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START Extension Allows U.S. To Openly And Freely Prepare For Nuclear Hostilities With Russia: State Department

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START Extension Allows U.S. To Openly And Freely Prepare For Nuclear Hostilities With Russia: State Department

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The extension of the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty (START) gives the United States time and space to broader discussion of strategic stability issues, said US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

“Even as we work with Russia to advance U.S. interests so too will we hold Russia to account for its reckless and its adversarial behavior,” Price said.

Price also said that the five-year extension gives the U.S. “time and space to talk about the broader strategic stability elements” that stems from the arms control agreement.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also spoke on the matter:

“President Biden pledged to keep the American people safe from nuclear threats by restoring U.S. leadership on arms control and nonproliferation,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. “Today, the United States took the first step toward making good on that pledge when it extended the New START Treaty with the Russian Federation for five years.”

“The New START Treaty’s verification regime enables us to monitor Russian compliance with the treaty and provides us with greater insight into Russia’s nuclear posture, including through data exchanges and onsite inspections that allow U.S. inspectors to have eyes on Russian nuclear forces and facilities,” Blinken said.

In Ned Price’s opinion, there is no contradiction between the fact that Washington criticizes Moscow and at the same time agrees to extend the treaty.

“There is no dissonance here, and the common denominator that we adhere to in this case is our interests. It is obvious that it is in our interests to achieve a full, five-year extension of the START Treaty,” said the spokesman for the State Department.

“Especially when the relationship is confrontational, having something like START (…) that limits important components of Russia’s nuclear program becomes even more important,” he added.

The Kremlin press service reported on the evening of January 26 that Russia and the United States exchanged diplomatic notes on reaching an agreement on the extension of the START-3 Treaty, and Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden expressed their satisfaction in a telephone conversation.

On January 29, the Kremlin press service reported that Putin signed the law “On the Ratification of the Agreement on the Extension of the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms of April 8, 2010”.

On February 3, Russia and the United States exchanged notes on the completion of internal procedures for a five-year extension of the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms, the corresponding agreement entered into force on the same day.

Similar to the INF treaty, which the US dismantled earlier, New START limits the nuclear arsenals of Washington and Moscow. The United States and Russia own the lion’s share of the world’s nukes.

What both State Department officials are saying is this: the New START is being extended in order to win time and contain Russia, while the US develops new nuclear strike weapons that are not prohibited under the deal.

This logic is not something quite new, but it sounds very strong in all speeches of the US political and military establishment.

Additionally, together with this, MSM is also propagating reports of the possibility of using nuclear weapons, and that it wouldn’t be such a massive deal, in a way.

Preparations for an open confrontation are likely on the way, and it is quite obvious that this is happening.


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State department need to pull their finger out and defeat the covid virus in their own yard first!
Then lets see when the real trouble starts whom backs down,History proves russians never!
Trust is another matter,yet once bitten twice as shy,keep the peace or huge embarrasment,fools!

Tommy Jensen

America is trying to half the China Virus and Clima Change at the same time, while Russia is exploiting our softness for democracy and elderly people to develop new WMD’s. comment image


I have a better idea…

Tommy Jensen

You always have…

Jens Holm

You are too fast and upside down comment image in this Mr Jetson

Jens Holm

Those Americans as well as many parts of teh world has budget and not one container of money.

I will remind You that most of the rest of the world has covid too. I will remind You that the problems in USA is not made by money but by lack of will and a lot of sabotage by theTrumpist.

You also seemes not to know that great parts of the Ameirican healt system is based on their 50.000 states. This is not Krasnodjar. So Biden and others can only help them some and very much for positive attitudes for not contamiting exh other.

The state is abot the same for the unimplyment rates. They can put in a lot of money and has to decide how many to vhome and when, but the main solutions also here are local ones.

Very much for many things is about trust. So its about rely or not and make such an atmosfere in the sjy as well as aming masks.

Laurent Parodi

Russia will do the same. Limitation on the number of deployed warheads doesn’t mean limitation on the delivering systems.
By 2025 russia will complete de A235 ABM around Moscow, will put in service several S500 divisions, Poseidon nuclear drones should be in active service, same for zirkons ASM. More Avangard and Sarmat will also be in service.

johnny rotten

This openness by the Biden administration is PR only, maybe they will earn a front row seat to get a close look at the brand new Russian delivery systems, while their real problem is that the carriers are 60 years old, and even when they renew their warheads their system remains obsolete, while Russia and China are constantly renewing it, even on this front the americunts have shot themselves in both feet and have such a great delay as to be unbridgeable.

Jens Holm

PR is both ways. We see many sending up almost anything to anywhere as self promotions.

Even Israel crashed at the backside of the moon:)

Tommy Jensen

Space Command Centre……………..


Yes, you are right, Russia has many delivery systems that that do not fall in the category of an ICBM or SLBM or strategic bomber, equally devastating.
US is trying to modernize its existing triad by trying to build new weapons, something that looks dubious at the present time considering defense budget constraints.

Tommy Jensen

If only Putin and Russia had kept their promises under the Treaties to inform America about its developing hypersonic WMD under the carpet, Russia would never have had 1 second to develop these weapons.
Because of Russia’s unreliability and lies, all tools are on the table as everybody can see the Russians cant be trusted in ANY Treaty and in ANY negotiations which they breach at the very moment we turn our honest back to them, plus they see our softness for freedom as a sign of weakness.

klove and light

little zionist tommy is crying…………………. way way way behind russian missile technology……and iran is making gigantic leaps in missile tech., as proven days ago, with a 3 stage rocket engines………..thus meaning….the first stage is the great achievement…a solid fuel rocket motor….with a thrust of…….read carefully………165,000 pounds……….why is this imporatant???…….take the ONLY US land based ICBM LGM-30G Minuteman III ..has a thrust of 200,000 pounds !!!!!

this latest achievement will lead to very fast progress in the coming months in the iranian missile tech. sector……………with a wide variety of possibilities now to increase the speed,the increase of range, great increase of speed in getting missiles fire ready with solid fuel instead of liquid. and and and and and

Jens Holm

I wonder why Tommy J. should be zionist in this.

Adding the dwarfs in Iran to this even makes me laugh. So thanky for the laughing ha ha.

Tommy Jensen
Jens Holm

Wel I allow me to comment that those Russian progresses might be fakes and also experimental. Its like the Armata and not best to the price at all.

cechas vodobenikov

none of your business—amerikan liars, deceitful break all treaties….fake people, fake BLM/LGBT empire
“the cult of sincerity: amerikans are not sincere–it is a performance”. David Riesman
“amerikans have been liars and braggarts for b3 centuries”. Daniel Boorstin
“the me amerikans most admire tell them the most extravagant lies; the men amerikans most despise try to tell them the truth”. HL Menkhen
“Obama’s job is to lie to a nation of liars” Kiese Laymon
stop projecting your uncivilized amerikan lies and comparing yourselves to civilized peoples!

Jens Holm

You dont represent “people” only the ones, which by guns and fear control. them.


If only Biden and the United States had kept their promises under the Treaties to
inform Russia about its developing offensive weapons based in third-party countries , United States would never have bothered to develop these weapons.
of United States unreliability and lies, all tools are on the table as
everybody can see the United States cant be trusted in ANY Treaty and in ANY
negotiations which they breach at the very moment Russia turns their honest
back to them, plus they see our softness for freedom as a sign of

Veritas Vincit

The extension of the START Treaty does little to prevent a nuclear warfare event. It merely restricts the number of nuclear weapons that would be involved. A nuclear warfare event continues to be increasingly probable largely due to the US-NATO pursuit of nuclear primacy (with the associated deployment/staged enhancement of missile architecture in violation of the fmr INF treaty):

– “the deployment of the so-called missile defense system in Romania and Poland is essentially, among others, an indirect breach of contract for missiles with a medium range. The present anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe are based on the universal platform MK-41 and its technical specifications allow launching “Tomahawk” missiles with a range of 2 500 km at any point of the Russian European territories in violation of the prohibition of the contract. There is hardly anything that threatened world security as much as this move of Washington. Even the Cuban Missile Crisis was not charged with such a high risk level. People do not understand how potentially dangerous the situation really is.” (On the Verge of a Major War: Is There a Pilot in the Cockpit?, Southfront, 17/10/2016)

– “Semantics may deceive the civilian layman, but the Russians have always known the “shield” is a sword….. Mk-14 canisters containing Tomahawk cruise missile have the same dimensions as the Mk-21din that launches the anti-ballistic missle SM-3 block 1b. The Tomahawk missile is armed with the miniaturized nuclear warhead W80 50 kt. American technology enables also replacing the Mk 142 kinetic cargo of rocket missile SM-3 Block 1b with the miniature nuclear warhead W80, from the cruise mini-rocket AGM-86 ALCM (which has the same mass as the SM-3 Block 1b). ” (US Anti-Missile Shield or Sword?, Valentin Vasilescu (Katehon), 23/06/2016)

– “Congress has directed the Defense Department to report on the cost to convert existing missile systems, such as the missile-defense interceptor SM-3 currently deployed in Romania, into medium-range nuclear systems. ” (US ‘Sanctions Ahead of Talks’ Diplomacy: Cunning Plan to Kill INF Treaty, by Alex Gorka, Southfront, 11/12/2017)

– “We are perfectly aware that missile defense systems are defensive only in name. In fact, this is a significant component of a strategic offensive potential,” [V. Putin]

The sequential wars of aggression of the US-NATO-allied bloc have progressed to the focus on Russia, China, Iran, the DPRK, etc. This aggressive globally expanding militarism is unlikely to cease until it reaches its logical conclusion (former behaviours that resulted in situations of world war being replicated, this time occurring in a nuclear era).

Veritas Vincit

– “[US-NATO bloc] preparation to a real war is taking place. [Such] acts are usually undertaken at the forefront of a war [and it is evident] the US is preparing for a [potential] nuclear conflict……” [Col. Gen. L Ivashov, President of the ICGA]

While the prevention of a nuclear warfare event remains a priority, it is nonetheless becoming more probable (US-NATO pursuit of nuclear primacy/close proximity fast first strike potential with retaliatory missile interception capabilities is decreasing times from detection to response). The potential for miscalculation (including that radar data cannot determine if incoming missiles are conventional or nuclear, requiring worst case assumptions) and/or authorisation of a pre-emptive decapitation strike (in certain scenarios) is self -evident. The many near nuclear warfare events also illustrated the potential for such outcomes. It is also significant military exercises of opposing nuclear powers are increasingly focused on potential nuclear warfare scenarios.

– “Russia does not want war and does not intend to start a war. But today, Russia can see that the explosion of a global war is almost unavoidable and is prepared and will continue preparing. Russia does not want a war but is not afraid of a war. Those who get Russia involved in this process will learn the real meaning of pain”. [Vladimir Putin] (At the Threshold of a Third World War, Southfront, 12/09/2016),

Time will reveal if such an outcome occurs. Recognising unfolding developments (US-NATO-Ukrainian preparations to forcefully change the status of the ethnically Russian regions of the Donbass and Crime, US-sponsored moves by Taiwan towards separatism, US replicating the pre-Iraq war format against the DPRK, expanding Israeli actions of aggression and associated preparations for a multi-front regional conflagration, etc.), the potential for the many war (and approaching conflicts) to eventually become one should be self-evident.

Jens Holm

You speak as nuke warfare is in level of the usual one. Its not at all.

Jens Holm

Things are as You can agree.

To me there now at lest is a small hope for some declining. Before there was none.

Hasbara Hunter

I bloody love it…cryin’ & moanin’ brainless Muricans…too far gone to realize the harsh reality

The Final Death Throes of an Empire!

Jens Holm

The dolar crashed again crashed yesterday. The choises are living like in Aleppo or some Dacca east of Ural. Hip hip.

Hasbara Hunter

Better eat your popcorn & enjoy the show boy….

Jens Holm

comment image

But I do. Putin gave me a house full of popcorn.


This house is not for losers like Jens. Homeless shelter is where Jens lives.

Jens Holm

comment image

If You make that much money here, You soon after is in jail



that’s exactly what Russia wants them to do and ruin themselves – bankruptcy of U.S. !!

Jens Holm

Timing is important. My best hope is those years are used for declining those tools for destruction.

cechas vodobenikov

treaty ok—implementation with amerikans nearly impossible. a nation of thieves and liars
“Tsarist Russia is more free and just than America where corporations rule and robbery and thievery is made official”. vissaron Belinsky

Jens Holm

Who is ballatsky??

Владимир Р.

Pentagon and generals want money,
and ask Biden in this way)))

Raptar Driver

United States needs no treaties or Pretexts.
We are fully a rouge nation with a stolen election, usurpation by power, and this is what we have been doing to the world for many decades.


Well, even in the 2010s Russia has outpaced US in startegic nuclear weapons. It’s gonna repeat the outcome for the 2020s.


Its’ only reckless and adversarial behaviour by Russia to US and her vassal states, the rest of the globe welcome the intervention. Russia knows that the US will attempt to disgrace the agreement most likely sooner than later.

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