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Street Violence Goes Out Of Control As Protests Rage Across United States

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The death of African American George Floyd during his detention by Police triggered a wave of large-scale protests across the United States. While mainstream media outlets seek to paint the protests mostly peaceful, videos and photos regularly appearing in social media demonstrate the apparent growth of street violence.

As multiple players seek to exploit the current crisis to push their own political goals, it is important to not fall into the trap of the predesigned narrative. Facts and evidence from the ground speak for themselves.



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Dick Von Dast'Ard


Christian S

where was BLM when corona embargo killed africans?


Thank you for pointing out the false narrative being pushed by the MSM. This is not some civil rights movement, it is an extremist movement filled with racists and political hate mobs.

Furthermore one could agree with the saying “black lives matter” without supporting the radical-left, black supremacist organization of the same name. Yet most people seem completely unable to distinguish the two.

Fog of War

These are the beginnings of an anti-white purge.

Trap Is Not Gay

More likely Jews are pushing and kicking Americans around so they would accept being replaced, ie. Globalism, Open Borders, etc.

But, yeah, maybe, looks sometimes, that something harder might be in storage, by the intensity of the “frenezy” in a row since 2016, non-stop, and the hearsay out there (people smell things in the air).

Unfortunately this time, Russia is right-wing, and no Hitler around to stand to the Jew – and China, after being so attacked, doesn’t care at all about American people.

It’s like that meme where two monkeys are fighting with a knife each and several guys are cheering, the two fighting monkeys are the Jew and the American.

Assad must stay

ghost of the soviet union striking back at US from beyond the grave HHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!! KARMA!!!


So much for the idea that having security forces bending their knees with the “protestors” would defuse the violence. That having police chiefs quite literally getting on their knees begging for it to stop, might satiate this Mob.

Weak leadership during a crisis leads to more grief, not less. But in many cases the leadership – the mayors of these shithole cities, and some governors of blue states – have not acted with weakness, but with outright criminality in aiding and abetting the Mob.


Random acts of racially-motivated, black on white interracial violence here is at record levels.

Most college-educated whites would prefer to ignore the problem, or make excuses for it.

Most whites without a college-indoctrination know about this occurring and are mad as hell about it.

US universities are the crucibles for these fires of racial hatred which have been stoked for the last fifty years, and of the guilt that turns college-indoctrinated whites into deracinated sheeple.

US media provides the daily dose of the same garbage taught in universities to keep the conditioning fresh.

Both institutions- the US media and US academia- will have to be obliterated before any of this can stop.


I couldn’t have said it better.


Planet of apes


The high unemployment is fueling a lot of the unrest.


“D.C. police lined streets around the White House on Tuesday, periodically clearing out tents, barricades and other structures built by protesters seeking to create an autonomous zone in the area that has been at the center of weeks of protests against police brutality.

The action came after President Trump tweeted early Tuesday that protesters would be met with “serious force” if they tried to establish an autonomous zone and that federal officials would seek long sentences against anyone who toppled statues or vandalized monuments.”

– D.C. police clear out fledgling autonomous zone near the White House –



Where is the law and order? Can’t imagine something like this happening in Israel, Russia, China or India without a proper police retaliation. So now we’ve got Black people doing the same things to the White people, and the cops just turn away? amazing. We had the same issue a while ago, check out our police response, they didn’t dare to riot after that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V3ocHSWXxk


It happened multiple times in France when muslims burned tens of thousands of cars, before Sarkozi was elected.

cechas vodobenikov

inner directed narcissism–this nonsense is devoid of any political content—it does not address social forces. This is an excuse —childish bad manners. Structural conditions deserve militant response. Knee-jerk looting and vandalism is not protest. this merely reinforces awareness that such chaos reflects stupidity…while irrational laws should be violated; laws that r rational when violated demonstrate “anti-authoritarian” infantilism

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