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JUNE 2021

Statement of Four: West Wages Multi-Front, Multi-Domain Campaign Against Russia

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Written by Peter Korzun; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Contain Russia in all spheres, squeeze it out everywhere you can, and ramp up pressure to make it kneel. It’s not a big thing to find a pretext to justify the orchestrated campaign launched by the West to put the relations with Moscow on confrontational footing. It stubbornly keeps on reviving the Cold War. This is a holistic policy with some actions hitting media headlines to focus world public attention on, while some moves are camouflaged and kept out of spotlight.

With so many doubts expressed about Moscow’s complicity in the Salisbury spy poisoning, the leaders of the UK, the US, Germany and France – the big four – made an unprecedented joint statement putting the blame on Russia. They did not find it necessary to wait for investigation results to say Moscow had violated the international law and threatened their security. The statement says Russia did not cooperate with Britain. It does not mention the fact that Moscow was ready to meet London halfway but received no requests in line with the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The only thing Russia can be blamed for is its policy of refusing to communicate in the language of ultimatums.

Everything has suddenly become clear. Russia’s guilt is evident despite the fact that nothing new has been revealed since French President Macron’s spokesman warned the UK on March 14 against “fantasy politics”. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon had not investigated the case but the verdict was handed down. UK PM Theresa May was quiet happy about the statement as it showed that the allies “are standing alongside us”.

On March 15, the US introduced new sanctions against Russia to punish it for alleged election meddling and cyberattacks. The announcement came together with the statement of the Big Four. As usual, the move is the result of allegations and claims not based on solid proof and established facts. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer believes it’s still “not enough”. He demands that President Trump introduce more sanctions and publicly denounce Russian President Putin. It’s just the first step, chimed in Senator Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He wondered why it had taken so long.

That’s what is in the spotlight. Now, about the creeping offensive kept out of spotlight to be waged almost clandestinely. Few media have reported about the decision of the Polish government just announced by Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak to move “some of the army units” stationed in the west of the country to its eastern borders. The country’s military command system would be reformed because Russia is “unpredictable.”

Meanwhile, Romania is preparing to stage a “maidan” in Moldova to gobble it up. If the plan goes through, this post-Soviet country will become part of NATO and the EU, unleashing a chain reaction in the region considered a sphere of Russia’s influence. A coup is slated for March 24. Extremist groups are expected to capture the parliament building. Moldovan President Igor Dodon had predicted that the attempts to forcibly unify Moldova and Romania would lead to a civil war. The scenario events will most certainly spur separatist sentiments in Transnistria. No doubt, Russia will be blamed for “nefarious activities”, especially if it raises its voice in support of Moldovans’ right to decide their own fate without outside interference.

On March 14, the US announced a diplomatic offensive to squeeze Russia out from the Balkans. Wess Mitchell, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, urged the nations of the region to resolve their disputes with the help of the West. He mentioned the possible expansion of the EU. Mr. Mitchell did not say so openly but there is little doubt it was an attempt to lure Belgrade away from Russia. Serbia is a country of special concern for the US military brass.

NATO has recently accused Moscow of interfering in the internal affairs of the Balkan countries, including information warfare. EU leaders wasted no time to express their concern over Russia’s policy in the region as Theresa May was ringing alarm bells over the Salisbury poisoning case. They are ready to engage Moscow in “information war”.

Making Russia responsible for the situation in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta is another direction of attack. Provocations are being planned to blame the Russia-backed Syria’s government for the use of CW.

The Salisbury poisoning, false flag chemical attacks in Ghouta, “battle for the Balkans”, provocations being prepared in Moldova, Estonia, Estonia, Latvia and Poland abruptly stepping up their fight against the Nord Stream-2 gas project in the Baltic Sea, as well as a lot of other things, are parts of a broader picture. The West is attacking Russia on all fronts and in all domains. There are no clear rules of the road. The pressure will be gradually being ratcheted up till Moscow bows and kneels.

As history teaches, this outcome is unlikely. But the policy may backfire to undermine the Western unity, which is extremely fragile. The West faces multiple threats and challenges; its very foundation is in jeopardy. These are the days when it needs partners more than artificially created enemies adding to the plethora of grave problems it is trying hard to tackle. Today it is wasting resources and effort on waging the well-orchestrated campaign against Moscow instead of coming up with constructive policy of ensuring its security and cohesion.

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So, the targets are EU and Russia and not only Russia. But Russia is the smoke screen to blind the EU people. This US muddy sh… mess must be stopped at all costs.

Vanessa Russ

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you nailed it ! Actually I would just say the EU is main target (mainly Germany and France independent cooperation amongst themselves and with rest of world, especially with Russia and Chine) ! By restraining EU, the US/UK elites also try to contain the emergence of multi-polarity.

All moves from sanctions against companies, to people’s freedom restrictions, to refugee crises (engineered) and to NATO military build up in EU, are all directed against the EU’s interests while Russia serves as a screen to justify and legitimate those destructive moves initiated by the US and UK’s elites while reining in the countries’ popular and political opposition to them.


Good luck Russia. Good luck Putin.


When will this stop? Enough is enough!


It will only stop when Russia responds forcefully. The knuckle-draggers of the Deep State, having missed the evolutionary link, only understand force. They are planning the false flag CW attacks in Syria to aid their terrorists in murdering Syrian civilians. Russia has stated publicly that it will defend it’s allies if attacked. A strike on Syria’s allies including Russia will be the test witnessed by the world as to whether Russia is able to defend itself and it’s allies. We wait in suspense watching whether Russia is up to the task of defending itself and it’s allies against the barbarians and their WMDs.

Tommy Jensen

Then US will return the force with even more force, because Russia only understand force.
Russia is planning false flag attacks in Syria and info wars in Europe. This can only be stopped with American military resistance against the barbarians and their nukes.


Flakes are born everyday. How you doing snowflake?


Russia doesn’t need to stage false flag attacks in Syria Tommy. There are real attacks and UK/USA false flag events happening regularly. Its time the illegal and immoral war being carried out in Syria by the UK/USA criminals stopped before the get all of us wiped out.


When will all the western people realize that their governments’ only aim is to disturb peace in the world? Politicians waging war to feed their masters; the greedy Bankers.

An excerpt from the song written for Iraq (baghdad) where NATO/US destroyed over a chemical weapon lie ; same can be sung for Damascus or other places today;

Oh, clouds around We created the zero
But we mean nothing to you You would believe
That we are just some mystical tale We are just a swollen belly
That gave birth to Sinbad, Scheherazade We gave birth
Oh, oh, to the zero The perfect number
We invented the zero And we mean nothing to you
Our children run through the streets
And you sent your flames Your shooting stars
Shock and awe Shock and awe
Like some, some Imagined warrior production
Twenty-first century No chivalry involved
No Bushido

(Patti Smith – Radio Baghdad)


No Bushido….the path of the warrior of honor.
Bankers only know dollar profits of the day regardless of who they slay.
So the question arises, how do we the people find, confront, and overcome these savages.
BDS is a start.
Putin, Bushido Warrior, bringer of hope.


while Putin confronts the enemy by chess politics and by force, the West should give more support to socialists and greens. gradually all may pass cause brilliant generation waves are coming together with the digital age. I find young generations are extremely anti-nationalist, totally against war and discrimination among people.


“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, believes it is still ‘not enough’. He demands President Trump introduce more sanctions and publicly denounce Russian President Putin”.
Schumer is a Democrat. The Democratic Party are known to have bought and paid for the “Steele Dossier”. Turns out that the attempted murder of Russian double agent Skripal likely leads back to the Democratic Party.
Skripal worked in MI6 under Christopher Steele.
Reportedly (by his daughter) he was looking to offer Russia information in order to buy his return home.
So the Democrats are keen to blame Putin to hide their own guilt.
Who in the Democratic Party ordered the dossier, ex-President Obama.
Having the Republican President throw the blame on Putin, publicly, would help cover their own shameful actions.



You can call me Al

It has nothing to do with the people. The awoken must be at about 50% on average throughout Europe now being pro-Russian in his diplomatic farce (well you not what I mean) and everyday that increases. It is the whore Globalists that want the one World Government and they know that they are losing the fight.


“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer believes it’s still “not enough”. He demands that President Trump introduce more sanctions and publicly denounce Russian President Putin. It’s just the first step, chimed in Senator Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He wondered why it had taken so long”…TRANSLATION…DEEP STATE MARIONETTE, Chuck Schumer, following the scrip received from the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS demand more more sanctions and to denounce Russia for the U.K MI6/CIA FALSE FLAG OPERATION IN ENGLAND.


I wonder which armaments company Schumer gets paid by? I thought John McCain had most of them wrapped up although I guess he isn’t going to be around much longer thankfully.


Poland needs a bloody nose

John Mason

I suppose having NATO on Russian border doesn’t threaten Russian security according to the West’s philosophy? Never heard so much garbage coming from states that are acting more like rogue regimes. What are they going to do when Russia finally says enough is enough, remove your military from our borders or Russia will take back what they relinquished to the West when the USSR ceased to exist? Nothing worse that people who are so ignorant, delusional, self destructive and suicidal.


Good call on Moldova… As in literally nothing happened.

Peter Like

How Jews will dance when the Goyim of Europe destroy each other!

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