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State Dept: US against Sale of Russian Su-30 Aircraft to Iran

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State Dept: US against Sale of Russian Su-30 Aircraft to Iran


The United States will use its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to block the sale of Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets to Iran.

State Department Under Secretary for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon stated this on April 5 during a congressional hearing on Iran. Thomas Shannon told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that any such sale have to be approved by the UN Security Council.

“The sale of Su-30 fighter aircraft is prohibited under UNSCR 2231 without the approval of the UN Security Council and we would block the approval of any sale of fighter aircraft under the restrictions,” he noted.

Sukhoi Su-30 is a multirole fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions. It’s developed by Russia’s Sukhoi Aviation Corporation.

More about Russia’s air capabilities:

Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria and Beyond

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Mark van Etten

So does the terrorist state of Saudi get a free pass?


Of course, after all, they are the US’s terrorists.

Mark van Etten

There is nothing to stop Iran inviting Russia to build a base in Iran and have about 30 SU-30’s there , is there?


And that’s how it’s most likely to be done.


to the usa state dept, eat sh*t, we will do what we want and you have no business in our country, period


Since when can the US determine what a country does with its own money? If I were the Iranians I would pay Putin in gold NOW before the US government sticks its nosy paws into the matter. US foreign policy already sounds like Hillary Clinton runs it with this anti-jet fighter crap…


The DUHmericans will however make Iran a super sweet deal on some F-35’s.


Ya $400 large (million) a piece but don’t fly them.


Right on……


Why is anyone afraid of Russian aircraft? The American and European versions are significantly superior! Let them waste their money on the useless Russian junk. If a conflict breaks out the F-35s can just blast the Ruskie junk SU-30s out of the sky like a turkey shoot. We’ve already seen that an unarmed SU-24 is no match for a Turkish F-16 ambush in Syria and the F-16 is over 20 years old! Let the Iranians waste there money on Russian aircraft, over all it weakens them as a fighting force and uses up their oil money on junk. Heck let them waste all the money they want on Russian “technology” I say, it just depletes their finances and none of it works. S300 air defence? Ha go crazy F-22;s and 35s are going to fly right in and spank you on the ass, Iran! Tanks? Everyone knows Russian tanks are made of cardboard, don’t move, and can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Kalashnikovs? What use is shooting if the bullets go everywhere? Sure they say Russian technology is more predictable under extreme conditions than western technology but if your expectation is already zero it can’t get worse. We should encourage Iran to buy as much Russian technology as possible because that way we would know their armed forces are absolutely useless.


You must not read or study much on our fighter problems.The F-35 is a waste of tax payers money.Talk to any one of importance in our military.


have you heard of satire? How about sarcasm?


Wake up!! You are having bad dreams.


You know I really can’t tell from that response whether you got my point or not.


I wasn’t replying to you, but, don’t be surprised if all this talk about the F-35 is just a smoke screen while the real “skunk-works” aircraft obliterates everything. There is no need to pull out the real technology……….yet.


It had better be a star ship Enterprise with all the money they are spending!

Lord Lemur

haha i see what you did there


Cool, most of the other comments so far don’t.


Oh thank you, nonplused, I was feeling a bit ordinary this morning but there is nothing like a complete ignoramus trying to pretend superior knowledge in the way you have. I had a good laugh, and it lasted. I’m still chuckling. If you had taken the trouble to study the performance of these bits of gear in Stria as I have, you would have a very different opinion.
The Sus of all types were/are staggeringly efficient, and usable., spending a very low proportion of their time on the ground in service and five times at least more effective than the US aircraft.
The new Mig will go to 130,000 ft and do Mach 3 at that height. for a long time. The Sukhoi are superb and brilliant value for money. The F35 stealth is a garbage truck with wings and virtually useless. Ask the USAF who are extremely worried. I’m not a Russian fllower but I have to admit their performance has staggered the US and NATO.
As for the tanks, the T90, which is the current main tank is excellent and virtually immune to TOW attack, is reliable, and has excellent armour and electronics.
The US navy now rrealises that the US is not 20 years ahead of Russia but 20 years behind in electronics.
This would worry me a lot if I thought there would soon be a confrontation between us and them but I dont see that. Not worried at all about Iran, think Turkey is under the rule of a dangerous almost rabid Muslim megalomaniac, but China,,,, that’s another story. We need to worry.
For goodness sake do your homework before you open your big mouth.


OMG I am utterly surprised that everyone who choses to reply to me does not understand sarcastic humor, or maybe I didn’t do it very well. Everyone knows the F-35 is a slow motion flying bucket of very expensive bolts so when I said they were going to “turkey shoot” the SU-30’s I was obviously trying to be funny although apparently it didn’t work. Obviously the US would not be trying to ban the sale of SU-30’s to Iran if they weren’t afraid of them and that was my point. The US is obviously afraid of the SU-30. Otherwise why not let everyone buy them and waste their money. OK now I am slipping back into the original post mode so I must check out.


cool sorry ignore my rant and agree with ur second comment



Stephan Williams

You don’t do satire very well.


obviously u havent read the latest reports on the hopeless F-35 its a basket case of a 5th generation fighter the F-18 Hornet and F-16 still runs circles around it. The advantage of the SU-30-35 these plains r considered 4th generation planes with 5th generation technology so I suggest u start doin some research on the crap u have stated. C thats why Nato and the anglo-zionist r so worried about the Russians and the Chinese aircraft cause the Syrian conflict of late has showed the world what a superior warcraft is compared to the F-16-18 fighters plus 5th generation technology to boot. Has higher thrust than most military aircraft that is available to date so put that in ur western centric morally and intellectually bankrupt argument.


OMG it was an attempt at satire. Obviously it didn’t work. Of course the Americans are afraid of the SU-30 or they wouldn’t be trying to ban the sale of it.

يوسف يوسف

100% satire and good satire as well.




The comparison of the SU-35 and the the F35 gave you away…;)


I knew it was satire!


I hope you better do more research on the Russian plane before you speak. YOU must be brain-washed by your master!!!


Yeah, poor little Ami look at your rotten infrastructure and your poor economy.

By the way I do think that fighter jets are nowadays useless rubbish, especial in an area were radar and a rocket defense system is already in place.


Please Sir I recommend you to go back educate yourself. Only 1 S300 and S400 saved Syria from American volves,


It’s very hard to detect the satire in your comment because most dumb Muricans speak exactly the way you spoke so you can’t blame others for thinking you’re just another brainwashed delusional Murican. I didn’t realize it was satire until I read your comment below.


I was trying my best to sound as “Murican” as possible. To me the whole joke is in why they would be worried about the sale at all if western technology is so superior.

Mike Nuland

*LOL* Coming from the side that lost every war it started, your story is good for loud laughter. Why are polaks (you) so stupid? What you need is to go back and fix in your “story” to include the role Batman, Robin and Cpt. America will play as fighter jet fighters. :))

Good article in the Atlantic. Atlantic writes: “The American dumbed down public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously. The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can’t win: LOL!!!



Good point I forgot about Captain America! He could probably take all 30 of those new Ruskie jets down just by throwing his shield around a bit. This is why I don’t get the concern. Banning the sale of Russian equipment makes it seem like we don’t trust our own very expensive hardware in actual combat. And let’s not forget Iron Man with those power beams he throws around.

Stephan Williams

nonplused, The fact that you have 2 likes on your embarrassingly ignorant comment proves to me that there are at least 3 idiots on this thread.


Did you read the replies? It was satire! My point is “why on earth is the state department banning the sale of SU-30’s if they are junk?” i.e. they are probably not junk.

Stephan Williams

Did you not read my further replies, nonplused? My opinion evolved. As I continued to read down through the comments I went from thinking you were an insidious troll to learning you were a talentless writer – incapable of writing satire with any effectiveness. ;-) Peace.


Oh come now I got 2 likes. Anyway other than my writing abilities are we in disagreement about anything else at this point? Peace.


Do the reverse of what Ukraine did to Croatia. Iran tenders out a retrofit of their current fleet, sends Russia their su24 for “upgrades”, flies back as su30. The su24s goes back to Iran as “spare parts”.


The US wants Iran to be as weak as possible. Reminds me of what Israel is doing to Palestine. Bullies love a weak opponent. Notice they never attack a country that can defend itself.


The US gvt seems to think it can dictate to everyone.. just NO! Mind your own business and take care of your own people which you have been derilict in doing! INSTEAD OF BEING ISRAELS BITCH!


Yet the US Congress holds emergency sessions to resupply Israel with white phosphorus and other genocidal weapons while Israel is actively murdering Palestinians in its hitleresqe rampages. With apologies to Hitler.

legal eagle

“US against Sale of Russian Su-30 Aircraft to Iran”. Big whoop and so what ? The US is done dictating anything to anyone.


Who is US to control the sales and Russian business. US is behaving like a small boy.


SU-30 vs F-35 is one thing, but i was thinking of the air to air rockets they have are they the same?
if they are then x3 SU-30´s must be better. if the price are the same for 100 F-35´s as 300 SU-30´s.


…but the sale of weapons of mass destructions is allowed to a criminal nation like Saudi Arabia or the group Israel.

The US has a great history in attacking unarmed country and murdering millions of civilians. As Obama said – the US is exceptional – I might add a group of 50 thug states exceptional in murder.


Hmm…. Whom did Russia bribe in State Department to do this marketing for them? I bet a dozen countries will now line up in Moscow ordering SU-30


The putrid US empire continues to collapse. Also consider building an S400 training installation to go with the SU-30 base as suggested below. Maybe also a tank training facility with a 1,000 top of the range T90’s


Also training in advanced radar and jamming technologies that NATO probably has no idea about if its based on exotic physics. Clever of the Russians to flash the capability and shut it down.


Two US admirals when asked by journalists how long it would take the US navy to defeat the Russian navy stated, the better question is how long could we hold out before our defeat? The answer is if we are all at sea maybe 2-3 days, if we are all at home possibly a week.


The invasion of Iraq was also illegal and not supported by the security council.

Toh Chun Hoe

Well Iran should ask for F-15s. I am sure the USA will agree then.


give em your nukes. hopefully they will use em

Mike Nuland

THE ATLANTIC – “The Dumbed Down American public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously. The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can’t win.”



The US military hates to fight against armed people they attack.

Dale Alberts

What about us americans who are against the GIVING of billions of dollars away to Isreal? or selling arms to saudi barbarians? Taxation without representation, why work and support these thugs?


Washington’s arrogance like their stupidity it appears has no limit.

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