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Spreading Of COVID-19 Serves Political Games: Leading Russian Epidemologist

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Spreading Of COVID-19 Serves Political Games: Leading Russian Epidemologist

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On April 14th, Igor Alekseevich Gundarov, a prominent Russian specialist in the fields epidemiology and medical statistics provided a comment on the COVID-19 situation and said that it wasn’t out of the question it was being used as a political play.

He mentioned a case of employees of a company affiliated with Rosatom, ASE IC from Nizhny Novgorod arrived at the construction site of a Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant and tested positive for COVID-19, 15 employees and were hospitalized. According to him, this could be used as a sort of political play.

Separately, 51 Chinese citizens who arrived at Shanghai Airport, and 21 – to the Heilongjiang Province bordering Russia, also had the coronavirus.

Gundarov himself asked that it should be inquired in specifically who performed the tests and what test systems were used, for both the Chinese and Russian Rosatom employees.

“And then the scientists will answer exactly, you can believe this data, or you can disregard it, and if you can believe it, then how can you interpret it.”

According to the epidemiologist, his fears about the possibility of a total pandemic of a psychogenic nature – a pandemic of fear and chaos, not based on objective facts, were fully confirmed.

“Politicians entered into the situation and their political games began. In response, we will now identify the coronavirus from all those who come from Belarus and China to Russia,” said Igor Gundarov.

“As a result, patients infect healthy people, and as a result we will be given information about the sharp rise of coronavirus pneumonias. This is already a crime. In the Soviet years, I would have sent them all to prison – at best,” said Igor Gundarov.

According to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service in February, the number of patients with pneumonia in January 2020 increased by 37%, compared to January 2019, in Moscow alone. This means that, for a while, there were “symptoms” that the infection was spreading, but no actions were being undertaken, just as many countries appear to have individuals who have COVID-19 antibodies, dating back to January, while it was allegedly only present primarily in Wuhan, China.

Then, on April 14th it was reported that even more Rosatom employees are infected, a total of 39.

“About what happened in the industry over the past week. At 14.00 [April 13], we have 39 infected individuals, we have everyone under control. Three people are still in hospitals, everyone has a mild illness. I take this opportunity to thank all the team of the Federal Biomedical Agency and other medical institutions where our comrades are being treated for support and medical assistance,” Aleksey Likhachev, head of Rosatom said.

The above-mentioned 15 Rosatom employees were tested once again, and the results were negative.

“Of course, you read in the media that 15 Russians who arrived at the end of March to build the Belarusian NPP had a positive reaction to the first test. I can report that everyone had a negative test. Now we are waiting for the results of the third test. Everyone is quarantined,” he said.

Returning to Igor Kondarov, he spoke of the COVID-19 hysteria back on March 30th.

According to him, coronavirus is becoming a litmus test of not just the physical survival of society, but also of society’s moral condition.

“There are several dozen coronaviruses, they appeared not yesterday and not today,” Gondarov said.

“They began to study coronaviruses somewhere in the 50s. Found that there are different types, they have complex relationships.

Including with the flu virus: there is real competition. Found where there is a large infection with influenza, there are few coronaviruses. Let me give you an example to find out if we have an epidemic today, or even a pandemic.

Here are the statistics. In the 90s, every year the flu virus during the epidemic showed 4-7 million cases of infection. Then they start moving towards 0, and suddenly the number of infections decreases: 600,000 – 400,000 – 50,000. This has been going on for 10 years.

We begin to look further for guidance, it is very important for us, because now they are afraid of mortality due to the coronavirus.

But people die not from coronavirus, but from pneumonia.

It can be caused by various agents of the microworld. If you look at the mortality from pneumonia in the same years that I have listed, it is almost constant. Every year, pneumonia takes 30–35 thousand lives.

And in China, about 4,000 have died from coronavirus now. So, you’re comparing two incompatible numbers.

At the same time, there is almost the disappearance of the influenza virus, and the level of pneumonia is the same.

What is the problem? My hypothesis is that we fought well with the flu virus and destroyed it, freeing up space for other microorganisms. It is possible that the current rise in coronavirus is due to this. Outbreaks of SARS, swine flu, chicken flu are nothing more than other agents rushing into the void created by the flu. Perhaps medicine is to blame for the fact that now the coronavirus has invaded this space.”

He provided some additional data, that in Italy, annually due to various diseases the approximate number that die sits at 600,000. If that’s divided by the days in a year, then the numbers sit at 1,700 per day.

“So, have people in Italy began dying in larger numbers? No, the overall mortality rate in Italy has remained unchanged.”

Thus, the panic is owed to something else:

“Here we must talk about social medicine, which deals with the health of society as a whole, the interaction of people and government.”

According to him, the entire transition to a large-scale self-isolation is unneeded, and especially if its late.

“I am amazed at the ambitiousness of politicians. Where does it take them, why did they decide that they understand everything? Mixed up a bunch of demographics, fertility, national projects, the virus.

What they didn’t do is gather scientists, create a headquarters comprised of the leading virologists and epidemiologists.

And there should be such a center for each government, and for the World Health Organization.”

He reminded that the general scientific consensus is that the situation is not different from past infection flashes, but the panic is on an entirely different level.

“As for safety measures, they are the same as they were before: ventilate the premises, wash your hands, if you feel that you are sick, sneeze – do not go to work, call a doctor. A mask is needed so that when sneezing, coughing, the infected drops do not fall on others. I, as a doctor, do not see any additional efforts required.”


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Hasbara Hunter

ZIOVID-19: Operation-Gladio Dark Winter BIO-WARFARE executed by the ELITES against the Rest of Humanity….

All roads lead to Dark Winter…



AngloZioNazis Love Bio-Warfare:

Tossing Plague Victims over castlewalls, rotting carcasses in watersources, Smallpox infected blankets for indigenous folks…you name it & they’ve used it!


Zionism = EVIL

You said it brother, these evil bastards have a history of bio-warfare, even the third rate Italians used mustard gas and other chemical weapons on the civilians in Ethiopia and Libya. BTW, Italy was the first occupied nation of pimping NATO cunts to push for the overthrow of Kaddafi and plunder of Libyan oil. Karma has hit these bastards bigtime, but their hubris is so deep that they will never learn.


Putin once said the eu will die of their own poison,like nations affected vs kunt factors!

Zionism = EVIL

They are selfish greedy Jew infested cunts and we saw how they behaved towards each other worse than animals. The Americunts were stealing supplies from their NATO arselickers and not one EU scum helped another, it was all for themselves. They are selfish cunts and ungrateful arseholes don’t appreciate the FACT that Russia/Soviet liberated them in 1945 and gave them whatever they had once. Italy and Spain were saved by China, Russia and Cuba again. The Euro is not worth wiping arse with. Italy would be far more stable and prosperous if it allied with China, Russia and Iran. It is part of the old Silk Road and key node of China’s ONE BELT.


There’s a huge regional movement Austalasian one,infact china were ww2 allies with anzacs,that’s how god intends it to be,like in your words,the west stabbed cccp in the back and china too,for far too long,still remains,yet they chose nazism aka germany/japan over the more disciplined free traders,and this is why they must bear the brunt od responsabilities for their unjust actions,either way they are in no position to put it over the more diligent peoples,

Bobby Twoshoes

I was thinking about my previous comment regarding Ebola and I realised that I was probably off the mark. When you properly consider the motivations of those that unleashed these bioweapons things become clearer. They want to make us beg for our enslavement by creating terror, however killing millions of people is the wrong type of fear (you can’t submit when you’re dead) and an aerosolised Ebola is too dangerous even for the wealthy, as illustrated by BoJo.

Bill Gates’ recent advertisement is telling though, the reason he is persona non grata in India was that his vaccines made women sterile. We also know that he wants to use this pandemic as a springboard to use his vaccines on everyone. When you consider that the goal of the Bilderberg group (of which Bill Gates is a member) is global depopulation things click more firmly into place.

I now think that COVID-19 could well be a case of two birds with one stone; both as a submission tool in tandem with mass propagandising of the outbreak and also as a fertility inhibitor. Researchers suggest that coronavirus can cause damage to the male reproductive system, possibly causing infertility. Also, many pregnant women who had the virus have miscarried and fertility centres are discouraging or outright denying fertility treatments for women.

I am pretty sure Gates already has the vaccine and has shared it with those who style themselves our rulers and I’m confident they didn’t get the bonus sterilisation additives. This effect of the virus would achieve their goal of mass sterilisation even if you have antibodies and don’t have the “improved” version of the vaccine forced on you.

For statistically relevant analysis there will need to be at least 100 men who have had fertility tests previous to the outbreak and also contracted the virus. Sperm takes three months to be created so it will be impossible to confirm or deny this speculation for at least three months, probably more.

Zionism = EVIL

Russians, like the Iranians and Chinese are right, this pimpeovirus is a con job to control the western sheeple morons even more. The FACT is that this virus was developed by the Pentagon as a bio-weapon against China and Iran primarily, but it backfired and then these Jew motherfuckers media exaggerated the whole farce. The dumbass western sheeple fell for it hook, line and sinker. The whole destructive agenda behind this farce will never be known, but these greedy evil bastards are only destroying their deadbeat societies ridden with drug abuse and social meltdown.

Bobby Twoshoes

I think that’s the point, these guys don’t think of themselves as “western”, they have mansions on every continent. In fact I am sure we are as much a primary target as Iran and China. We could potentially walk to the residences of these guys and shoot them dead, even though most of us are brainwashed there are enough who are able to resist the programming to pose an unacceptable risk.

Zionism = EVIL

You know this whole endless scaremongering fits in with the Zionist agenda of a global police state. These brainwashed and braindead scared shitless western sheeple are happily downloading Zionist created malicious Apps that keep track of movements even taking away the basic human rights. I know from day one that this just a farce to create a global surveillance state and restrict civil rights. This is just the beginning.

Jens Holm

People like Ziozippidadut and hairy Hashbarebottom not even know what facts are.

Jens Holm

First class article with first class reflexions.

We have to find better attitudes as well as better organized solutions for the world.

We see how easy things are spred because fx of economies are connected. We see the same for innovate species as for that matter people moving around and emmigrate.

The other things is being able to go against those spreadings of virus and bakterias fast and systametic in a realistic united way.

I go back to my own Denmark.We are doing relative well and might even be proud of having handled it well after a slow start.

BUT we cant get into production again being a big imporer and exporter if we has to buy and sell to areas, where most things are locked down. We also has high risk to get the flu back and has to stay so we cant hug each other as we used to.

cechas vodobenikov

as noted in an influential Turkish journal c19 has most damaged the USA—it has exposed domestic governance to be incompetent—an international joke and worse demonstrated that the USA cannot lead in a crisis—while Russia, Cuba and China have assisted Serbia, Italy, Venezuela, etc—the USA has stolen shipments of medical equipment destined for France, Germany, Venezuela, etc—an immoral people require immoral leaders to conduct immoral wars!

Dirk Leinher

The best way to stop them spreading fear and chaos is to bring knowledge about the system they use to manipulate people. This video helps to understand it better: https://www.volunteerministers.org/training/solutions/overview.html

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