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Strike Fighter Squadron 31 Releases Video Promoting US Navy’ Actions Against Syrian Government

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UPDATE: Some person from Strike Fighter Squadron 31 realised that this video was a mistake and deleted it. However, SF has a downloaded version:

Strike Fighter Squadron 31 [also known as VFA-31 or the Tomcatters] of the US Navy has released an unofficial video promoting ‘successful’ actions of the military force against the Syrian government in Syria as well as ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The video provides a look at a missile strike at the Syrian military airfield in Al-Shayrat (2:35), strikes against Syrian government forces near Al-Tanf at the Syrian-Iraqi border (5:49), a downing of the Syrian Arab Air Force’s Su-22 south of Tabqah (6:12) and an Iranian unmanned aerial combat vehicle near At-Tanf (6:27) as well as mutliple cases when Strike Fighter Squadron 31 air craft were “flying near” warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces operating against terrorists in Syria.

The Strike Fighter Squadron 31 is attached USS George H.W. Bush carrier strike group. In August 2017, it returned from a seven month combat deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) – the US military operational name for its intervention in Syria and Iraq.

No doubts this video will boost morale of US military personnel.

However, this does not change the fact that the US-led coalition has no legal basis to operate in Syria and to continue its attempts to overthrow the country’s internationally recognized government.

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Go on then – bomb the russians. I dare ya.

Moses Lawrence

You really think we American’s are scared of Russians? lol Russia can have some too, if it wants some. We will rock your world, too!


Vietnam lesson and US coffins weren’t enough to stop the unacceptable US/Zionist Colonialist thirst !

Moses Lawrence

Get some punk….Vietnam was a land slide victory for the United States, militarily speaking on the battlefield…we lost that war “politically” but ruled that battlefield day in day out. You want some too, nigga? We will rock your world, too!


You won the Dioxin, Napalm and Country destruction war, lost the media war !

Won the Human Colonial Medal of absolute shame !

Worst in Lao without to be at War !

Iraq and Afghanistan is highly disgusting !

Only Fox-News has glorious lies,

meanwhile the US is the Planet Cancer !


There was no chance for the US to succeed in Vietnam, they tried whatever against a very “inferior” enemy (short of nuclear weapons). It was long time but I remember from the film “Apocalipsis now” at the end how American soldiers and their Vietnamese collaborators running in panic terrified for their lives.


I meant the Americans and co. running from the seemingly unstopable Vietcong militias.

Nigel Maund

One has to question that should “push came to shove” how would these “nice fat target carriers” cope with a hypersonic missile descending from 25km at 6,000 kph centre flight deck? Furthermore, would the RuAF, who are not officered by imbeciles, prepare to take on the USNAF and USAF with aircraft such as MiG29’s if they knew they were outgunned? ……..I don’t think so. So — so far, the US airforces have had a free run in Syria. However, this may be about to change and then we’ll see what’s what.


No need for missiles. Just send a fleet of oil tankers, the ultimate secret weapon against the US navy, in the Eastern Mediterranean and their autopilot homing device will collide with them.

Nigel Maund


John Whitehot



very good


Just do what Osama said “Kill US Officials outside the US” No need heavy Pollutions or to kill innocent Soldiers on Duty, a snake has to be kill by the head !


Nice fat targets but screened by several smaller airships, most of them focused on anti-air/anti-missile capabilities. It’s not as easy as it seems, the US is still the largest naval power there is and they’re not to be taken lightly.

But seeing how Russia managed to completely disable a US vessel last year (iirc), the playing field is even more or less.

Abdul Majeed

A terrorist cult state whose motivation is mass murder with kill codes like freedom, liberation, democracy, peace and protection. These terrorist and their allies have the belief that the value of a person’s life is as simple as the classification given by them at the person’s death.


Mainstream medias manipulations in Europe are amazing !




No Blow back but a Nato claw back of censorship in Germany

As planned for sometime now [1], Nato is accusing Russia of interfering in the German legislative elections after rigging both the US and French presidential elections.

To date, there is no proof supporting these accusations. The most Nato can do is emphasize that in these three elections, the Russian government media took positions against Hillary Clinton (US), Emmanuel Macron (France) and Angela Merkel (Germany).

The Federal Office to Protect the Constitution (BfV by its German acronym) has multiplied the denouncements of a possible Russian interference. BfV has created a team of 180 technicians to install a firewall to protect government sites. This measure is presented as proof that a secret war is going on, however, such a measure would be nothing out of the ordinary, whether or not there is a Russian threat, given that there are thousands of other sources for potential attacks.

ARD, a public television group, has set up a site, Faktenfinder, to denounce “Fake News”. The Brost Foundation (bearing the name of a family which had made its fortune in the press by serving the US, when it occupied Germany) has created Correctiv, modelled on the French daily newspaper, Le Monde’s, Décodeur. Finally, the German Marshall Fund co-ordinates this entire effort.

The federal elections will take place on 24 September 2017. A new law penalizing the broadcasting of fake news will enter into force on 1 October 2017. Those who infringe it will be subject to a maximum fine of 50 million euro

[1] “The NATO campaign against freedom of expression”, “The New Media World Order”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 5 December 2016 and 7 March 2017.



This is for you, you will like it !

Then tell me what do you think about.

The New Media World Order


The NATO campaign against freedom of expression


Moses Lawrence

You want some too, nigga? Don’t mess with America, we will rock your world!


Ooooops, not a good idea, to film you war crimes, when the US is illegally in Syria. No declaration of war, no UN authorisation and no invite by the Syrian Government.


Before watching it, I didn’t think a propaganda piece can invoke nausea. I was wrong. It is disgusting. Do they actually feel proud by committing these crimes? Fighting terrorists is one thing, murdering people is quite another. Most of the buildings they bombed were houses and residential buildings, inside cities. Does the commanders of these operations feel the same about “accepted collateral” if their own brats were in those buildings? Don’t get me wrong, I fully support dealing with terrorists the way Syria, Russia and my country do – decisively when sure civilians don’t get hurt. but that’s the murder of at least a couple of thousands of innocents crammed in a 15 minute footage.

I’m unable to find the words to express my feelings, even in Persian. I truly hope the exact same thing happens to the entire chain of command of such operations, spare their brats and families, but not themselves.


Well said and to be honest, I could not watch it. Like you I fully support Defence, together with respecting those nations that always go for the least loss of life, which Russia, Iran and Syria have shown.

What I find seriously weird, is the fact that if you look at the comments, from US sites, many are so ‘gung ho’ with regards using force and yet the same people are very precious if anybody so much as insults their nation. Then you get the people from the US, that use alternative media, and have a completely different view point. They just want peace and are disgusted by what Washington DC does in their name. Must admit, being from the UK, we are the same as the US and I apologise for voting for the dangerous idiots in Westminster.

Take care and it is so nice to see how Syria, Iran, Hezbullah and Russia are working together. Taking out those that have no problem with inflicting carnage on the innocent civilians, all nationalities, genders, classes and ages. Wish them luck in their mission.


This is why we must thank god for the balance brought by Stronger eastern nations. BRICS nations need to become even more of the force that makes the west think twice about continuing such despicable actions. It will spare not just those effected in these wars but also help Westerners from throwing the wealth away for more destruction. Were all in this planet together and human nature is contradicting to lasting peace. Nuclear weapons were a gift to end all wars. We need the reminder to stay in check.


So true. I must admit to feeling very proud of the smaller nations that are refusing to be backed into a corner and showing exactly how strong they are. Unlike the larger nations, excluding Russia and China.


America always attack the weakest and defenseless Countries or peoples alike where the Amerindians…

The only thing US are good, it’s to play “Macho” without to take risk.

Tell me what do you eat, I will tell you who you are !

Junk-Food produce Junks !


These days on ARTE tv there is documentaries ad neausam about Vietnam

What’s going on in Syria is an unacceptable madness !

Tudor Miron

Very well said.

Moussa Saab

I noticed that they were bombing regular building and not enemy bases of some sort.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Let the illuminati celebrate their own destruction which on going on the sideline of Hurricanes.


Yeah, let them drool, nice toys and all that jazz, and of course, this is to boost morale, in an army without any, show brilliantly here, again, brain is something that is an entity unfamiliar to Yankikes, so why waist time.

Missiles, again, the scam is wide open, yeah, even good old diesel/battery subs are the nightmare of any defense force, you may laugh, they dont, or should, but again, ignorance is an bliss, right. Second so far I can judge, you have nothing, not an single entity capable to take out any whatever missile shoot at you, anywhere, and carriers are what I define as planet size targets, you cant miss.

And not only is the speed of the missile an cause of concern, but the second isnt physic, but data handling, to follow anything is by it self hard, and when the incoming speed is mind-boggling fast, nothing will help, the only thing that in fact do, is something from an future we dont have as we speak. We speak of miles pr. second, thousands of km/pr. second of speed, mach 5 is f… fast.

I wounder, sometimes, how bonkers are they capable to be, but the thing that bugs my mind is their dream of winning this, ww3 scenario, when you cant defend your self against anything of incoming ICBM, forget them, to fast and to high, and from even higher altitude, beyond or by, geostationary satellites, the distance and problems will be worse/equally challenging, not easier, space is one thing, the stratosphere something else, like an wall. Yeah, nuke some city’s and let the exceptional s kill them self, build an wall around it and shoot the key into the sun.

Your Gov. is raving bonkers and the people are nodding along, walking straight into the abyss.


PS: to my great sorrow, MF have become an whore, pity, pity, for an fist full of silver coins. Its an sad day.

MD Ranix

here are the worst of the loser lot to be exterminated just like their zio slaves


disgusting, just shoot the U.S terrorist down , they have no right to be anywhere but U.S


It is not USA fault to do criminal activities in Syria, it is clearly Putin’s fault, not just because he is not fulfilling his contractual obligations with Syria but primarily because he is a disgusting coward and western leaders passionate lover. All he wishes for is to be accepted by the western leaders and to be amongst them. Putin is a criminal who allowed all bad to happen to Syria as well as to the Russian nation. The only who have profit are him and his friend’s oligarchs, corrupt politicians, and Mafia friends. He does not allow Syria to get hands-on S-300 and Pantsir S1 as that would mean the end of USA coalition illegal bombings and of course Israel, as Syria would never hesitate for a split of a second to shoot aggressors in the skies over Syria.

Putin is selling S-400 to Turkey and possibly to Saudi Arabia which is two very open enemies, but more importantly, they are amongst the most corrupt nations in the world and that is what attracts oligarch Putin – bribery money big time. The USA is very thankful to Russia for keeping their side.


Are you crazy? If Syria shoots down a US war plane, that would give the US full constitutional right to “defend” itself and launch a all out war against the goverment. This is why the anti aircraft systems are afk. Russia is not stupid enough to launch a global war (WW3) for the sake of Syria and risk killing humanity. The one thing we can do is launch air strikes against the SDF and Assad should give Turkey free access to Syrian sovereingty in order to block kurds. However, one of the negotiation demands will be that the Turkish army has to be deployed to Syria and not militias.


I see you are too young and too inexperienced to know how the things work. First of all, you have to understand that the USA and their coalition is legally attacking a sovereign country which means they are committing war crimes in continuation. If we have a look at UN Charter you will find not just a right but a duty of the attacked nation to defend itself and seek international assistance in their efforts. What US constitution has to do with their aggression is irrelevant as it is irrelevant respect of constitution, US military will do as it feels appropriate and completely disregards legislation either domestic or international. The only thing which will stop them is determined and an able opponent who is capable to make them harm.

USA foreign policy is based on imposing their power and induce fear into the target countries. That is why despite al rhetoric there are countries which are simply untouchable for US military as they would suffer massive losses and defeat as US Army is not used to fight an open and determined war. They love air supremacy and massive bombings of whoever happened to be under the bombs. If there are civilians it is good as their death and suffering will influence people’s morale or so they think. That is the reason why Russia should give Syrians S-400 and Pantsir S1 to defend themselves. As soon as the USA would learn that Syria has tens of launchers and hundreds of missiles they would instantly halt all air operation. However, they would be willing to fight against Syria to the last drop of coalition’s blood but not American.

Putin is aware that if they supply S-300 or S-400 to Syria, he would cement any chance to return to western embrace. Just remember how he was as a peacock parading around leaders in G20. That is what he wants, not a war against them and that is the reason why Turkey and Saudi Arabia will get S-400, not a Syria. He is aware that if Syrians would get these air defense systems no NATO nor western or Middle East USA stooges would dare to sacrifice lives of their precious pilots and expensive hardware. All blame for their loss would be addressed to Russia and Putin in particular. Use your logic and without emotions try to figure out why Putin does not want Syrians to be able to defend themselves but to rely on his personal goodwill?

Tudor Miron

Zio troll (pathetic one) detected. Do you really think that we’re so stupid to eat this BS? That tells a lot about your own mental conditions :). We know your sneaky aims – trying to lessen support to the leader that stands for humanity by trying to blame him for your own crimes. Try harder next time :)


I am a German and International lawyer by profession, and you? Oh before you call me other names I am 64 yo and way more educated than you right now. Your intellect is not shining through such comments. Learn to respect other opinions and try to see their reasons for such opinion. That would be possible only if you would have abilities to make analysis and later synthesis in order to have a logic picture. During my studies of law, it was an absolute must to have such abilities as otherwise, you would become a paper pusher and nothing more.

Tudor Miron

That’s not even funny my German friend. First of all, let me represent my opinion about lawyers as a profession. That’s simply another tool (usury being main tool) of Talmudic cabal to control and exploit Goyeems. How? One writes laws, than more laws contradicting those already written and than even more laws until a normal sane person (that is busy producing something tangible) is not able to see through this burden. Than lawyers come to “resque” :) and Goyeems have to pay and obey. Your profession doesn’t produce anything tangible (something that one can touch, wear, eat nor food for soul – music, arts, etc). It is an instrument of control and manipulation.

Let’s look at your brilliant claims above :)

“It is not USA fault to do criminal activities in Syria, it is clearly Putin’s fault”© I’m a bit confused here :) You state that USA “do criminal activities in Surya”(c) and you tell us that this is not their fault. It’s was an accident on their part? Russia (Putin representing it as elected leader) provides help and plays a major role in defeating US/Israel i.e. AngloZionist irregular armed forces (Daesh, AlQueda etc.) and than a 64 yo lawyer comes and tells is that this is all Putins fault? What kind of Talmudic logic you’re using here? My guess is that it’s the good old “divide and conquer” :)

Hard facts on the ground are that at the moment when Russia intervened in Surya (being called by legitimate government of Surya) everyone thought that Suryan state is toast and Assad was given a month or so. After ~ 2 years very large part of this country is liberated from terrorist scum.

“try to see their reasons for such opinion.” I see your reasons very clearly :) Your masters stumbled into opposing force that defeated their evil intentions and now they try to discredit those who oppose those evil doings. Nothing new here.

“I am 64 yo and way more educated than you right now.”© That’s may be true :) I’m 47 yo Russian of Moldavian nationality. I only have 8 classes of formal education (CCCP was collapsing and that was a question of mere surviving). However I’m successful race car designer/builder – my cars are setting track records on all the circuits in Russia. I self learned English and self learned vehicle dynamics, FIA, CFD and lots of other stuff required to design and build a winning race car. My team consists of two more guys and we do 90% of work in house – carbon fiber bodywork and structural components, chassis, suspension components etc. All by my own hands. https://www.drive2.ru/r/nissan/79138/ Would you be so kind to present some tangible results of your professional work to prove your claims?

You seem to be offended by my above post. At the same time you seem to be fine when accusing Putin of being criminal (guilty of crimes commited by western countries) without any real proof and I don’t think that you’re unaware of what you’re doing. That’s why I tell you that you should try harder next time.


Dear friend, let me just tell you hat anyone is entitled to own opinion and not necessary with someone else’s. As we would say, we are living in democratic society and I am already looking forward to your comment on term democracy as something is telling me that it won’t much defer from mine if anything at all. I see you are the young and revolutionary type of person and that reminds me of my student times when we had quite violent demonstrations against the establishment. Now let me give you my comment as it is obvious that your opinion is based on emotions and not on the facts. You should know that lawyers base their statements on facts which have to corroborate with a motive as without motive there is no crime or reasons to commit something.

We all know that legal system is there to prevent crime to be committed and in case of its violation to bring so-called justice upon the perpetrator. If the state or society has strong and enforceable justice system than the crime rate will be much lower. You are Russian and you know how high was crime rate in Russia after social fabrics were torn apart by Gorbachev and Yeltsin in particular. Russia was quite a lawless country and unless you were part of crime syndicate you did not like it. You see with the USA in International community and international relations with other countries is the same. There is no one who dares to stand against them. Once there was USSR but nowadays no one so they are doing whatever they want and therefore they despite being totally wrong are just using given opportunity.

In Syria, it is Russia who signed a bilateral agreement with Syrian government promising to defend very weak Syrian Arab Army against aggressors and fight them till their bitter end. Now I do believe that you know as well that Putin did not keep his word and that all he did was to abuse Syrian trust and war to promote Russian military hardware in order to increase sales abroad. That he achieved to the greatest extent. Let me refresh your memory. It was September 2015 when Russian military intervened in Syria. From day one it was clear that Russia is no joke and world was gaping in awe. Our western allays in crime could not believe what is happening. All of a sudden become clear that something is very wrong with the USA and 68 cronies did do nothing at all, actually, under their combat against terrorism it spread even faster than without their intervention. The whole world could see that Russia mean business on the highest level possible. It also revealed real USA intents and what they actually do. To the whole world become clear that the USA is terrorist supporters and it becomes clear that this very same terrorism has been created, nurtured and developed by the USA and their closest NATO allays.

When all that becomes clear and Russia after few weeks stopped ISIL progress and caused liberation of Palmyra, Putin shocked the world by declaring that goal has been achieved and he ordered pull out of 2/3 of Russian air forces. No one with a sound mind could not understand how someone can be so stupid and pull out when the enemy is at its peak of power and had an only temporary stop. As you remember a few days later Palmyra has been retaken by ISIL as well as regained all lost territories.

The only ones who praised Putin’s decision to pull our were Obama and NATO, leaders. It becomes clear that Obama demanded from Putin to stop to fight ISIL or he will never get back in G8 as was and is Putin’s wet dream. Putin obeyed Obama’s order and situation in Syria started rapidly to deteriorate. Than Putin sent new troops and new weapons to Syria and situation started to improve. As soon as SAA achieved major victory Putin pulled out and gave ISIL needed time to regroup.

When he did it for the third time Syrian President Assad Bashar publicly accused Putin of commercializing war in Syria (look in YouTube Assad’s interviews with Journalists). Interestingly enough Sputnik, RT, TASS, Pravda (all in English) very proudly published statements that thanks to the war in Syria Russia increased several folds its sales of military hardware abroad. Several times after that Putin publicly said that war in Syria is the best commercial catalog for Russian military complex.

From the legal standpoint, Putin is a war criminal as due to his deliberate actions (pull out) he allowed terrorists to regroup, retake and secure previously lost grounds. In due process, thousands of civilians were killed by terrorists and government troops. These victims were already liberated but thanks to Putin deliberate commercialization of the war were killed.

Beside that remember that it is Putin who does not allow Russian manufacturers to supply Syria with S-300, Pantsir S1, and Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles. Ask yourself why? The answer is he is protecting Israel, USA, NATO and other members of criminal association known as USA alliance of 68 countries. At the same time he is selling S-400 (not a bloody S-300) to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and he is neither worried nor bothered by the fact that both countries are Russian arch enemies. S-400 will be used to protect them against Russian jets in case of war between NATO and Russia.

There is the reason why Putin personally is involved in sales of multibillion worth equipment to these two countries. If you do not know let me tell you, both countries are internationally recognized as most corrupt countries on the planet. You still remember that Erdogan was directly controlling theft of Syrian oil and its transport to Turkish port and then sale to Israel, Jordan, and other buyers. Russian bombardment and destruction of thousands of Erdogan’s truck tankers were reason for shooting down SU bomber over Syrian territory.

Why Putin never attacked with S-400 which are extremely fast missiles with 4.6 km/sec and US Patriot is traveling only 2 km/sec. No airplane can escape it and yet Russia never used it in anger against USA coalition murderers. How often Israel attacked Syria in last few months, and how many times the USA attacked Syrian government troops protected by Russia? You will notice that Putin loves Netanyahu as well as any western leader and will do al he can to protect them from harm.

Now let me remind you that when EU imposed first-time sanctions against Russia, Putin had perfect opportunity to destroy EU sanctions as well as EU and NATO unity but he did not opt for that. As it was getting clear that Russia (Putin) is preparing counter sanctions our German Economic Institute in Berlin issued warning that if Russia opts to ban imports and sales of motor vehicles and their parts in Russia it would have a catastrophic impact on the German economy. Their calculations showed that due to chain reaction there will be a loss of about 700.000 jobs. Such situation would be unbearable for Germany and public pressure would be so immense that Chancellor would have to pull the plug and call off sanctions in one instant. As such sanctions would hit mainly car producing countries and Germany being the biggest would suffer the most, but the most anti-Russian countries such as Poland, Baltic States, Croatia, and Romania would suffer no consequences and would insist that sanctions should be in place. That would, in turn, cause political division within EU as well as within NATO. That would cause quick deterioration of associations and their demise.

Putin knew that as it was written all over in German media as we who are working in institutes for strategic geopolitics gave our reports to government and media, however, Putin ignored that and opted for a ban of food products instead. If you ask yourself why Putin opted for that than the answer is clear. He wanted to protect his friend’s oligarchs who control car imports. Bear in mind that Russia imports about 2.5 million cars annually and that it makes billions of US$ to importers. You yourself are in the automotive business and you have a slight idea about that, and you will know that no education, no knowledge, no investment is needed for importing cars and making obscene profits.

As you can see I can go on and on with Putin’s deliberate acts which cost Russian people a lot and caused a great deal of suffering. I will post you some links below where you will be able to see for yourself what is going on. Just now I was thinking how many more pages I would need to list all Putin’s crimes against Russian nations. Let me give you just brief indications and you will work out for yourself:

Case Mistral where Putin on his own will stops Russian Department of Justice to stop prosecution of France for failed delivery of already paid ships. Russian DoJ filed a lawsuit for US$ 8 billion as it was according to purchase agreement and France would have to pay this amount, but Putin gave US$ 7 billion as a personal gift to Hollande expecting him to arrange for Putin to get back in G8. That never happened and the Russian nation lost $ 8 Billion, thanks to Putin.

Putin by his own will canceled US$ 5 billion Ukrainian debt to Russia, plus according to him will not and did not claim Ukrainian debt of US$ 40+ billion stating that Ukraine would starve to death and he cannot allow that because they are brothers and so on. Did Ukraine ever show any gratitude for that move??

It already tiers me listing all known facts so let me shorten up all. Let me ask you how do you justify the fact that 2015, 2016, and 2017 during a worst national crisis where national standard dropped considerably and retired pensioners are living on the edge of starvation Putin’s friends’ Oligarchs earned extra billions? Have look for yourself:


Rats are leaving sinking ship (Russia) https://en.crimerussia.com/oligarchs/the-policy-of-deoffshorization-forced-russian-billionaires-to-leave-the-country/?sphrase_id=112849

Have look on your own in this media and you will find thousands of interesting things about Putin’s Russia. Do not forget Putin is already 16 years on the top and all this is happening under his watch.

Now let me tell you that your CV is quite impressive and I can only commend you for your achievements. You asked me about my modest achievements. Well, they are not so material but yet I educated about 30.000 students to become Journalists, Political scientists, and lawyers. Besides academic work, I have 4 patents in mechanical engineering but that is not for the public as it id more of confidential nature. Basically, I know welding, machine tooling, and other electromechanical jobs. However, I have no clue how to repair my cars because two reasons, first are that I always sell them after two to three years and they are always top brand and second they are so complicated that it hurts. My late father was a surgeon but he was a passionate enthusiast in repairing vehicles and creating things. He always said that it relaxes his mind after a hard day in the operation theatre. I agree with that so that is why I have all imaginable hand tools and small machines in my basement – workshop.

Have a nice day and I do love Russia and Russian people.


Holy Shit, i cant beLIEve how Stupid you are, you really are a Cocksucker. Are you REALLY THIS DUMB?! How old are you anyway?! Didnt you still GET what is going on in the world? Did you really hidde behind your Fridge all this years with CNN on? Come on Boy, wake the Fu.. UP.

Tudor Miron

I agree, this guy is pathetic. He really seem to think that the rest here are complete dumbs and will eat this BS that he’s spreading here. :) Replied to him – see above.


They are free to do whatever far from international laws, human rights and whatever achieved by humanity. They are like some kind of a shitty and pussie useless God. Shame on US regime.

Alejandro Calero

This is so fucking disgusting. There is no doubt why USA is one of the most hated nations all over the world.

Nigel Maund

How right you are!

Jean de Peyrelongue

I cannot understand how thoses pilots can sleep after having committed such crimes. The video with this music when people are dying is no better than the djiadists’ videos when they are cutting heads. Be proud of committing such atrocities show how sick are those Navy pilots!


me neither, if i were a servicemember and was ordered to do such things, id quit/resign ASAP!!!


Lol didn´t u see Wikileaks release of Iraq war crime videos? Where as US soldiers where happy to kill civilians, even at times knowing they are civilians. They even received medals for killing innocent foreigners. They are sick and disgusting. Only Russia/China can bring them down to their knees. I say supply NK with advanced strategic nukes and supply them with s-400s to protect the command centers. Then let´s see washington DC burn! The bad thing is innocent americans will die. Before the electon in 2016, I thought Americans were sick and hungry for war. But then Trump came along and promised Peace and no more wars, in direct conflict with the previous foreign agenda they had. And people actually liked that and voted for him. But now, he is revealed to be just a mere puppet in power, put in place by arms suppliers and has already surpassed Obamas war crimes.


That’s a satisfying scenario, but there is one problem: What do you think US armed forces choose to attack and destroy? 1- A well defended command center, armed with capable anti air defence. 2- Defenceless cities and civilians all across the conuntry.

They showed right after their independence that they prefer the easy way and don’t care for ethics, law, humanity or principals. Whenever native Indian warriors were away, US army attacked their villages and murdered their women, children and elderly. Sick bastards even took trophy by removing their victims’ teeth, scalp, skull, fingers, breasts and genitalia. They did the same with Japanese dead in WW2. The same pattern of murdering civilians repeated throughout their short history.

We can’t beat a rabid dog by biting it. Perhaps the best way to stop the US is by cooperation of nations and stopping the use of US currency.


Agree 100%

Moses Lawrence

pfff, if it wasn’t for America…. you and just about every other country in the world would be in a world of mess. Imagine if there was no America lol….


You’ve never been outside ‘murica, have you sonny?


US Soldiers are put under heavy drugs and getting cancer, said the “mysterious” Golf war sickness !


Documenting their own war crimes….. what dumb asses.

Moussa Saab

Just like IS


Dumber than IS. IS doesn’t post it’s own names and faces in the videos.

Moses Lawrence

You want some too, son? America is willing to teach you a lesson too!


When all you’ve got is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail….


USS George Bush – ’nuff said.

John Whitehot

USS Dubya, yeah!


… and the video is gone. That didn’t take long, did it?

Tony "Melinda" Stark

Nothing more than terrorists with more advanced weapons

DJ Double D

This is part of the Psychological war on Russia. US never stops behaving naively. This strategy is their brainchild: released by someone, realized it’s a mistake, deleted, but by then the world has already seen it. Kurds threaten to attack SAA or Russia, the news goes out public, US didn’t refute. Russia bombed SDF position where US special forces are also operating, but only seven wounded, no death (oh ya), but as you know ‘we always reserve our right at self defence’. And so on and so on. This is becoming ridiculous.


I am running out of words to describe the lunatic duplicity of the US. The US is truly the fascist rogue state of the 21st century.


Such a lame pathetic video, stupid music, speaks for the mental retardation of its producer. It makes me actually sick in the stomach watching this degenerate stupidity, product of a bancrupt culture


Apparently the F/A-18E pilot acted on his own in shooting down the SU-22. I’m wondering what the official and unofficial reactions of his immediate US Navy superiors were, to this highly provocative action .

Florian We

When you think you are “the good guy” fighting “for the real thing” but in reality are bombing a country against EVERY law in the world, being hated by the whole planet except the dirty mafia elite of billionaires who brainwashed and raised you up. Hello US Army, good morning Rambo!


Kira Binkley

Does the video have dates of engagement?

That Guy

Once Syria buys S400s we will dare the cunts to even fire a bullet at a 100 km vecinity around the troops, or even get close to any of the Syrian/Iranian aircrafts.


Well, their ad isn’t that bad. Still, I prefer this one ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjug0P8MQ5Q

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