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APRIL 2021

Steam Store Removes Syrian Warfare Game Because It’s Too ‘Pro-Russian’?

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The Steam store has removed the Syrian Warfare game due to a complaint about alleged copyright infringement.

Steam Store Removes Syrian Warfare Game Because It's Too 'Pro-Russian'?

Photo: steamcommunity.com

The Steam service of digital distribution of PC games and programs has removed from its store a newly released Russian wargame, dedicated the Syrian civil war and participation of the Russian Armed Forces in it. Reportedly, the reason for such a move was a complaint about alleged copyright infringement.

The game, named Syrian Warfare and developed by the Cats Who Play project, was released on February 24. During a week, when the game was on sale, it managed to get very good reviews from gamers. However, on the night of March 1, Syrian Warfare was removed from the Steam store without any warning.

According to representatives of Cats Who Play, they only got a letter, notifying about a removal of the game from the store, as “it received a complaint on violation of the copyright of the original Warfare game of the GFi company.” Reportedly, the complaint was filed by an unknown person, living in the Czech Republic, who used an e-mail box, created on a common access resource.

Representatives of the Cats Who Play project noted that they could not contact the GFi company and get any comments. Developers of Syrian Warfare stressed that GFi representatives were initially aware of the game’s development. “In fact, we addressed them with a proposal to buy resources of the original Warfare in order to save time on the development, however, our proposal did not elicit response,” a statement of Cats Who Play, published on one of the social networks, reads.

The Cats Who Play project is not sure that the GFi company is behind the complaint and still hopes to get comments from it. Project’s representatives claim that they did not use any resources of the original game and, if necessary, are ready to submit to the court their initial resources, graphics, textures and initial code for comparison with the resources that belong to GFi.

“By now, we have prepared and sent a letter to the Valve company, in which we assured it that we guarantee the purity of our data, and we are ready to defend our case in a court of any jurisdiction,” the statement added.

At the same time, representatives of the Cats Who Play project also noted that if an access to the market is really closed for the game, Syrian Warfare will be put in free access, as it is not just a game for its developers, but also a “fundamental civil position.”

Some people have already suggested that real reasons of the game’s removal are negative reviews on its political content, according to which the Russian Armed Forces and the Syrian regime are positive heroes, who are fighting against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, other militant groups and their sponsors in this war.  Did Steam store really remove the Syrian Warfare game due to the fact that it is too ‘pro-Russian’?

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