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JUNE 2023

Standoff Between Horas Al-Din And Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Develops In Idlib

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Standoff Between Horas Al-Din And Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham Develops In Idlib

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The al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din group said that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has been pressuring it to make concessions in order to reinforce the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement on the governorate of Idlib.

In an official statement released on January 30, Horas al-Din revealed that HTS asked it to join a military council led by the Turkish-backed Faylaq al-Sham and to not oppose the reopening of the strategic Hama-Aleppo highway, which is a requirement of the demilitarize zone agreement.

Horas al-Din controls key areas in the northwestern Hama countryside, the northern Lattakia countryside and the northern Idlib countryside. The group’s fighters are in hundreds, mostly foreigners. However, they are very-experienced and well-equipped.

“Time is the time of public mobilization and of working to break the back of the regime and its allies away from the influence of regional forces,” Horas al-Din’s statement reads.

The radical group went on to call for the formation of a Shari’a [religious] court that would settle the dispute with HTS, which apparently stole some of Horas al-Din’s weapons when Abu Mohammad al-Julani defected from al-Qaeda.

Horas al-Din’s statement was written by Sami al-Oraydi, former chief religious authority for the al-Nusra Front, and the group’s former general military commander, Abu Hamam al-Shami. Both leaders helped al-Julani establish the terrorist group in early 2012.

HTS  is expected to respond to Horas al-Din’s accusations soon. The group could reject the formation of a Shari’a court, which could lead to a military confrontation.

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You can call me Al

Fight, fight, fight amongst yourself, you inbreed vermin.

Syria insider

failed us experiment…………..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan can’t use all the fighters in Idlib, some of them are too well known for their terrorists actions and would never be acceptable to the wider world, if Erdogan were to let them join his new invasion force he’d get into trouble, so he’s just leaving them to do whatever they can for themselves, if they join HTS they’ll be killed alongside HTS by the Russians/Syrian/Turks, if they remain separate from HTS, they’ll instead be killed all alone, by the Russians/Syrian/Turks.

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