to the Philippines, so it was only a matter of time before they got to Indonesia.


True, but the population has been prepared by the thousands of Wahhabi schools that Saudi Arabia has been funding and spreading through out the Sunni nations. Especially the laid back ones that they consider “slack”, but the rest of the world considers” live and let live”.
Asian Sunnis are being groomed for “future wars”.
In Bangladesh alone the Saudis spent one billion dollars opening 650 Wahhabi schools.
And that was just last year, 2017.

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