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Strike Them All! Israel Enjoys Last Weeks Of Trump Presidency By Attacking Syria

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Israel has been desperately exploiting the last months of the current Trump presidency term. Early on November 25, the Israeli Air Force carried out a series of airstrikes on targets in the southern countryside of Damascus and the province of Quneitra. According to Syrian state media, missiles were launched from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights. As of now, the Syrian side denies any casualties and claims that the strike caused a material damage only. Pro-Israeli sources insist that the strike led to multiple casualties among Iranian-backed forces and Iranian personnel.

This became the second Israeli strike on Syria in the last 7 days. The previous one took place on November 18 and hit the very same areas, including Damascus International Airport. The activation of the Israeli military activity in the region indicates that Tel Aviv expects a particular decrease of unconditional support that it was receiving from the United States under the Trump administration.

Therefore, it seeks to use the last days of this 4-year-long honeymoon as effective as possible. Even more Israeli and potentially US actions against Iranian interests in the region and Iran itself could be expected in the coming weeks.


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Potato Man

IDK but Biden is against Russia, so he might start a war in Syria or Ukr….he was backing invasion of Iraq and Libya….and he won just because Trump was president, 55% of his voters don’t even like him, they vote him just to remove Trump.

Zion State is Zion state what you think they gonna do…same shit that they have done for past 75 years, being cancer on Earth, they cry and begging for money from US/EU and hide under US dick at UN.


In Syria and Ukraine is already war.

Potato Man

Buddy…buddy…I mean US getting more involved in the war, not just back setting and watch their terrorists do their work PKK/YPG/Daesh.


Well, someone needs to bomb those terrorists from Donetsk and Lugansk.


First they should bomb the nazi occupants of Kiev government.


Your prayers work?

Potato Man

Their fat sugar daddy ofc

opet ja

Nothing to do with Trump, but Putin should be asked why lets Israel attack Syria??!!

klove and light

putin is a treacherous zionist pig.period.
Close to all world leaders are satanic zionist slaves.

What u and others have been watching in the past years, is a THEATRE play for the 99% dummies.THEY all are part of the satanic zionist british AGENDA.

A One World Government, with jerusalem as itś capital under satanic leadership.

ALL nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal immoral satanic entity named israel are part of the AGENDA.

there are thousands of “little hints” all over.
Here is a small one.
Malaysia never recognized the nation israel.Is a hard opponent of israel in the background.
MH 370 date 8 march 2014
MH 17 date 17 july 2014

ask any maths professor…or do your own maths, what the chances are, that 2 modern airliners from the same nation go down in a matter of weeks.

the answer is simple.You have better chances of winning ALL lotteries on planet earth in 1 year.


the jews in palestine show the world time and time again why it would be best for the world to get rid of the jews in palestine (and elsewhere) in themiddle east – you put down a rabid dog and time to put down the jews in palestine. of no value to the world.

Albert Pike

All of Biden’s grandchildren are jewish and so where many of Trumps. It will be the same same..


Russia is working with Israel. It is all smoke and mirrors.

Free man

People fail to see the biger picture.
The bombings are a preparation for a possible attack on Iran / Iranian militias, and the prevention of a response against Israel by the Iranian militias in Syria.

chris chuba

Just like a drunk splurging on a bender using his last stack of new bills.


The question is, if Trump obtains a second term, will the support that he’s given Israel continue? In light of the extent that the JWO has been subverting America First and his presidency?

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