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Stabbing Attack In Paris: What Is Known So Far

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Stabbing Attack In Paris: What Is Known So Far


On May 12, an attacker stabbed a 29-year-old man to death and injured four others in a lively neighbourhood near the Opera Garnier in Paris.

Then, the attacker was shot dead by police.

According to authorities, the man was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

  • Police found no ID on the attacker, but investigators identified him by his fingerprints;
  • According to reports, the man was a French national who was born in Chechnya;
  • The attacker had been on a nationwide database of thousands of people who had suspected of links to radicalism;
  • The attacker’s parents have been detained for questioning;
  • The French media identified the attacker as 20-year old Khamzat Azimov. He was born in Russia but received French citizenship in 2010;
  • ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the attack via its news agency Amaq.

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Promitheas Apollonious

no one cares. they bring it on themselves. is their own problem.

Julius Meinel

Exactly,,, the whole decadent west is gripped by a collective cultural and physical suicidal fever difficult to explain by even experts in the psychology field; they suffered countless fatalities in the past 3-4 years, the once great French culture is literary run over by third world primitives, yet they still vote Macron instead of Le Pen. You’ can really help a guy when she/she bound on committing suicide. Eventually he/or she will succeed.

Promitheas Apollonious

The sooner the better.

Julius Meinel

They had the famous French Resistance during the German occupation

41-44. Where is the Resistance against the Muslim and primitive invaders now? There is no such thing, that is why I think the French have totally lost both their soul and their mind and that they are hell bend on auto destruction at the collective level.

What Michel Houellebecq prefigured in his famous novel “Submission” is unfolding before our very eyes ( for those that have the eyes too see what is going on)., The rest are still moon-walking into Oblivion. But hey, there are other once great civilization that have fated into oblivion ( Sumerians, old Egyptians), Maya, Inca, Aztec, Roman Empire),. Why would France be exempted by this inexorable process?


Why did France attack Germany in 1939 ? XD. Frecnh are cowards, it’s well known.

Promitheas Apollonious

Because they was, since the french revolution same as england under the direct orders of city of london. Anything else you want to know, just ask.

Promitheas Apollonious

what about the british and the rest of the west? Are they not in the same fate as the rest of europe by the islamist that soros MKO and gang, are bringing in by the millions, the last few years?

Take a look at scandinavian countries they apologize because they are raped and murdered by the poor “refugees“ not to mention Uk that is totally under their control. The change ion all demographics in western world by NWO is a fact and is almost completed. Also take a look at what is happening to Greece though no mass media is reporting it.

They are all a bunch of americanized clones, all over the western world with very few exceptions to the rule.


I agree with you last point pretty strongly. There are pockets where radical Islam is not going to do very well and is generally semi-immune to it. I have lived in Brasil for a bit now and that type of thing just dies on the vine down there, principally because the culture does not tolerate it. When family takes precedence over even God, then the ability to foment the population goes to about zero. I wish well to you Promitheas.

bryan seals

It would be a bit of a trek down to Brasil for jihadists and I bet that there’s not many mosks here where they could shelter post atrocity


All Takfiri Salafistic Wahhabism ideology…who builds all the Mosques….?

Answer: Saudistan

Reason: To Divide & Conquer…

Who Has Put the UN Boats just 1 mile out of the cost of Libya & the Door to Europe Wide Open?

Answer: The European Government…

Reason: To Keep Our Economic Growth of 2% on a Yearly Basis… Because Europeans don’t Reproduce themselves with 2% Growth a Year…


You must be a Big Fan of New Crusades Right?
Here got a good movie from a friend of mine…


And it doesn’t really matter if you are Religious or not….but it seems like a PLAN…


Oh. It’s very easy to understand. France is ruled by zionists. But, when you fucking warn them to never trust jews nor americans, French were very pleased to give their ass.


It is the Powers Above Governments (Governments are just Paid Puppets, that talk bullshit) that send those Gladio-Terrorists towards us… to get us moving Like Sheeple in the Direction they Want… In this case we must be Angry with those Bad Muslims & start to Hate them All… that is what our Governments are Trying to Accomplish


False flag.


Something amazes me. Most of the time, when you say the truth, people don’t like it and try to eludate the question as if the issue will magically disappear. Of course, the problem doesn’t disappear but 100% of the time, it will get worst.

When you say to Russians that fucking tanks don’t fly, they don’t understand. I don’t know why, it’s fucking simple. Why do the Soviet Union try to build tank that fly ??? Tanks don’t fly. It’s a fact.

When you try to explain to Sunnis that they are american useful idiots, they don’t understand but I think it’s pretty simple to understand.

When you warned those fucking americans that it’s better that they don’t trust jews, they don’t understand. Now, bye bye USA.


The main problem of most people is that they don’t rely on facts. That’s the main problem.

Russians think they win in Ukraine and Syria ?? Look at the facts.
Syrians think they are winning in Syria ???? Look at the facts.
Sunnis think they are winning ???? Look at the facts.
Americans think they are free ??? Americans think they live in a democracry ??? Look at the facts.
People think that all these “terrorist attacks” are not west creations ???? Look at the facts.

It’s so obvious.


France had their “color revolution”. It is called “Mai 68”. In 68, French did a revolution to overthrow Charles de Gaulle, the man who wanted to make France independent from USA and built french nuclear tech, Europa rockets which led to Ariane rockets, ….

But, there is something very amazing. People seem to not like people who help them. That is a fact. Most people prefers their ennemies !!!


Another fact. French debt start rising up exactly after “Mai 68” when the successors of Charles de Gaulle made a law to forbid France to borrow money from their Central Bank. And guess what this law is named ???? This law is named Pompidou-Giscard-Rothschild, created in 1973.

So, shortly after 1973, the french debt started rising, rising, rising.

It’s so obvious.



Imagine what a great, peaceful world it would be if Islam and it’s vile followers never existed.

Elisabeth Jenders

That’s what they said about Christianity:

– the Saxons when they were defeated by Charlemagne and force-christianized,

– the muslims during he crusades;

– countless tribes and peoples in south America and Africa when they were defeated and force-christianized.
It’s not the religion, it’s the way it’s lived.


What a Great Peaceful Forum this Would be if Hasbaras would follow the path of the Dinosaurs & went Extinct….

Promitheas Apollonious

yes now they have the excuse to attack allegedly isis, the same one they, finance and arm, along with the rest of western stooges.

Are they so stupid and unimaginative?

Or they believe the rest of the world are as stupid as they are?

More than likely the second, since this people, are the ones who voted them in charge.


More & More People I know are starting to Question Things… or Doubt my Governments Narratives, in Holland it is slowly coming up… European Governments Must Get Nervous! For they must Know it too…Leaves very Little Left…because if they Screw Up a False Flag a Lot of Folks Will be Watching them… hahaha

Panthera Pardus

This proves that the Russian strategy to fight Saudi sponsored salafist in Chechenia was the right one:
– raze hostile village to the ground
– kill everyone who is hostile
– make peace with the reasonable ones who remain

Many muslim people or countries can be reliable allies, you just need to get rid of the hostile.
By the way isis kill also other muslim because of being “less orthodox” of them , so at the end of the day killing isis ( family membdr included, this is very important) is right solution also for normal muslims


The Saudistan Wahhabi Ideology is dangerous…


It was saudi smaug who did it, lol.

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