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Stealing Out of Turkey’s Playbook? Russia Accused Of Sending Syrians to Fight in Libya

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Stealing Out of Turkey's Playbook? Russia Accused Of Sending Syrians to Fight in Libya

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In recent days, Turkey and its influence network in Turkish, Arabic, Russian and English have been attempting to push a brand-new narrative: accusing Russia of hiring Syrians and sending them to Libya.

It is essentially accusing Russia of doing exactly what Turkey has been proven to do. Ankara has been recruiting militants from the groups it supports in the Idlib province in Syria, and sending them to fight on behalf of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya.

At least, the alleged Russian actions are related to hiring Syrians, who aren’t members of militant or terrorist groups.

Thus, according to some outlets, the Russian command in Syria is suspected of creating a special militia from local residents for its subsequent participation in the Libyan armed conflict.

According to data from unknown sources, recruitment can be carried out not only in the coastal areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, but also in the province of Damascus.

The first batch of recruits has already gone to the North African country, according to Arab media. However, there are no confirmations yet.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Russian side has allegedly recruited dozens of Syrians to be sent to Libya, Arabic-language media reported.

According to the reports, recruits are being trained to participate in the battles on the side of the Libyan National Army (LNA), under the command of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who is opposed to the GNA.

The GNA, on its part is supported by Turkey, and the militants it sends there from Syria.

The task of recruiting people for irregular formations, which, according to the idea, will be sent to the north of Africa, lies with the municipal authorities and – partly – with the Syrian security forces.

Representatives of the Russian command, according to this information, initially asked to assemble a group of 50 young people, promising each a salary of $800 per month.

Which means that according to the propaganda, Russia pays smaller wages than Turkey. Turkey allegedly pays $2,000 to militants, meaning that the “mean Russians” don’t even pay a fair salary.

And participation on the side of the LNA is limited to three months, instead of 6 in the case of Turkey.

It is alleged that fighters of irregular formations were given cards called the “card of friends of Russia”, which should protect the owner from problems with security agencies and guarantee him legal immunity.

Arab media write that the first batch of recruits, consisting of 25 people, has already left Douma, having flown from the international airport in Damascus to Benghazi, in Libya.

It is believed that Cham Wings airline, which is subject to US sanctions since 2014, takes part in the transportation.

Russia, in addition, is credited with plans to send to Libya the Desert Hawks brigade  that fought on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Their salary, according to various estimates, should reach $1,000. And they still are allegedly paid much less than militants hired by Turkey.

Furthermore, the propaganda is so high-quality that they’ve not researched that the Desert Hawks Brigade was disbanded years ago.

Turkey’s appears to be hard at work to justify its actions, both in Libya and in Syria as a response to aggression, rather than its own bid to spread its influence.


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I feel a hypocrisy coming up in the comment section:))) Forgetting that Turkey was invited into Libya by the government of Libya the same way Russia was invited into Syria by the government of Syria. In the same way how Turkish presence in Syria is illegal, Russian presence in Libya is illegal. Private or official:))))

Karl Kreisner

Nah, the GNA is illegal & only has its legitimation from NATO members. If you support that you just show your true colors. Haftar is the real people’s choice.


There is absolutely no proof to support any claim that any Syrian in Syria was sent to fight in Libya by Russia. None whatsoever! Besides, Syria couldn’t even spare a division to fight in Libya as they have suffered loss of manpower alot. There is however video proof and full clear evidence that Turkey sent jihadis to Libya. The idiotic jihadis from Syria uploaded to twitter footage of the airports they traveled to in order to go inside Libya and posted pictures fighting there.

There is however some claims that Russian mercenaries are fighting there. Not sure if these are true, haven’t seen any evidence of it but Wagner Group has said that it’s goals with Libya was to seek stability…

Ricky Miller

Wrong. It’s clear you have a problem remembering history. The current Libyan government as recognized by the UN has no legitimacy beyond the say so of the people who destroyed Libya’s actual government in 2011. Syria’s Internationally recognized government never fell to the regime change organizers and thus has an internal legitimacy, not one created by a globalist cabal. Russia is free to decide who they prefer to deal with in Libya, from a triple set of choices all having a claim to something the Libyans lost in 2011 under NATO bombs and weapons given to extremist groups.


You are not wrong. Libya’s GNA was unanimously recognized as the only legitimate authority in Libya. Many countries recognize that and many have diplomatic missions in GNA’s capital, Tripoli (in both cases, including Russia and Iran. The US doesn’t have a diplomatic mission there).

But, I can not understand the reasoning behind such recognition (and for Yemen’s Hadi, as he was a transitional head of government, elected in a 1 runner elections for 2 years to prepare the country for an election, his term finished and he didn’t let go of power, then resigned, then returned, then forced to resign and fled, then claimed and keeps claiming he is the president. All this while the UN still recognizes this puppet and his gang as the government of Yemen!).

Anyway, good or bad, GNA is recognized by many countries but some of them at the same time, side with Haftar (UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc). One wonders if the purpose of such actions is to -god forbid!- prevent the outbreak of peace and stability in Libya.

IMO there’s no good side in Libya, all sides (used to be +4 sides, now reduced to 2 major sides) are puppets and corrupt. The current situation of the Libyans is a sobering wake up call for other countries and people with a few hard lessons. I hope stability returns to their country soon.

As for the reason for Russia’s alleged involvement, my guess is – to finish the war with helping the stronger side or – Considering Turkey’s involvement, giving a point there to Turkey and receiving a point from them in Syria,


LNA is the elected government. In an election of 2012, the Muslim Brotherhood parties lost, and so seized Tripoli. The elected reps., moved their ‘Parliament” to Tubruk, creating the LNA.
The LNA is the side representing the different tribal groups.
The GNA the different European powers that blew the country apart.

Hanny Benny

the only difference is:

turkey supports worldwide jihadist terrorists
russia fights them!!!

so stf with this bs!!!

Nasty Animal

GNA are slave traders


What government of Libya, Libya was illegally attacked by NATO and occupied by its puppets.


There are Russian Mercs in a lot of countries it’s a different situation in Syria

Zionism = EVIL

But not officially sanctioned. The Wagner group is a private run operation and Russians due to their expertise work as security consultants, that also applies to Serbs who make good soldiers. It is not CIA recruiting headchopper terrorists from madrassas.

Bio_ Hazard

Send a division of the SAA and the Libyan war would end in a couple of months.


Send the Houthis and it will be over in a week.


Send Saudi army and it will be over in a day or two.

Disclaimer: The result might be slightly different than originally intended. I will not be responsible for who wins and who flees!


It appears that the US is giving advice to Turkey with their propaganda techniques.


Zionism = EVIL

Nike should supply free runners to the Saudi and Emirati arseholes.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, the Yemenis are tribal warriors and since the era of Queen of Sheba mostly stick to killing invaders of their lands and not known to fight for others. The Saudi scum did try to recruit Yemenis for their deadloss loser military, but since 2014 every Yemeni deserted with their weapons and are now fighting the Saudis. However, Hezbollah should make an effort to bring some Ansarallah to Syria and Iraq to show their mettle, but they should ensure amply supply of khat and sandals first :)
comment image

Cheryl Brandon


Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, I am amazed at how people are “shocked” at the plundering and thieving nature of Turkeys, Jews, Americunt arseholes and Brit gits. That is all that they have done historically. The Ottoman faggot empire was built on stealing children and then abusing and brainwashing them into “Jannisaries”. The Jews have been robbing people blind for 2100 years, pound of flesh and the Brits bankrupted India, Africa and China, the Americunt arseholes and Jews are worst of the dehumanized savages as they even stole other people’s lands and killed millions in process and then broke every treaty. These savages have never heard word “honor”. Fuck them.

Constellation 2023

Sleazy Putin promised he would pull YPG terrorists out of Tel Rifat and Manbij. Those promises were not kept.

Josiah Isaboke

Why?They are in their country right? Are those cities in Turkey?

Constellation 2023

There was no such thing as Syria a hundred years ago and there won’t be one in another century. It’s all Turkey’s old land – the Ottoman Empire. Here comes the New Turkey.

Paul Sharpe

I call bullshit. The Turks can go back to Turkmenistan where they belong. Asia Minor was Greek and Celtic long before the Mongols came. The ancient Assyrians are still in Syria. Of course damn Yankee, you can give your land back to the original owners and go back to the stink hole your ancestors left.


Go back to Mongolia, Turkic mongols.

Give that prosperous land back to Greek-East Romans.

There was no Turkey, a thousand years ago. For 10,000s of years that was Caucasian land.

Hanny Benny


Zionism = EVIL

Turkey has suffered a humiliating defeat in Syria and it is about to get worse.

Concrete Mike

Says the al.nusrah lap.dancer.

You have zero credibility, terrorist apologist!


never told such thing.

but he is sleazy. he told, russia will use also tactical buclear weapons. and did not use. single 1 booom and all rats wuld turn back in their hholes. but putin has no balls.

Bill Wilson

If Russia is doing that, the low numbers and short enlistment period suggest to me that the Syrians are engaged in support services.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, the retarded mongol spawn could not fight so they kidnapped Balkan children. No better than Jew organ harvesting of Palestinian and Haitian children.


Quite possibly Haftar trying to recruit experienced fighters from Syria, but I doubt they are recruited and paid by Russia tho (or the syrian government, they need every soldier available). Private enterprise I guess.

Tudor Miron

Learning those old zio tricks – accusing others of their own sins.


This could be propaganda but I dunno. The idea is actually so good that I am inclined to believe it! Desert Hawks? Yes they were disbanded, but everyone in Syria knows who they are so they can be reconstituted quite easily. They were tasked to protect the western oil and gas fields in Syria that hadn’t yet fallen to the jihadists. Same job in Libya would free plenty of Haftar forces from that duty, and they are experts at that job already.
That kind of move would infuriate Erdogan massively, as he now knows that the Syrians are very good at what they do and the war in Syria have aroused them from every last trace of passivity.
Some Syrian soldiers are on record saying that when Syria is free they will go wherever there are zio-jihadists insurgents and fight them.


Surely the Russians can geolocate the Turkish detachments in Libya and hit them with cruise missiles or something? At this point why not? It’s very clear to me that Turkey is at war with Russia, but Russia is not at war with Turkey.

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