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State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront

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State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront

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On July 30th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Fiscal Year 2021 State Department Budget Request.

Notably, the Global Engagement Center (GEC) is getting its budget doubled in order to counter “Russian disinformation and other propaganda.

“And the State Department’s FY 2021 request for the Global Engagement Center is $138 million – more than double its current level.  We won’t tolerate disinformation and other propaganda directed by the Kremlin or any of our other adversaries.”

In order to substantiate the increased request for money, evidently the GEC’s special report: “Russia’s Pillars of Disinformation and Propaganda” presented evidence of the effective work that it’s doing in producing toilet paper and it deserves more than two times more money to presumably spread some more propaganda and produce a few more reports. At least 13 of 77 pages of the report are about SouthFront. So, we are flattered by the praise of the US Department of State.

Another direction to prove that GEC is deserving of increasing funding is the briefing carried out by Lea Gabrielle, the Special Envoy and Coordinator of the Global Engagement Center on the report.

According to her, the report draws on publicly available information to detail for the international public what we view as the five pillars of Russian disinformation.

These are:

  1. Number one: official government communications;
  2. Number two: state-funded global messaging;
  3. Number three: cultivation of proxy sources;
  4. Number four, weaponization of social media;
  5. Number five: cyber-enabled disinformation.

“The Kremlin bears direct responsibility for cultivating these tactics and platforms as part of its approach to using information and disinformation as a weapon.

The Kremlin invests massively in its propaganda channels. Its intelligence services and proxies conduct malicious cyber activity to support their disinformation efforts. And it leverages outlets that masquerade as news sites or research institutions to spread false and misleading narratives.”

Even though open sources also provide ample evidence that the funding US-state sponsored media such as Voice of America and Radio Free Liberty and more receive is more than that the Russian-state sponsored media receives by an order of magnitude.

“Now, the GEC used the seven sites in our report as examples of tactics that Russia uses to cultivate audiences, to maintain a veneer of independence from Russia, and to spread false narratives around the world. Recent news and media reporting noted several of the sites that we highlight here.”

Furthermore, additional funding is needed because China is also coming to get “you”.

“Beijing has also taken a page from Russia’s playbook, leveraging conspiracy websites and proxy channels to push disinformation and propaganda with the goal of undermining democratic norms and institutions.”

Furthermore, Gabrielle blamed all of the hysteria surrounding Ebola, Zika and even the nonsense regarding 5G on Russian disinformation.

And that likely the COVID-19 vaccine is probably a hoax too.

“Regarding a vaccine, I’ll start by saying that Russia has a long history of spreading disinformation around health and science issues, looking back at Ebola, Zika, 5G. The Russian disinformation ecosystem exploits fear and confusion, as I’ve said, to create and amplify dangerous narratives. We’ve seen that around COVID. We called it out. The Global Engagement Center and the State Department has been calling out Russian disinformation around COVID since at least February. And based on Russia’s track record, we’ve said that there’s a high probability that the Russian disinformation ecosystem will act to undermine faith in a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.”

And then, Gabrielle outlined what the GEC does: choose what is deemed disinformation, and if it’s aimed at a foreign audience provide its own content, that would counter it, presumably factual one.

“The Global Engagement Center is focused on countering foreign disinformation aimed at foreign audiences. So that is not an assessment that was done as part of this report. Rather, this report highlights the overall big picture of how Russian disinformation, the ecosystem of Russia’s disinformation, operates and these five pillars that we’re highlighting.

So these specific sites that we focused on in the report that we call proxy sites essentially will take a disinformation narrative and they will amplify it through other parts of the disinformation ecosystem. So a disinformation narrative that starts in one of the pillars will then bounce off of the other pillars and essentially be amplified.

So Russia typically looks to undermine democratic institutions and democratic norms, and to spread fear and confusion as well as trying to create doubts about democratic norms.”

In short, the report isn’t specifically aimed at any content, it just provides some “examples” of why the GEC should receive much more money, and it’s due to the fears it, itself, is attempting to propagate.

Similarly, on August 5th, Google released its TAG Bulletin for Q2 2020. Quite a bit of activity was registered, all of it unclear.

April started weak:

  1. 16 YouTube channels, 1 advertising account and 1 AdSense account as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Iran.
  2. 15 YouTube channels and 3 blogs as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Russia.
  3. 7 YouTube channels as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Russia. The campaign posted content in Russian, German, and Farsi about Russian and Syrian politics and the US response to COVID-19. Even reporting on the US response is considered an infraction and warrants a ban.
  4. 186 YouTube channels as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to China.

May was a bit more active:

  1. 1,098 YouTube channels as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to China.
  2. 47 YouTube channels and 1 AdSense account as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Russia. The campaign posted content in a coordinated manner primarily in Russian about domestic Russian and international policy issues.

June was similar to May:

  1. 1,312 YouTube channels as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to China.
  2. 17 YouTube channels as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Russia.

It is unclear what specifically is being countered, it is quite vague, but it warrants ever more investments, because there is presumed activity taking place and it is protecting the values of democracy from “evil.”

SouthFront Team declares its full support to the idea that the ‘democracy is in danger’ and the United States should do something to save the vestiges of the democratic values and human rights still existing around the world. If this really happens, we believe that all people will appreciate this. Probably, the world superpower could start from the United States itself, which is currently targeted by a major wave of street crime and violent protests.

At the same time, as the official “pillar” of “Russia’s disinformation and propaganda”, SouthFront would like to propose the State Department leadership to take a closer look at the work of the Global Engagement Center, think tanks and media organizations directly or indirectly controlled/funded by the US government and various other structures created to promote the US perspective around the world.

We have a strong suspicious that their effectiveness is at least questionable if SouthFront, that exists thanks to lots of volunteer work and the audience’s donations only, poses an essential threat to results of their multi-million dollar projects. For comparison, SouthFront’s monthly donation budget, which we struggle to collect every month, is $5,000, while the proposed monthly budget of the Global Engagement Center only is $138,000,000/12 = $11,500,000.

There is no need to even try to count all spendings for various media efforts, public diplomacy and clandestine operations to understand that something is rotten in the state of Denmark Department of State, if the $11,500,000 per month is no engouh to feel safe in the face of the mighty volunteer team of SouthFront. The Internet is really dangerous place.

P.S. Support the pilar of Russia’s disinformation and propaganda:


Account: southfront@list.ru

State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront

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State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront

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State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront


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State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront

State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront


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State Department Needs $138 Million In FY 2021 To Deal With SouthFront

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Filling those huge Ziocorporate terrorist hooknoses with Colombian cocaine ain’t cheap you know. Neither is paying networks of collaborators from Venezuela to Iran to Hong Hong to get you the good stuff.

Schlomo Bin Wahab

The corrupt brothers will eat up all the goyim dollars. Hillbilly cuckold suckers.

johnny rotten

Poor Yankees everyone hates them, they who are so pure and innocent are slandered all over the world, they who wouldn’t hurt a fly, it must be quite natural that in a world so cruel and full of monsters the good ones are put under indictment, what to do about it? simple, spend more money, even if it never seems to work that is the only way to go, after not having experimented with others the choice seems forced.

Антон С

“spend more money, even if it never seems to work”

At least you can take some for yourself, he-he.


What are they gonna do, open a website called ‘Northfront’…then what? submit articles on military action around the world…then what? CLOSE the comments section!

Assad must stay


Zionism = EVIL

The reality is that the 75 year old fake Americunt and Zionist narrative has fallen apart with their incessant lies and now it is too late to control the TRUTH. They deadbeat morons can spend trillions of worthless dollars but that will not stop the march of history and rise of Eurasia. It is a desperate rear guard action by morons. Russian, Chinese and Iranian media are now the most credible and these liars have a hard time facing the TRUTH. Southfront is leading the charge against their lies, by presenting a more objective point of view and that independence just freaks these idiots out.

Антон С

Good joke with big part of truth. They can do more cyber-attacks. Or will pay to journal-whores, bots (human and programs) for slanderous articles and replies against real press.


“Democracy is in danger” …. democracy is nothing more than the rule of a low intelligence Mob- whose opinions are molded by international information cartels- and administered by high intelligence psychopaths.

Jens Holm

I see the the alternatives. Most of them are much worse in most things.

Its clear that if You are raised to decide nothing Yourself, You cant decide. My part of the world is not like that and are doing much better.


Nothing that you poast is humanly intelligible. Please remove me from your reply algorithim.

Ivan Freely

Put him on your ignore list.

Jens Holm

Fine with me. I dont write to and for him.

I write so people here know, not all are hit by at least a stone or stupidisme raised in stupidisme, which is created by Muhammed and then misguided by old men to keep the rest down only looking into the past.

How can people 5 times a day start with “Its written” when they never has written it themselves and only have primitive pamflets told by Imams, which also has been reading the scrips.

We dont have those traditions. We reformed Our country according religion and sekularisme. Our bibles and biblic scrips all were translated into Danish – NO MORE ATIN AND GREEK.

We after that sooner then many others and a little by little learned all, which could – not all can – to read that as well as other things.

Now we learn arabs to read Danish instead of being analfabeth and by that they can read the Hol Choran in Danish in a traditionel and a modern version. The same for Haddits and The ancient Sharia.

I can 100% say that Muslims families here are much more as Allah by Muhammed then they are in most countries of today.

fathers here listen and not only speak – Its written. The children are obligated to devellop themselves and has to be helped, so they can have a good life even they are amoing christians and infidels in Denmark. Its stil not legal according to the Danish Constitutions.

BUT its miles away from, what almost all muslims write about it here. They all should try to be raised for sale and be bought and reamin as nothing until they after 5 girls finally get a child having an amputated carrot in front.

cechas vodobenikov

your constitution obviously doesn’t prevent u from being racist

Jens Holm

As usual You ignore facts. Facts are Westerns and several others are doing pretty well having left many old mistakes, which maybee once upon a time ago made sense.

BUT we also had done it not only by replacing and removing new stuff. We also has innovated and made space by inovation.

Here You deny those facts and can contribute only with “pls remove”.

Well remove Your crap Yourself, so I dont have to waste my time reading and writing about it. …………………………

Our things works. It hard to see Your version, where one chosen brain You hardly can remove until its killed or dies by itself is better, works well.

cechas vodobenikov

obviously u cannot think….”since the masses r eager to believe something, nothing is so easy as to arrange facts for their benefit”. C Talleyrand that’s what your 8th grade teacher did for u


Tell that to those poor innocent neighbourhood leppars there in californicated land then!

Jens Holm

Its easy. Leppars are a product of genetics and dont has to be herasted and by that can and do pay and act as anybody else.

Its the same for Gays.

And those groups are exact the same all over the world in %. Its only true California just as fx Denmark has related Our states to facts and has accepted them(not all do and You dont).

We include people instead of exckusion and segregation. They dont harm others as fx people being pedofiles and incesters. PMs in Lebanon and Turkey would be in jail even trying to propose old men should marry girld less then 18. Here the payback also will go to the real victim, which is the girl on an own bank account.

Its a matter of choise. I am not for abortion, but I am much more against unwanted children and mainly Youngsters should remain uneducated not able to get a job by edcation, skills and hard work.

cechas vodobenikov

according to your impoverished standards of “doing better”. LOL

Антон С

Democracy is the power of the democrats.) And who call themselves as the most democratic? US and EU. Theater! No, a circus with creepy clowns.

Assad must stay

don’t worry south front US is already collapsing and will probably go the way of USSR one day

Jens Holm

And they will use rials ot lira?

Ivan Freely



Much worse than ussr to be frank,atleast their russians developed unlike millenial cia/kweers!

Potato Man

I love how before anyone could say anything about almost everything, nowadays everyone wants their own “safe place” and ofc government(s) wants to control this “safe places”.

When you see USA talking about (Disinformation and Propaganda)….that is so ironic, and on top of that they blame Iran, China & Russia dude just say you want to alienate them and people say some shi% and forgot about like 2 months later. It was CIA/M16 that overthrow Mohammad Mosaddegh, with the help of BBC and they get away with that. Turkey (EU) & American still call terrorists in Syria (Idlib) “Freedom fighters” like the fuk.

The point is this, if you are right then you wouldn’t cry so loud. Didn’t USA told everyone at UN that Iraq had WMDs? (WITH THEIR PROOFS, sure that was disinformation we all should again believe American that are ruled and owned by Zion). They are acting like dying pig and god bless Trump, I believe he is doing just great :).


U.S. needs to stop blaming Russia for dissent and criticism, if it has any hopes of ever regaining moral stature. The most casual observer can see that U.S. is in deep trouble economically, politically and culturally. No “disinformation” is required.

Instead, U.S. needs to clean up its own house.

Jens Holm

More like many has to stop themselves in doing bad things

I see it here every day. People systematicly tell what their Goverments had created for them – Or else they will go to jail or worse.

So many people hardly are able to know simple facts and even blame each other for, what some ancisters did 1000s of years ago.

So where is the missing link in this: It keeps away any thinking about today as well as for making a better future.

So dont come and say USA, Russia and China are the only players.

Here people do their best to keep themselves stupid and insist.

Lining up as Southfront does is correct. It is a fight. But sometimes You also has to see the base for oppinions actually are a lot of people.

And when I 1000 of times has told people where all those money come from to spend as Southfront and others dont like – and often me too – It systematicly ignored, that most here could live in countries with a very good economy based on tax and able to make wellfare.

But You are denying to do that. You dont go to svhool and learn the right things, You dont finance ecucation, many dont seemes to know the reward of hard work and decline talent and worse.

You are not paid for You actually do. You dont hire the best people to You many family businesses but family and here You even keep half of the population even more illiterate then You men. So where are Your many successes ?

Where do I go to see them. Idlib? Aleppo. DEZ. Ukraine? Yemen?

Yesterday I even heard Assads reprseneted all Arabs. How can people say that at all.

You also dont understand the ownership based on stockholdings and debt also are investments in productions and therefore give and income much higher then the loans by the investers – and the investers are paid well too.

So if Southfront, which is quite sober, as others should change things, they and You has to change a lot, which infect You keep low decided by old bad stuff.

That part of the communication is very much forgotten here. All is about all here their tiny little dirty flag can win and the prize ids drowned in fatalisme and mpre guns will solve it.

So the real change could be taking only the usefull parts of religion and politics. The chages in Syria migh be modern agriculturel farming, so Soutfront instead of killings, tanks and missiles wrote about the need of better irrigation, better use of fertilizer and education for the non needed non productive farmers was made same kind of jobs as in “west”.

Here – as for Russian traditions too – You systematicly only see western righst as some kind of impossible anarchy. Thats because You not even has a vocabulary for, what we do. You forget we are raised to RESPONSABLE persons. You are raised as sheep.

And as written many times before people in Islam mainly never has written the Choran, because they cant. They are learned some pamflet version added how old men keep the rest in line in ancienet and outdated famíly structures.

So reforming Islam should be an issue. The Sharia of today is 100 years ago. Many things are used to stop any change and fx kept in “Sunni” as no change according the traditions. But the world has changed and according to Your own problems some chapters hardly should be there and others should be updated to the real world.

So many here forget I have the same data as they have anout the ME – or almost and for all countries.

I also has allowed me to read and know sober history books and can explain what actually happens. You dont know what actually happend. I should make no sense with all Your internal disputes and killing, when You at the same toime say, that You were attacked, when all of You drank tea and took a pipe in peace.

Womens right are Haram. Thats even more strange to me. How can half of the population not even be debated. In my country its visible at Your TVs, that Our women must be more clever then Yours, bacuse they fx can be Premiere Ministers.

And here Your Propaganda says thats propaganda, and they are raised and bought for money and therefore not independent. You are Haram Yourself.

So maybee “Soutfronters” should use a lot mpre time for cleaning the way to peace then bringing war as it was the important thongs for the future for the world.

Finally its tempting to mention, that USA has many big TV and Internet Channels, but most of You deny they exist and because You makes no middleclass, those many good producers and centers for wellfare dont exist. You see rich – often jews havin arms with knifs on AND poor. You also never mention those millions of poor often are less poor then we see real poor in cuntriesnofYiur own.

You even expect they should be paid extra for raising themself to do nothing by that hard working ones. And You still dont get why people after all emmigrate TO places like that. Well, they come from worse. You dont inclde them, where they live. But You could making You religius and by that political systems into including. You deny that.

cechas vodobenikov

you need more meth to learn how to think

Dod Grile

It almost behooves those War Racketeers to throw a few bucks South Fronts way to keep their racket going. As they say at the purchasing office down at the old DOD, “use it or lose it.”

Trap Is Not Gay

What they call “information”.


Daily Beatings

This group is so anti-Semitic:


Антон С

It’s “Neturei karta” judean community living in NY and London mostly. Read more about them, it’s interesting. Zionists say that these people took money from Arafat.)

Daily Beatings

Yeah, I know about them. Of course Zionists would say they took money from Arafat.

Trap Is Not Gay

The “good” Jew doesn’t denounce the true Jew scheme, have you noticed?

That’s how “good” they are, only waves some flags to make the goyim think “look, not all Jews are bad” – No, thank you!

Jews only play different sides.

Антон С

Arabs are semites. Arabs is majority among semites. But arabs are not zionists.

Trap Is Not Gay

There is not the fake “good” Jew.

Антон С

Just try to understand what I wrote. Arabs are semites also. So it’s stupid to use the word “anti-semitism” in connection with jews only. Jews are the biggest anti-semites by the reason of their tensions with arabs.

Trap Is Not Gay

Fuck Arabs with the white Christians as well, damaged goods.

Jew’s dogs.


I am surprised Pompeo is still SoS. I bet he would have been gone by now.

Ivan Freely

Two possibilities. Trump is shoring up his evangelical base or someone giving Pompeo all the rope he needs to hang himself.


Lotsa rope too,Trump can afford that too,ofcourse!

Ivan Freely

Most Americans can afford it as well. $75 for 3/4″ thick x 150′ long at your local HD.

Tommy Jensen

$5000 this is embarrassing. Incredible you can get that much out of so little……………………LOL.

Yeah the time we had free speech were much more innovative creative for little money, and imagine how many $billions are used on pure crap in MSM.


$5000 peoples hard earnt moneys equates to 5 million usa/ponzi dollars wasted in ruins(period)

Антон С

As we all know, just 300000 dollars for advertising in “FSBook” (ex-“Facebook”) is enough to elect Trump.

Black Waters

U.S gestapo paranoia, these clowns are losing it.

Jim Bim

US Gangster Mike Pompeo, we demand that only the US version/lies are covered.


Sp, Jens the lame you never give up do you, and of course as an good ISISrael bitch you whine about Islam, etc, not that I disagree in some of it, but why Islam, why dont you tuch the Babylonian Talmud, the Rape and Corruption of the teachings of Jesus an Palestinian Edomit, and the totaly fake Torrah, witch is rewriten to oblivion but no, as an good POS you cant help your self, those that have followed SF for years knows that some of us, have done more than you can know or cares about since people like you never bother to educate your self, just pimp hate propaganda. The rest of your rant is riddicilous nonsense.


SF, dont have to deal with everything, the attacks from the eh….. AmeriTards ugh… “intellegence” aperatus is even more hillarious, and all this for One site, huh, rings any bells and on top of it I dont give an rats ass if this is suported by Putins own beer mooney, when I know whom is behind the entire western MSM, but for an moron like JH its Ok, because they never lies, right. And just for the sake of arguing idiots etc, to even Russians hurra patriots, since I an case oriented I dont always bother to coment, I have kicked in every consivable direction and stil do, witch incl Russia and China, but to explain lets say Chines foreign policy is an waist of time on yankike doodle morons, forget that, go to Zero H, where your level is eh…. more in leauge of AmeriTard idiots yapping, when their attentions span dont even beat my brass farts, and JHers, whom is only here to pimp propaganda for ISISrael, and boy, I am not an novice in this, but goes my own way, since I am an Norwegian, from Finmark, one of the few that can go back centurys, as an Skolt on top of it, and could talk about how the University of Tromsø is faking, lying and manufactoring fake North Sami History, this so called Raindear people is 100% total bullshit, but so do Finland, but weirdly enough, Russia isnt the worst, the other two are plain Mofo scumbags, and I can even prove that, this is the reason for me to see straight thru democraphic lies, historical forgerys like the ISISraeli ugh… 10-12 tribe bollocks, and their stealing and faking their own history. I wrote about Khazars etc long before it became admitted by the fake Jews them self. But it takes an toe, I have to take breaks, because its not personal, and sometimes it do, thats when I go off to keep my intergity intact.

But the main problem is the so called western backed rat packs and the fact that they cant wrap their heads around that we know history, they lie and drool so much that when we cut thru it they go bananas, and the Yankike propaganda is sometimes so bad it hurts, and they whine when we expose their Hollowood twisted reality, and on top of it, I am holding my self back, not been to brutal. Yeah, SF I hope you get suport, you are an unique site in an world packed with shit, and all thoe I may sound harsh, I never meant to attack your site, some angles yess, as I dont hold back if I see this and I also know you link to others and thats Ok with me, and all in I cant underline how important this site is. This attack confirms that, take their drivel as an badge of honor.


Ivan Freely

Well, I’m not sure if I should be congratulating you or not for the attention received by the US State Dept.


This is the Freedom media funded by the free peoples,much harder earn’t coin,so for each million you may counter just a fraction,but in the end power is in the truth,not bemoaned fake unearn’t currency$! Can’t wait once gold backed$ commence to decimate the viles outdated + insolvent debt rorted bubble!

cechas vodobenikov

stupid gullible people must be shielded from the truth—anglophone academia/media the worst

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