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Spanish Authorities Focus On Fighting Opposition Rapper While Gang Of Armed Migrants Attacks School Just Under Nose Of Police

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Spanish Authorities Focus On Fighting Opposition Rapper While Gang Of Armed Migrants Attacks School Just Under Nose Of Police

A screenshot from the video

The European Union, the United States and MSM allow itself to criticize Russia for delivering some justice to a convinced criminal and foreign-funded puppet, Alexey Navalny. However, the very same ‘fighters for democracy’ accidentally forget to address some ‘minor issues’ and ‘common democracy problems’ within the US and the EU themselves.

On February 16 evening, large protests took place in Spain over the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasel.

Pablo Hasel was arrested at the rectorate of the University of Lleida, where he alongside a group of supporters had barricaded themselves inside the building in protest of his sentence.

According to the ‘democratic’ Spanish court ruling, Pablo Hasel would face  a nine-month jail term for publishing ‘tweets with videos that incited violence,’ as well as messages that the magistrates consider to have “exalted terrorism and humiliated the Crown and other state institutions, such as the Armed Forces and the police forces.”

The protests against the detention of the rapper that was in fact jailed for criticizing the Spanish government and the crown turned into riots. The largest protest took place in Barcelona, while smaller ones took place in other Catalan cities such as Girona, Vic, and Lleida.

Meanwhile, the European ‘multiculturalism in the interests of democracy’ also seems to be working pretty well. Just recently, a group of about 40 North African migrants armed with machetes came to a school in the Spanish city of Getafe (Community of Madrid) to demand schoolchildren to pay for their safety.

The incident expectedly led to violence and injures.

In the modern neo-liberal world, the safety is the privilege and the ‘democracy’ is the rule of the neo-liberals/globalists and their agents.


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EU white collar bureaucrats are walking disaster for EU countries…
Get ready, mass riots ahead !!!


there is no day in my life where I wake up without feeling ashamed of being Catalan


Time is cure for everything.

Zulubal Andre

not everybody can say that he caught nato red-handed in a covert surveillance operation, but i still don’t get how their balacing act between the eu, russia and uk is going to work out without major confrontations…

Freemon Sandlewould

I see now. If you do not conform to the central government — they unleash the street muscle on you. Or on your children. This is going to get ugly.

Hasbara Hunter

Well it takes approximately 6 minutes for a Hypersonic Nuke to reach Great Britain….

Hasbara Hunter

Europeans are slowly opening their eyes at this very moment…forget the ZioNazi-Bullshit of Migrants, Crusades or Jihads, BLM, ISIS, al-CIAda, Bad Russkies or Corona….The only people in Europe that really gotta fear for their lives are the Elites, Banksters & Political Establishments!

Hasbara Hunter

Democracia en España



I suspect that the covid lockdowns and curfews are a deliberate attempt to stop mass uprisings by the indigenous European populations.

I can smell the fear of our tyrannical overlords.

Hasbara Hunter

Sure…Europe openly became an Autocratic Fascist-ZioNaziRegime: We have to wear face-masks so that we don’t communicate, we have to keep distance, Curfews, get Euthanized with Vaccins, No Accumulations, No Protests, Promote individualism…I have been contacting RIVM & Ministry of VWS at least 60 times…with at least 30 different Questions…Not one single question was answered….

But we had a little Victory in Court: the Dutch Curfew was Illegal & should have been abandoned immediately according the Judge, but Filthy Traitor, Dictator & Terrorist-Supporter Mark Rutte used His own Corrupted Martial law ZioNazi-Judges to turn it back for the moment…again more people will open their eyes…




Thanks for the links. The video below is all very odd.


Hasbara Hunter

Weird…but Murica is one big PsyOp…it can mean anything….best is to leave Murica where it is…


It is many years since I went to the US. It was in 1990 I think.
I have no wish to go there again :)

Hasbara Hunter

Me neither…

Harry Smith

If I were Russian ministry of foreign affairs, I would release a demand for Spanish government to free the rapper, like Spanish EU deputies did in case of Navalniy.


“humiliated the Crown and other state institutions” I’m not a fan of that rapper, but since when is this a crime? Is Spain like Saudi Arabia where one can’t dare insult the King?

Sadly the rest of the story is all too typical for liberal-Socialist Euro-wussy states. Migrants are untouchable and they know it.

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