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“Spectacular Failure”: Fox News Found That Equipment And Ammunition Issued To Arm ‘Moderate Rebels’ Ended In Hands Of ISIS, Al Qaeda

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"Spectacular Failure": Fox News Found That Equipment And Ammunition Issued To Arm 'Moderate Rebels' Ended In Hands Of ISIS, Al Qaeda

Fox News: Abu Zayd’s ammunition warehouse, believed to hold some American-issued items.

Military equipment and ammunition, that US sent to Syria to arm moderate rebels fighting against ISIS, were handed to Al Qaeda’s branch Al Nusra and ISIS terrorist groups, according to Fox News.

On May 16, in an interview with Fox News, Major Anas Ibrahim Obaid also known as Abu Zayd revealed the deals that he had brokered during his stay in moderate forces in Syria.

“I communicated with Al Qaeda’s branch, Al Nusra, to protect and safely escort me and my soldiers for two hours from North Aleppo to West Aleppo,” Zayd said. “In exchange, I gave them five pickup trucks and ammunition.”

According to him, the trucks and ammunition were issued by the US in 2015, in the framework of a $500 million effort to “train and equip” a new “ideologically moderate” force to defeat ISIS.

Zayd said that he had defected from the Syrian Army to the opposition in 2012 and joined the operation, which as it turned out afterwards had many “inconsistencies and incompetencies”.

Quoting Zayd Fox news reported that in July 2015, after training in Turkey, the first batch of 54 fighters crossed back to Syria to be ambushed by Al Nusra militants. Some fighters were kidnapped and their US weapons were stolen.

Zayd was a member of a second group to be sent into Syria, but without any ammunition this time.

“They wanted us to go into Syria without weapons because of the ambush, and said we could get the weapons inside instead,” Fox News quoted Zayd. “We refused.”

The interviewee pointed out that after the weapons issue was solved, they started their way back to Syria on September 19. However, instead of flags of the opposition group, that fighters were being sent to support, Turkish border guards found Syrian government flags.

Fighters returned to Turkey, demanding US trainers to take responsibility for the “flag mistake.”

The report revealed, that another important problem was a morale one as fighters were not paid well: $250 per month. Thus, Zaid’s group of 72 diminished to 25.

Zayd intended to go back home, but it required to cross Al Nusra territory. Then he called Al Qaeda-affiliated leaders and arranged to hand over the five US-issued trucks and ammunition in exchange for free passage and an armed escort to home. Zayd told that Pentagon had halted the program a month later.

“I got many messages the Americans do not want to deal with me anymore. But they can’t get their weapons back,” he said.

According to Fox News, Zayd showed off via Skype US-issued M-16 and M-24 sniper rifles, some ammo, mortar rounds and machine guns.

In 2012, the CIA started an Obama administration program Timber Sycamore aiming at arming rebels. Syrian opposition affirms that this program was also compromised as arms were handed to ISIS or Al Nusra.

The program firstly deployed light weapons, but then Washington strengthened its commitment by providing American “tune-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided” antitank missiles, known as BGM-71 TOWs.

The FSA group Hazem Movement backed by the US in 2014 used these TOWs. According to Fox News, a media activist for the FSA’s Hazem Movement Asem Zidan said that “TOW missiles helped us to prevent the regime pushing forward for some time … but it wasn’t enough”.

Zidan pointed out that only 10 TOWs were issued. Matters became worse as Al Nusra started to attack and “steal their weapons”.

Then Fox News reported about another fighter, Suheil Alhamoud, who had been also concerned over “insufficient efforts to help”.

In November 2014, Alhamoud received a set of defective TOWs that had allegedly come from Saudi stockpiles. The TOWs were expected to fly more than two miles, but some missiles did no more than 150 feet. Alhamoud said that Al Nusra stole a number of TOWs, and then some of them appeared at the black market, fetching up to $30,000 for piece.

Fox News says that Ibrahim al-Jabawi defected from his post as vice president of Police in Homs in 2012 and became the Amman-based spokesperson for the Southern Front, stated that “some of the TOW rockets ended up with Al Nusra”.

In July 2017, US President Donald Trump ended this Syrian rebel supply program, due to its ineffectiveness as Fox News underlined. It is estimated that more than $1 billion was spent on this “spectacular failure”.

Fox News pointed out that the CIA refused to comment on this story as this program proved to be an epic failure for the US administration.

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Michał Hunicz

Perfect. Good job US for a correct spending of taxpayers’ money.


Oh come now, this is NEWS?? This is at least the fourth time I’ve read about lethal military “aid” that was allegedly “targeted” for the [non-existent] “moderate forces” ending up, of course only “by accident” each time, in the hands of ISIS. Face it insouciant Americans, your revolting neocon/zionist/war-mongering/Russiaphobic/CIA/Democratic Party–accompliced government supports, and in fact even founded, the head-chopping maniacs of ISIS, That’s how much the US imperialists want the legally elected, ever malignly demonized, President Bashar Assad out so that they can install a puppet and continue to provoke Russia! Too bad treatcherous and natiocidal bastards, it still isn’t going to work! Stand tall Syria!!


Good comment. The supplying of weapons to a Qaida and ISIS is a hugely important story that is the essence of U.S. moral depravity. It cannot be exposed enough. The whole anti-Assad venture is a lie from top to bottom.

The pretend war against ISIS also needs to be told. The story of non-interference with ISIS oil tankers, restrictive ROE, attack on SAA, rescue of leaders, and now activities in Syria that do everything but inconvenience ISIS needs to be told again and again .

jerry hamilton

Exactly where it was delivered to.

neil barron

No matter what side your on it still amounts to pissing away good money for nothing.

jerry hamilton

It’s what America does best.


$32M per hour on military activities .

neil barron

Oh by the way Fox Is the only news organizations in the US that finally got out of their foxhole to search for the truth. Screw that Islamo Nazi Odumbo.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes they go for the money. Is all about ratings in the us of a not about truth.


So advertisers are eager to oppose the Establishment? Advertisers slobber over PC garbage and would rather go blind than inconvenience any SJWs. They don’t dare to oppose the anti-Russian and pro-Israel nonsense.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont know what you mean by advertisers or the rest of your comments not daring what?

fox seen all news stations in usa parroting the government with no opposing voice and also knew what the public want to hear, just like trampy and is filling that cap.

Judging by the ratings they received lately since the las vegas shooting actually they judged right and their ratings are high now compared what was before. it is business.


Yes imagine the American public finally getting some truth in the “news”, next thing you know they might find out that Saudi Arabia, is a false ally, and the real source of all these Islamic jihadists, not Iran. OneAmericanNewsNetwork has broken with some truth to the public as well.

Bill Wilson

Fox is rehashing old news that was widely reported years ago.


Widely reported ? More like studiously ignored.

Bill Wilson

Yes, widely reported in the MSM only to be ignored by the general public that’s generally disinterested in ME affairs.


US/UK/Israhell/France/EC disgusting behaviors are unacceptable !

How Bulgaria supplied drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh

by Thierry Meyssan

The best-kept secrets must be revealed in the end. The mafia cartel which governs Bulgaria has been caught supplying drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, at the demand of the CIA, both in Libya and Syria. The affair is all the more serious since Bulgaria is a member of NATO and the European Union.

Head of one of the two Bulgarian mafia cartels, the SIC, Boïko Borissov has occupied the post of Prime Minister since 2014. While his country was a member of both NATO and the European Union, he supplied drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh in Libya and Syria.

It seems that everything began by accident. For about thirty years, fenetylline was used as a performance-enhancing drug in the West German sports world. According to trainer Peter Neururer, more than half of the athletes took it regularly [1]. Bulgarian drug dealers spotted an opportunity in this situation, and from the dissolution of the Soviet Union until Bulgaria’s entry into the European Union, they began to produce it and illegally export it to Germany under the name of Captagon.

Two mafia groups were locked in serious competition – Vasil Iliev Security (VIS), and Security Insurance Company (SIC), the company which employed the karateka Boïko Borissov. This high-level athlete, professor at the Police Academy, created a company supplying protection for important personalities, and became the body-guard for pro-Soviet ex-President Todor Jivkov as well as for pro-US Simeon II Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha. As soon as Simeon II became Prime Minister, Borissov was named as the central Director of the Ministry of the Interior, then was elected mayor of Sofia.

In 2006, the United States ambassador in Bulgaria (and future ambassador to Russia), John Beyrle, sketched his character in a confidential cable which was revealed by Wikileaks. He presented Borissov as being connected to two major mafia bosses, Mladen Mihalev (alias « Madzho ») and Roumen Nikolov (alias « The Pacha ») [2], the founders of SIC.

In 2007, basing its article on a report drawn up by a large Swiss company, the U.S. Congressional Quarterly claimed that he had smothered a number of enquiries at the Ministry of the Interior, and was himself implicated in 28 mafia murders. He apparently became a partner of John E. McLaughlin, Deputy Director of the CIA. He is said to have set up a secret prison for the Agency in Bulgaria, and helped to provide a military base in the context of the project for an attack on Iran, the Quarterly continued [3].

In 2008, the German specialist in organised crime, Jürgen Roth, qualified Boïko Borissov as a « Bulgarian Al Capone » [4].

Having himself become Prime Minister, and while his country was already a member of NATO and the EU, he was solicited by the Agency to help in the secret war against Mouamar el-Kadhafi. Boïko Borissov supplied Captagon, manufactured by the SIC, to the al-Qaïda jihadists in Libya. The CIA rendered this synthetic drug more attractive and more powerful by mixing it with a natural drug, hashish, which made it easier to manipulate the fighters and make them more terrifying, in line with the work of Bernard Lewis [5]. Following that, Borissov extended this market to Syria.

But most importantly, the CIA, using the profile of an ex-Warsaw Pact member which had recently joined NATO, bought from him 500 million dollars’ worth of Soviet-type weaponry and transported it to Syria — mainly 18,800 portable anti-tank grenade launchers and 700 Konkurs anti-tank missile systems.

When Hezbollah sent a team to Bulgaria to gather information about this traffic, a bus-load of Israeli holiday-makers were the object of a terrorist attack in Burgas, leaving 32 wounded. Immediately, Benjamin Netanyahu and Boïko Borissov accused the Lebanese resistance, while the Atlantist Press spread a number of allegations about the supposed Hezbollah kamikaze. Finally, the forensic scientist, Dr. Galina Mileva, noticed that the corpse did not correspond to the witness descriptions – while a counter-intelligence chief, Colonel Lubomir Dimitrov, noted that he was not a kamikaze, but a simple carrier, and that the bomb had been triggered from a distance, probably without his knowledge. The Press accused two Arabs of Canadian and Australian nationality, but the Sofia News Agency quoted a US accomplice known by the pseudonym of David Jefferson. The outcome was that when the European Union sought to use the affair in order to classify Hezbollah as a « terrorist organisation », the Minister for Foreign Affairs – during the short period when Borissov was excluded from executive power – Kristian Vigenine, made it clear that in reality, nothing was found that could tie the attack to the Lenbanese resistance [6].

From the end of 2014, the CIA ceased its orders and was replaced by Saudi Arabia, who were thus able to buy weapons which were no longer ex-Soviet left-overs, but modern NATO material, such as the wire-guided anti-tank BGM-71 TOW missiles. Soon, Riyadh was supported by the United Arab Emirates [7]. The two Gulf states themselves handled the deliveries to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, via Saudi Arabian Cargo and Etihad Cargo, either at Tabuk, on the Saudi-Jordanian border, or the Emirati-Franco-US base at Al-Dhafra.

In June 2014, the CIA turned up the pressure. This time, they forbade Bulgaria to allow access to the Russian gas pipeline South Stream, which could have supplied Western Europe [8].This decision, which deprived Bulgaria of some very important income, not only helped to slow down the growth of the European Union, as described in the Wolfowitz plan [9], but also to apply the European sanctions against Russia which had been implemented under the pretext of the Ukranian crisis, to develop the exploitation of shale gas in Eastern Europe [10], and finally, to maintain the interest of overthrowing the Syrian Arab Republic, a possible major gas exporter [11].

The latest news is that Bulgaria – a member-state of NATO and the European Union – continues to illegally supply drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, despite the recent Resolution 2253, which was unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council.

Thierry Meyssan


Pete Kimberley

[1] „Doping war im Fußball gang und gäbe“, Frankfürter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 13th, 2007.

[2] “Bulgaria’s most popular politician: great hopes, murky ties”, John Beyrle, May 9, 2006.

[3] “Bush’s Bulgarian Partner in the Terror War Has Mob History, Investigators Say”, Jeff Stein, U.S. Congressional Quarterly, May 2007.

[4] Die neuen Dämonen, Jürgen Roth, 2008.

[5] The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam, Bernard Lewis, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1967.

[6] “Bulgaria discards Hezbollah involvement in Burgas bombing”, Voltaire Network, June 8th, 2013.

[7] « Mise à jour d’une nouvelle filière de trafic d’armes pour les jihadistes », par Valentin Vasilescu, Traduction Avic, Réseau Voltaire, December 24th, 2015.

[8] « Le sabotage du gazoduc South Stream », par Manlio Dinucci, Tommaso di Francesco, Traduction Marie-Ange Patrizio, Il Manifesto (Italie), Réseau Voltaire, June 10th, 2014.

[9] « US Strategy Plan Calls For Insuring No Rivals Develop » and « Excerpts from Pentagon’s Plan : “Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival » », Patrick E. Tyler, New York Times, March 8th, 1992. « Keeping the US First, Pentagon Would preclude a Rival Superpower », Barton Gellman, The Washington Post, March 11th, 1992.

[10] « South Stream bloqué, la “claque” des États-Unis à l’Union européenne », par Manlio Dinucci, Traduction Marie-Ange Patrizio, Il Manifesto (Italie), Réseau Voltaire, December 5th, 2014.

[11] “Struggle over the Middle East: Gas Ranks First”, by Imad Fawzi Shueibi, Voltaire Network, 17 April 2012.


This is a fascinating and damning report on the US and her vassals. Thank you.

Bill Wilson

It’s a load of bullshit. Lafarge is a manufacturer of cement with no divisions engaged in construction. That plant was built and started production in 2010 as a joint venture with MAS (a Syrian company with strong government ties) for $680 million USD in anticipation of a building boom in the north. It was sorely needed since the 5 state owned cement plants couldn’t keep up with the current demand and this new plant’s production was nearly equal to their combined output.
LaFarge decided to keep it running after the fighting started so they could recapture some of their initial investment before circumstances would cause it forced closure. The plant only made bagged cement that was picked up by the buyers’ trucks at the plant. When the Syrian government forces left the region LaFarge had to start paying protection money to the YPG then Daesh until they abandoned the plant before Daesh took it over.
LaFarge also found itself paying off various “rebel groups” to allow trucks carrying their bags of cement safe passage thru their territories. That was a common business practice in Syria where the government, rebels and Daesh traded goods with each other besides gunfire. Daesh sold oil that way, where independent truckers paid cash at the terminals then hauled it away. The buyers got it at a deep discount since they had to foot the costs of transportation, tolls and bribes to get it where they wanted.

Here’s a more interesting article about that plant and Syria’s wartime economy:


I think most of the early arms shipments to Syria, starting in 2011, were shipped by the CIA directly from Benghazi Libya. That is what Seymour Hersh and others have reported. It was estimated that Kaddafi had $30 billion in armaments, and the US was eager to make sure that they were kept out of the hands of the locals. The shipments went from Benghazi through Turkey and Jordan (and some through Lebanon). Ambassador Stephens was there in Benghazi in August 2012 supervising the transfer when he was killed.
The Gulf States bought a lot of additional arms from Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries, as the article points out.


Hollande and Laurent Fabius Zionist Government
were many times proud to announce to have provided weapons
to the “Moderate Rebels” against Assad.
Shouldn’t forget “Lafarge” was up to the Neck with ISIS
and Hilarkiller Clinton !

Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad

by Thierry Meyssan

On the occasion of the release of Thierry Meyssan’s new book , «Right Before our Eyes. From 9/11 to Donald Trump», we are publishing a series of articles which develop a few of the numerous points he mentions.

After the comments by Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the debate for the French Presidential election, we shall begin with the true story of Lafarge-Holcim in Syria.

On 2 March 2017, the company Lafarge-Holcim admitted that its Syrian subsidiary, in violation of UNO resolutions, had «paid sums of money to third parties, including certain third parties who are under sanction, in order to facilitate arrangements with a number of armed groups with a view to maintaining the company’s activity and ensuring safe passage for its employees and supplies to and from the factory» [1].

The cement company has already been the object of two enquiries. The first was initiated by the associations Sherpa and ECCHR, on 15 November 2016, while the second was launched by the French Minister of the Economy. Both were reacting to the alleged revelations in Le Monde, according to which Lafarge paid money to Daesh, in violation of UNO resolutions.

JPEG – 29.7 kb

It’s important to note that the articles published on 2 March in Intelligence Online (a confidential site belonging to Le Monde) and in Le Monde itself on 22 June 2016, were written by a journalist who is not affiliated with these news outlets – Dorothée Myriam Kellou. This young woman studied at Georgtown University. Her statements were confirmed in a book by Jacob Waerness, Risikosjef i Syra, in which the ex-employee decribes the frightening security situation of Lafarge personnel in Syria. The author pursued his collaboration with the cement company after the publication of his book.

The pseudo-revelations of Le Monde were organised in coordination with Lafarge-Holcim in order to focus the attention of the public and the judges on a single point of detail – namely, should they have accepted being held to ransom by Daesh.

The truth is worse than that.

The preparation of the war against Syria

In June 2008, NATO organised the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group [2] in Chantilly (United States) during which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presented themselves to the participants.

Among the 120 people present were Bassma Kodmani (future spokeswoman for the Syrian National Coalition) and Volker Perthes (future assistant of Jeffrey Feltman at the UNO, for Syria). During a debate on the permanence of US foreign policy, they spoke up to commend the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the role they could play in the «democratisation» of the Arab world.

Jean-Pierre Jouyet (future Secretary General for the Elysée), Manuel Valls (future Prime Minister of France) and Bertrand Collomb (head of Lafarge) were present alongside Henry R. Kravis (future financial coordinator of Daech).

Lafarge in Syria

Lafarge is the world’s leading cement company. NATO entrusted it with the construction of the jihadists’ bunkers in Syria and the reconstruction of the Sunni part of Iraq. In exchange, Lafarge allowed the Alliance to manage its installations in these two countries, notably the factory in Jalabiyeh (at the Turkish border, north of Aleppo). For two years, the multinational supplied the materials and equipment for the construction of the gigantic underground fortifications which enabled the jihadists to defy the Syrian Arab Army.

Lafarge is currently directed by US citizen Eric Olsen, who has integrated into his company the factories of the Sawiris brothers and Firas Tlass. The latter is the son of General Moustapha Tlass, President Hafez el-Assad’s ex-Minister for Defence. He is the brother of General Manaf Tlass, whom France had once considered making the next Syrian President. He is also the brother of Nahed Tlass-Ojjeh, the widow of Saudi arms dealer Akram Ojjeh – she works with the journalist Franz-Olivier Giesbert.

The links between Lafarge and the French Special Forces are facilitated by the friendship between Bertrand Collomb (who became the honorary President of the multinational) and General Benoît Puga (Chief of Staff for Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande).

The lies of Le Monde

First of all, the online news outlet of the anti-Syrian mercenaires, Zaman Al-Wasl, published e-mails showing that Lafarge was paying money to Daesh. Then Le Monde published its articles and took the documents from Zaman Al-Wasl off its Internet site (although you can find them here on our Internet site).

According to Le Monde, the multinational was buying oil to keep its factory running. However, this is untrue – the factory in question runs almost exclusively on coal, which was still being delivered from Turkey. Without realising the enormity of its confession, the daily admitted that Lafarge produced 2,6 million metric tonnes of cement per year, destined for the «rebel zones».

Yet throughout this terrible war, civilians could not obtain permission to build in these zones.

JPEG – 42.9 kb

Daesh soldiers at the Lafarge-Holcim factory in Jalabiyeh (Syria)

The construction of the jihadists’ bunkers

2,6 million metric tonnes for two years adds up to at least six million metric tonnes produced for the «rebels». I’m putting the word «rebel» in quotes, because these combatants are not Syrians – they come from all over the Muslim world, including Europe.

This amount of concrete is comparable to that used by the German Reich, in 1916-17, to build the Siegfried Line. Since July 2012, NATO – including France – have organised a war of position in conformity with the strategy described by Abou Moussab «The Syrian» in his 2004 book, Management of Savagery.

We can imagine the number of military engineers from the NATO Engineering Corps – including the French – who were necessary to build these colossal structures.

Lafarge, the Clintons and the CIA

During the 1980’s, Lafarge was defended in its Alabama pollution trial by a famous lawyer, a certain Hillary Rodham-Clinton. She managed to reduce the fine imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencydown to only 1,8 million dollars.

During the mandate of George Bush Sr, Lafarge helped out the CIA by illegally transporting to Iraq the weapons which would be used later on during the rebellion, when Iraq was planned to invade Kuwaït, and the international Coalition was planned to come to liberate it.

During the same period, Hillary Rodham-Clinton became an administrator for the multinational, a post she left when her husband was elected to the White House. President Bill Clinton then reduced to 600,000 dollars the fine that his wife had been unable to avoid for Lafarge. Good relations continued between them, since the cement company donated 100,000 dollars to the Clinton Fondation in 2015, and its new CEO, Eric Olsen, never hesitates to have his photo taken with Hillary Clinton.

The Russian military intervention

Entrenched in their bunkers, the jihadists were not afraid of the Syrian Arab Army, and had no difficulty in holding their positions. For two years, the country was cut in two, since the government chose to save the population and thus to abandon the area.

When Russia stepped in, answering the request by the Syrian government, its mission was to destroy the jihadists’ bunkers with penetrating «bunker-buster» bombs. The operation was intended to last three months, from September 2015 until the Orthodox Christmas (6 January 2016). However, the extent of Lafarge-Holcim’s constructions proved to be so massive that the Russian Army needed six months to finish the job.


When the transnational company Lafarge-Holcim finished its mission in service of the Military Engineering Corps of NATO, it closed its factory and lent it to the Alliance. So the factory in Jalabiyeh was transformed into a headquarters for the Special Forces of the United States, France, Norway and the United Kingdom, who were occupying the North of Syria illegally.

Contrary to the smoke-screen raised by Le Monde, this is not at all the sad story of a construction company which was forced to negotiate with jihadists in order to save its personnel. Lafarge-Holcim’s responsibility is its central role in a vast military operation aimed at the destruction of Syria – a secret war which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


Lafarge was working for the French Secret Services in Syria

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US/CIA/MOSSAD had Stephens killed because he uncovered the pipeline and was going to report this to Congress and the public along with the UN. Things said by an American carries more weight along with the evidence.


I think you are wrong on this. There was no reason for any Ambassador to be in this small deserted outpost consulate. Hillary Clinton specifically sent Stephens to Benghazi to investigate the shipments, and specifically why the quality of the arms had decreased in recent months.

Remember this was August 2012. Seymour Hersh and others reported that for the first year of the shipments, the armaments were of high quality. But then in the Summer of 2012, people within the Defense Department began to question why the CIA was arming the jihadists. This is about the same time that the famous DIA report came out exposing the CIA support for the jhadis.

According to Hersh the DOD intentionally tried to screw up the CIA pipeline by sending low quality stuff to Syria. Hillary was very upset about her pet project being messed with. That is why she sent Stephens to his death.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well explain why they are filtering US arms through Libya when all they had to do was to get them to Israel,Turkey ,Lebanon and Jordan. Seems a waste when so many compliant NATO nations were putting shipments thru diplomatic services. Benghazi was for transferring Libyan arms and chemical weapons to Syria and Iraq to arm the Al Qaeda/FSA/ISIS in Syria and Iraq. They trained them in Jordan and Turkey 75 at a time 25 for the FSA then 50 for ISIS/Al Qaeda seems that was how they were operating back then. Hersh is good on some but not on the entirety of it all even he holds back pertinent info.


The armaments were already in Libya, $30 billion dollars worth of them, when NATO killed Kaddafi and did the regime change there in 2011. They belonged to Libya.

And …. to top it all off they were all free of charge. Where else do you get $30 billion in free arms, (stolen of course)?

All they had to do was ship them to Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, and then on to the rebels in Syria. Later, after the Libya operation was shut down, Gulf Countries got into the game, by purchasing arms from East European Countries.

The CIA didn’t start training their “moderate” rebels until later.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I am going by the guys that did their training and the funding came from the CIA even Al Qaeda in Algeria was trained by the MI6/CIA/MOSSAD. Have friends in low places that know friends in high places because I like to go places…


” Fighters returned to Turkey, demanding US trainers to take responsibility for the “flag mistake.”

It beggars belief that US military trainers packed ‘ the suitcases ‘ of their newly trained terrorists with the wrong flags and only goes to show how important it is to check ones own baggage :)

But I suppose stupidity goes hand in hand with these morons.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Hahahahaha, true!!!


Lol! Talk about a “false flag”! But anyways, I think it was not a mistake as those guys were being manipulated. I think it was maybe meant to be a propaganda thing to show government soldiers “covering” to the insurgent cause, or alternatively they were to be disposed of. One way to do it is to send guys carrying Government flags into jihadi territory.


Failure ? Please, we are naive persons. you can tell this to USA people in general. Most of them will believe you.


Europeans love to hear how immigration is wonderful . You can never tell them enough . More on the way, citizens! !


Failure ? That’s just because we don’t invest more money in it !


“Pure accident, fellow goy!”


It is not important who got the arms. They were paid for at the source and got “used up”. So the supply got replenished. More money. You flood a country with psychopathic drug addicts and weapons, it becomes intolerable, and everyone moves out. Point, set, match.

When I read the FSA has defeated some ISIS around the border with Iraq, I picture ISIS putting on FSA uniforms, no dead bodies.

When F.uk.us and co-conspirators test personnel for psychopathic tendencies, you only fail if you are, NOT a psychopathA


Your last sentence is nonsense .


Well intentionally inflammatory, unsupported and perhaps wrong. I think the Germans probably were on to using Psychopaths for the nasty jobs. Operation Paperclip certainly passed all the Nazi wisdom on to the Americans. But in any unit that commits war crimes I would bet money the leadership of troops manifest psychopathic tendencies. If not, they are the ones who wind up with severe PTSD.

Joe Dirt

Mudslime Obama….

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