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JUNE 2021

Spanish Government Blames ‘Russian Hackers’ For Fueling Catalan Crisis, Says “Democracy” Has Problems With “new technologies”

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Spanish Government Blames 'Russian Hackers' For Fueling Catalan Crisis, Says "Democracy" Has Problems With "new technologies"

Catalonians celebrated after the region’s parliament declared independence from Spain on 27 October

On Firday, Spanish government spokesperson Inigo Mendez de Vigo and Defense Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal ccused some Russian and Venezuelan hackers of interfering in the ongoing crisis in Catalonia, the El Pais newspaper reported.

According to the report, the Spanish government would be dealing with the issue at the next European Union Foreign Affairs Council meeting, which will take place this Monday.

This is a serious issue, where democracy must confront the challenges of new technologies,” Mendez de Vigo said. “It’s an issue that will be on the order of the day at the next Foreign Affairs Council meeting, where the [Spanish] foreign minister will speak on the matter. […] We believe that Europe has to take this issue very seriously. It can’t be that foreign forces, outsiders, whom we don’t know who they are, want to change the constitutional order.”

What kind of problems does the Western “democracy” also have? Isn’t the truth among them?

Defense Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal added that “many messages and operations that were seen via social networks come from Russian territory,”

“And I use the correct expression: from Russian territory. That’s not to say necessarily that we have determined that it is the Russian government. As such, we must act with extreme caution. We have to be clear on the origins. They are partly from Russian territory, partly from elsewhere, also outside the EU. We are determining this at the current time.”

He claimed that hackers from Russia and Venezuela have been publishing fake or distorted news stories related to Catalonia and to Spain. Most likely, the defense minister used the word “hackers” to refer to media outlest, which provided a non-mainstream coverage of the conflict. It looks, now anybody, who knows how to launch a PC, is a hacker.

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It’s interesting that any country which the Empire wants to destroy is getting accused of something. Now, I heard the Russian hackers narrative before, but Venezuela?

And with all the censoring of the search engines and “fake news” flagging of social media services, they still whine about insufficient control over internet? How about shutting the servers and backbones down and once and for all finish it all? I guess media outlets other than Zio-controlled MSM is such a thorn in their side, they can’t think of anything else.
Social media is a “tool for democracy” if the agent provocateurs report about “Venezuela police murdering protesters” or Jihadis report about “Syrian government use of chemical weapons”, but not so much if the reports doesn’t fit their own narratives.

In any case, always blame Russia, nobody asks you to prove anything. It’s a sure thing.

Axis of Resistance

The global elite and Zionists (difficult to differentiate the two) will kvetch about insufficient control until we are all enslaved in perpetuity.

Tudor Miron

Honestly… EU countries leaders are such a joke nowdays. They come to power on single fundation – being ready to serve as vassal states to US than they get a pass. Feminisation of population has led to predictable results – there’s serious shortage of competency within their political ranks.


Russia we all know has the best hackers , but Venezuela !
And how come Iran missed the bad list , someones job is on the line .

Moussa Saab

They forgot to mention using Ukranian
technology, paid by chinese, and were facilitated with the aid of Hezbollah and the Assad regime who want to undermine democracy.

Axis of Resistance

If that’s what they believe and if their democracy is so weak, then they deserve to lose it. Never can the leftists hold themselves accountable.

Solomon Krupacek

all rusian sites, also SF were pro division of the country. thats true. but the western media is the same, they happily write about their wishlists.


The EU itself has favoured the majority ‘Will of the People’ in other parts of the world , including Europe.
The EU is not happy when voters wish to leave the ‘ EU Paradise ‘.

Solomon Krupacek

no boy, simply these rights are in member states. all countries accepted this deal. so, eu is not russia, not dictatorship, simply follow the agreements and law.


Tell that to the voters in Catelonia.

Solomon Krupacek

they understood. the firms are moving from catalonia. the poor future is coming.

but you are ruskie commie. tell this for your tatars, checens, karelians ;)


“Democracy” in newspeak maybe.


Just wow. Russia is interfering with everyone’s bowel movements these days. They must have a lot of free time.


I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned ‘Houthi Yemeni’ criminal gangs now monopolise the supply of illegal hallucinogens within Europe.


What’s happening is that Western leaders are surfing waves of worldwide contempt, badly. (The clue is on every page of the internet – www.) They try to identify each wave as Russian etc, but in fact the world as a whole is delighted to see these arrogant pricks, who have spent years if not decades screwing over other countries, get their come-uppance.


It is wonderful to see the worlds Elite in full panic mode. :)


Agreed :)


And the serious point is accountability, and the current lack of it Viz the Clintons etc


This is what happens in any nation where ALL branches of government are compromised and the rank and file power elite themselves are often compromised by their criminal behaviour that today is often Paedophilia and Sexual abuse .
Such abuse is used for blackmail by the 0.01%.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Russians even hacked my cell phone. I know it because they stole a photo of a sexy woman I had. They also caused my cell phone to misspell words in text messages.

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