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JUNE 2021

Spanish Fighter Jet Crashed After National Day Parade In Madrid. Pilot Died (Videos)

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Spanish Fighter Jet Crashed After National Day Parade In Madrid. Pilot Died (Videos)

A photo from the scene. Source: https://twitter.com/cucha1985/status/918425016185819136

On October 12, a Spanish pilot died when his fighter jet crashed near the Los Llanos airbase in Albacete following the participation in a National Day military parade in Madrid.

The Spanish Defense Ministry officially confirmed the incedent and the death of pilot but did not provide additional details.

It added that the incident is under investigation.

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An ominous omen on a national day regarding the future of Spain?

My sympathy at least for the family of the dead pilot.

Temam Machmud Gase

There a lot of Nazi-Germany in Spain. Nazi-Germanys make trouble everywhere. They must be deported.

Wahid Algiers

Are you mad in your head? Anything about German’ s Nationalists? Shame on you. Go in the corner and play with your little balls.

Peter Moy

It was a Typhoon II. These crashes happen no matter what type of aircraft; F-18, F-16, Su-24, MiG-29, J-10, etc.


Complexity is the enemy of the modern aircraft. Gimme a SU-25 or A-10 anyday.


Rip to the pilot.
Maybe the crash was done by Catalans or Basque separatist… corrupt Spanhistan. The politicians spend the money in drugs and prostitutes and after…

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