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Stabbing Attacks in Both Belgium and the UK Show How Inept Europe Is At Security Against Terror

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Stabbing Attacks in Both Belgium and the UK Show How Inept Europe Is At Security Against Terror

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On February 2nd, in Ghent, Belgium, a woman reportedly stabbed and wounded two people on Bevrijdingslaan Street in Ghent.

According to media reports, the police shot and apprehended the assailant. Police have cordoned off the area and an investigation is underway.

The woman’s motives remain unclear, with some local media reports saying that the woman attacked her victims at different times and locations around the same area.

There was no indication that the attack was terror-related, according to the public prosecutor’s office. No other details have been provided by authorities.

On the same day, across the english channel, in London, an attacker stabbed several people before he was shot, and killed, by police officers.

Stabbing Attacks in Both Belgium and the UK Show How Inept Europe Is At Security Against Terror

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London police confirmed the identity of the attack, 20-year-old Sudesh Amman. He was released from prison in January 2020, after being sent there in 2018.

As an 18-year-old student, he distributed al-Qaeda propaganda materials in the WhatsApp messenger.

Amman also sent a message to his relatives saying, “The Islamic state will remain.”

In one of the conversations, referring to the Qur’an, he spoke about the permissibility of rape of the Yezidis.

Amman offered his girlfriend to kill her “infidel” parents.

He also distributed messages in which he called for terrorist attacks against tourists and security forces. As a result, the court sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison. However, he was released before the end of his sentence.

In total, he was sentenced for 13 various terrorism-related offences and was released ahead of schedule, just in time to carry out his terror attack.

The police said that at the time of the attack Amman was under surveillance, but law enforcement officers could not prevent the crime. In total, three people were injured in the attack. He stabbed two, and one was injured due to glass shattering when police shot Amman.

A fake explosive device was also found on his body.

In apparent response to the attacker’s previous terror convictions, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he would be announcing “further plans for fundamental changes to the system for dealing with those convicted of terrorism offences.”

In both attacks the victims survived and have no threat to their lives, and only the perpetrator of the UK attack was killed by authorities.

This, however, is a symptomatic result of Europe’s woeful lack of preparation to tackle any terror attacks, since examples such as this are relatively frequent, especially in the UK.

Just two months ago, in November 2019, a man went on a spree, stabbing five people, of which two died in London.

The attacker, Usman Khan, had been released from prison in 2018 on license after serving a sentence for terrorist offences.

It shows how effective Europe’s anti-terrorism policy is, and how well the sentences work and how “reformed” the “former” terrorists come out of prison.

In October 2019, in Germany, a man attempted to carry out a mass shooting at a synagogue in the city of Halle, he killed two civilians before being subdued by police.

The common denominator in most of these is that security forces were actually aware that something of the sort might happen, but there was no mechanism, capability or some other justification that would allow the attack to be avoided, thus terror attacks are simply allowed to take place.


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Assad must stay

Hahahaha yea very inept


The Belgium incident hasn’t been mentioned at all in the mainstream media?!!

Zionism = EVIL

Neither were 36 mass shootings in the US today including in churches and not a mention in the news :(

There were more mass shootings across the U.S. in 2019 than there were days in the year, according to FBI gun violence register. Many crimes and deaths in poor areas also go unreported.


…………….And with each and every mention of an attack on the “Right to bear Arms”, the koffers of the arms industry swells yet more…………….. and the politicians who oppose guns and cry for evermore greater gun control……………….. sit on the boards of Colt, Browning, et al, and pocket their bonuses……………and know how easy it is to sway the public………


They should be the first to give example, disarming their own bodyguards.

Mattias Dahlström

Most of these mass shootings are by young black men against other young black men – a fact our beloved mass media choose not to disclose as it does not follow the narrative of evil white men ™


…………….So why take away their guns when they are doing what the Deep State wants them to do…………. spread death, spread fear……………….

Zionism = EVIL

More like false flags for Jew scum. 300 dumbass Americunts gun down each other in a day and what is that brotherly love?


………….No , that is called “Culling by stealth”.


More fear porn………….if this is true, and it is not a false flag………………which remains to be seen, then what is to be expected when you allow NGO’s funded by Soros et al, to funnel millions of Jihaid’s into Europe ????? More “Culling by stealth”………….. You reap what you sow.

klove and light

spot on


Your idea of “fear porn” does not work in Europe in the way it might work out fine in the USA.


Really ?????? You must know something I don’t……………..please explain.


I must apologize for the late reply.
Let us take the readily put forward formula that the government presents the population a threat or threatening situation more extreme than it is, and then use it to justify an expansion of the security apparatus.However, this is not the case at all in Europe, the best example being Germany, because despite a real threatening situation and real risks, job cuts in the police force, budget cuts in materials and absolute passivity in the security organs prevail.


MichaH, the formula that you present, may or may not be factual,
but it does not apply at all in the case of Germany. Germany, exists
in name only, and its existence has been controlled by external
forces since the end of 1945. You should note that whilst Germany
surrendered, hostilities have not ceased nor has any document been
signed between the Allied Powers and any Germany government declaring
a cessation. Germany has remained an “Occupied Zone” since
1945. Furthermore, Germany does not have its own Constitution, other
than the one which the 4 Power Allied created and installed, and
which superseded the one created by the Germans ………… but was
rejected, and replaced. Please find the following quote;-

On June 5, 1945, the victorious Allied Powers (United States,
United Kingdom, USSR, and France) declared that they had “supreme
authority with respect to Germany.” German officials with no
independent political power were appointed to local and communal
levels (councilors and mayors).

The 1949 Constitution, which today governs Germany, is a slightly
amended version of West Germany’s 1949 Constitution. The history of
the German Basic Law is unique as it originated after WWII and was
based on the influence of occupying foreign nations.


It is not my formula, but its a common idea, with fictional elements.

The main German Basic Law ist das Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch, which does not originated from the occupying nations, it stands in the tradition and form of the Reichsgesetzbuch of the 19th century. The German constitution is changed in paragraphs over 30 times, it is not intendet as constitution, therefor it is called Grundgesetz not Verfassung.
The “supreme authority” was cut down following many treaties, starting in 1954 with the Bonn-Paris agreement, the treaty of London up to the four-plus-two-treaty in 1991. The officials, appointed until 1952 by the allied high commisioners, who were resolved in 1954.

It is right to say that some restrictions and framings were unusual in international law traditions, but international law is frequently changing and will allways do.

Nebenbei, bist du Deutscher Staatsbürger?


Nein, das bin ich nicht, aber wenn ich das wäre, hätte ich längst diese schamlose Schlampe liquidiert, die angeblich das Land “Führt”. Deutschland braucht einen starken Mann an der Spitze, jemanden wie A. H. oder Bismark.


You might have a point.

Chancellor Merkel has done great harm to this country and the entire continent. She stands for everything that goes wrong in Europe. But at least she doesn’t want to run for another term. That means she will retire at the end of next year. Sadly, however, that in her 14 years as Chancellor, and 16 years as leader of the CDU, she has completely gutted this once conservative party and pushed it to the left. All her successors will also disappoint the voter.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The headline here should read, “Stabbing Attacks in Both Belgium and the UK Show the Pestilence of Islam.”


………………Perhaps Sir, if they hadn’t been bombed back into the Stone age, they wouldn’t be so militant. You should not ignore the very obvious evidence, of mass murder, 911 , the USS Liberty, the assassination of JFK etc, that points not to any Arab land, but to Tel Aviv………………..

Steve Naidamast

No police force on god’s green Earth can prevent a terrorist attack from happening. Terrorism is random at best and such randomness does not make for any system that could easily track it to prevent it.

That being said, police forces can easily do a much better job at monitoring the various nut jobs that commit such attacks on people. However, the problem here is that posting all sorts of insane vitreol on the Internet does not get anyone in trouble since authorities continue to tip-toe around people’s privacy concerns.

The fact of the matter is that the Internet is not a private domain. It is a very public one and as such, a certain amount of enforcement that people act accordingly in a public space should be considered. Instead what we get are the major, private tech companies doing whatever enforcement they please.

People certainly do not want nut jobs out and about on the street and calling police will get a response. But refusing to acknowledge this vital law enforcement function in the digital public domain would be the same as agreeing to dropping all such law enforcement activity in the physical one.

However, to be fair, the amount of depravity that is now on display across the world by Humans of all walks of life makes it nearly impossible for any police force to be able to predict who is going to do exactly what.

To do so would require a level of technology that simply does not exist…

And some of the comments even here against this article corroborate my contentions.

You know, if you have nothing good to say, shut the f**k up already…


@Southfront : Why is the attack in Halle mentioned here?

In the German city of Halle, a mentally ill person, who was into anime and swastikas, wanted to storm a synagogue with self-made firearms from the 3D printer, with livestream on Twitch (which 5 people happened to watch), and kill as many people as possible.

The person who calls himself a loser several times during the livestream, however, does not manage to crack the entrance door. In frustration, he then arbitrarily shoots a pedestrian and a young man in a diner. He had no criminal record and was not noticed by the authorities.

This incident was then used to blame political right wingers and conservatives for the rest of the year. Practically one could then immediately blame the Germans for the many anti-Semitic criminal acts of the last three years, committed almost exclusively by immigrant Muslims, which the Germans probably would not have learned from 1945.


……………How do really know anything about the attacker, other than what the MSM reveals to you ???? You sound very confident, but your premises are not based on sound intel ???? Are they ???? Most of the people here echo what they have garnered from various sources. Your state ;-

“This incident was then used to blame political right wingers and
conservatives for the rest of the year. Practically one could then
immediately blame the Germans for the many anti-Semitic criminal acts of
the last three years, committed almost exclusively by immigrant
Muslims, which the Germans probably would not have learned from 1945.”
This is a sensible and credible comment, because it is based on logic and on history which is proven, but your other comments are less credible, and I am interested to know how you came to such conclusions. BTW, I am not baiting you, I am interested in what you have to say.


I must apologize for the late reply.
1. you need to be a little more specific about what other comments of mine you are referring to.
2. I would not apply the principle of logic too often to social developments.
3. the question of the sources is somewhat irritating, I do not know the perpetrator personally, of course I can only form my opinion based on research, which is mainly based on published reports of media, alternative media and statements of the authorities.


Mentally unstable people with connections to intel agencies, history of imprisonment etc. go on a killing spree. That is terrorism isn’t it. It is laughable. Organised false flags all of them, pushed by media.


I wanted to point out, that the case in Halle(Germany), is subject to completely different premises, even Germany and UK are not comparable in these subjects.

Edit: I don´t think any of these Attacks were false flag operations.


Yes, it is terrorism………..and its also business, and business is immoral and unconscionable. Think about how many Israelis and American Jews and CIA operatives were involved in the planning and expediting of 911 ? How many have ever come forward ???? The only ones we can actually point too were the 5 dancing Israelis who later admitted their involvement on a Israeli TV show. Who was involved in the purchase and deployment of the demolition nuke charges ? Buying an individuals silence is easy , especially when the financial safety net is big enough ( or the threat to his or hers family ) ………………..and all the Fed has to do is print more dollars.

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