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JUNE 2023

Spain Pulls Its Frigate Out Of USS Abraham Lincoln CSG, Says It Won’t Send Warship To Persian Gulf

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Spain Pulls Its Frigate Out Of USS Abraham Lincoln CSG, Says It Won't Send Warship To Persian Gulf

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The Spanish Frigate Méndez Núñez was pulled out of the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group (CSG) and will not be deployed in the Persian Gulf, Spanish Acting Defense Minister Margarita Robles announced on May 14th.

Robles insisted that the decision is technical and military, not political, and that Spain respects Washington’s choice. “We respect the decision and when things go back to what was planned with the Spanish Navy, we will resume [the mission],” said the minister

Once the carrier strike group reaches the Indian Ocean, the Spanish warship would rejoin the mission. Speaking in Brussels at a meeting of EU ministers, Robles said that Spain and the US had reached a deal two years ago to include the Méndez Núñez, with 215 sailors on board, in a training mission.

Distancing herself from unilateral moves made by the US, the defense minister insisted that Spain is a “serious and trustworthy partner,” but that its armed forces are only bound by agreements made with the European Union and NATO.

“Spain’s commitment is to the European Union and international organizations, and we will always adopt our common positions from there.”

The May 5th announcement that the CSG would be sent to the Persian Gulf amid growing tensions between US and Iran changed the mission.

“I am legally-minded and when I see that there is a deviation from the agreement, I feel that it is better to temporarily suspend it,” said Robles.

Spain’s acting foreign minister, Josep Borrell, also downplayed Spain’s decision. After admitting that “it is a complicated situation,” he said that “it shouldn’t be taken so hard.”

“When I see that there is a deviation from the agreement, I feel that it is better to temporarily suspend it,” Robles said.

As of May 13th, the USS Abraham Lincoln CSG is active in the Gulf of Aden, USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker reported.

Just several days earlier, amphibious warship USS Kearsarge (LHD-3), fleet supply ship USNS Alan Shepard (T-AKE-3) and the guided-missile destroyer USS McFaul (DDG-74) left the Persian Gulf.

In a statement, US Navy officials did not offer additional details on how the temporary suspension would affect the operation of the strike group.

“I refer you to the Spanish Ministry of Defense for questions regarding future operations with Méndez Núñez,” read a statement from U.S. 5th Fleet. “We value the strong mil-to-mil relationship with our Spanish allies.”

It is clear that Spain simply wishes to not be involuntarily dragged in a possible conflict between the US and Iran.


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klove and light

and the dices Keep on rolling…………….spain wants no part in the upcoming attack on Iran…

Hasbara Hunter



Not even the most bootlicking EU country will support the US warmongers in a suicidal war with Iran which will destroy Europe and sooner than later it will go nuclear. Ayatollah Khamenei gave a hint about reversing the “Fatwa” banning nuclear weapons. Iran can have a nuclear breakout in less than 2 weeks if pushed. So everyone is now backtracking, the Zionist bluff has been called!

Jens Holm

There is no suicidals as well as EUs as many others are allowed to have their own opinions around the falling in their own beards in Iran.

You do anything to miscredit anything not even reflect in whats right and wrong.

No respect from here about that.

Khameini is much more far out then Trump because Trump is limited by the Democratic USA system. None here take much notice about all the random Fatwas. Thoise are just to keep Iraniens down and unite people in fear adding more Niqabs with extra dark sunglases to the country.

Jens Holm

What a joke. None has fear about that. Several countries are very dependent of oil and gas from there.

Much like the Iranian wessels and airplanes could be a part of Disneyland. Only the missiles are heavy ones.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah Mo’ Missiles….Preferable Hypersonic Ones


There are various confirmed news reports coming out of US that Trump is about to fire the draft dodging Zionist chickenhawk Bolton as the US military is very concerned that a real war with Iran will break out which it does have the resources or capability to fight. Pompeo is also at odds with the coward Bolton and President Putin and FM Lavrov may have talked some sense into the Americans. The UK generals in Iraq have also openly contradicted US lies that Iran is gearing up for war. Spain and no EU nation will support US warmongers. Bolton will be sacrificed on the alter of Zionism soon!

AM Hants

Couldn’t happen to a nicer moron. Remember, when under Bush, he was the US Envoy to the UN and he threatened the Director of the OPCW? What was it he said about knowing where his children were? Because the man did not agree with the lies, being spun, against Saddam?

Bolivia reminded us, of Colin Powell in the UNSC, when they were trying to get the Iraq War up and running. The Bolivian Envoy, used this image, when they were using the same script, blaming Syria, this time.


Hasbara Hunter

The U.S. are Loudmouthed Chickenshit Cowards…their LGBTQI-Warriors will love a War with Iran….

Put the World on Fire U.S……Bring it on https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d77946707f8521a9d5abf234e482c94b1d622f7aabd3bf4fc8e84013f5525d79.jpg


The fact of the matter is that US military is mostly unemployable degenerates, fat and cowardly and have never fought a nation that can fight back. Even in WW2, Soviets and Russians won the war by sacrificing 26 million dead, while total US losses after joining the war belatedly in 1942 were merely less than half a million. US lost 55,000 dead in Vietnam and ran off. Unfortunately, the Arabs have been too divided to inflict serious losses, but Iran would have caused major casualties for the US homosexual perverted military that kills civilians. The Shia Amal (forerunner to Hezbollah, led Musawi brothers from Bekaa) in Lebanon killed over 400 US and French occupation forces and both ran off, never to return.

Hasbara Hunter

Iran will go all out….it will be All or Nothing….Asymmetrical Warfare…Do or Die….Warriors like this are a Formidable Opponent….


They will be fighting for their nation and people.


Persians in their 3,000 illustrious history have never been short on valor. They are a formidable enemy as even the Romans found out. Iranians and Russians are very similar people of the Steppes, who don’t go around looking for a fight, but if threatened will rally around the flag and fight like hell.

Hasbara Hunter

In my personal vision the U.S. won’t only have to face Iran….but perhaps even the Entire Middle East…because they All must be Pretty Fed Up with the Divided States of Murica by now…after Decades of Endless Massacres

Jens Holm

You might inspect Your calender and find the many missing pages.

Jens Holm

Totally stupid to relate to that.

Its seemes to be forgotten, that Germany(west) as well as the rest of Western Europe are doing fine having high standard of living as well as democrasy with free speach and hardly any cheeting in elections. Ciompared to others corruption is in the low scale as well.

It also seemes to be forgotten how Japan, Sou´th Korea, Taiwan and several others in Asia is now according to wealth and li´ving standards.

It seemes ignored that millions of losses in WW2 was made by the stupidisms of Stalin from mainly from 1938 to the army took over the war again. Even most Russians has seen that and has removed that killer of the worst kind.

You even put in homosexuals into it. The rest of the world knows up to 10% are sexual minorities by birth and a few more by inspiration. You have exact the same as us, even You Yourself seemes a little closer to the ones mainly climbing in trees.

You should learn from them. They dont make a lot of children, they cant support well and mainly being good taxpayers to the ones, which make the babies.

Jens Holm

Hasbare reduntant prefare they are kiling each other in stead.


Nice one Spain!


Now the Germans and Dutch are pulling out.


Where did Warhawk wohl go to?


There is a gay festival happening in Tel Aviv and he is dancing on a float :)


Well that’s fine with me.

Jens Holm

How much do You pay :)


The guy had this profile pic: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99ade94d8fa1eb92c29ef493257058c6a1792df69c3dd9dd85499e05aa89b069.jpg

Hasbara Hunter

You mean “the Nose”……he’s at the Gay Parade in Hell Aviv at the moment…..

Lena Jones

Viva España!


Smart move by the Spaniards.


very good – I think that is the view of most eu-states, even poland now that the squatters are using moronistan (aka usa – home of neo-nazi morons) as enforcer in securing the restitution of property that jews in poland claim they lost during ww2 and which poland isn’t very keen in doing. moronistan, to let us know the size of the hold the squatters have over the lawmakers in congress, has even a special law for the purpose, a special envoy to secure certain countries compliance with the law and that compensation is paid out. the envoy was just recently in poland. other countries in the cross-hairs of the squatters are romania, bulgaria, latvia and so on. will be fun to watch.


Well, we have to remember that they were the only people to lose property in the WW2. It’s simply not fair!


meanwhile moronistan (aka usa -home of neo-nazi morons) have stopped paying any subsidies to the palestinian authority in gaza which means starvation fpr about 1 million palestinians incarcerated in concentration camp Gaza. each of moronistan’s 50 states are obliged to pay its proportional share of what moronistan gifts to the squatters every year. somthing like 100m$ per state on average. seems a bit unfair.

in moronistan the natives can start a casino on their reservations and earn an income, handsomely so, but I doubt the palestinians ever would be allowed to start a casino on the reservation the squatters have forced them into, or with other words, concentration camp Gaza where they are subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment plus murdered and beaten in a never ending sadistic circus. yes there is an end to this sad state of tings and that is when the squatters finally are relieved from occupying palestine and kicked all the way to hell!!

Jens Holm

UN are the main contributers and not USA.

The whole world has waited and paid since 1949 that You should make some agreements, but You havnt.

I kind of undertstand Trump in this attacing the hands feeding You for so many years.

Whatever happens most of the world never will accept Israel to be evaporated from the map.

And dont blame me. I wasnt born and have paid to UN since I became a small taxpayer many years ago.

I have nosolutions as well. I only see parts of Israel look more and more like You. Thats no progress.

Jens Holm

Thats not córrect. Finland lost some. Ukraine got some as well as the disputed Königsberg became Russia even hardly as single Russian has lived there.

As I recall it, Japan also lost some disputed land, which was the main reason for USSR declared them war in 1945. I dont know about Iran.


That’s not correct! Lol!

Jens Holm

Whats not correct.

Jens Holm

Seemes like You are a squatter in a last seen autocamper after some hurricane tilted You round many times.

Tommy Jensen

If the Nato ally USA is under military threat from Iran, Spain legally has a duty to stand up for the United States. If Spain continue to refuse we can and will introduce sanctions and Spains bank assets and Swift transactions will be frozen folks. This time there is NO excuse as Spain had the last time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkx0MxK-Yl4


yes just continue implementing sanctions on veryone that does not want to go to war for US interests, and we shall see how many vasssals will you have left after few years. Iran has not attacked anyone since 1798 and is not trheatening anyone. Its US that brings wars to other countries.

Jens Holm

We dont see that in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen as well as Libya


You dont see what? Are you blind or are you trying to say Iran attacked Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen as well as Libya? Because Iranian forces are fighting in Syria with Syrian goverment forces with Syrian invitation against US backed terrorists. Dont forget 2 US presidents admited US is behind ISIL. “We are speeding up training of ISIL forces” Barack Obama “Obama and Hillary created ISIL” Donald Trump “Obama is the founder of ISIL” Donald Trump

Joe Kerr

Go on keyboard warrior… show the way, don’t be a snivelling coward all your life.

Jens Holm

I dont see that. Nato and EU countries are independant. There are treaties about it, which should be followed.

Only Turks has used the very hard ones trying to avoid kurds being armed.

I only taljk for myself, but I see EU mainly agree about the whole picture, bu we prefare more moderate methods which partly also are about trade. If we buy mainly oil from the, we can pay well by advanced åproducts, which Iran cant produce itself.

Its already for the Coalitions an agreement, that different countries do different jobs. By that You fx can ask for a korvette for Pirat chasing instead of Iran covering and then send a USA supporter to protect the american aircraft carrier in the Gulf.

Warfare is a very big and wide job . Warsships and guns are only the top of most things.


I think the only country doing the threatening is the US.


Is this how you read US-NATO script for war with Iran?Don’t know whether to laugh.


It looks like the US is going to blow some stuff up and kill some folks. Not only is Spain getting out of the way, but the US is evacuating most of its state department people from Baghdad.


The Germans and Dutch have gotten out of Iraq also

Tommy Jensen

US&Pentagon has been fooling around in Iraq since 1980.

Jens Holm

Something like that.

Hasbara Hunter

LEAK FOUND INTEL: https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.tellerreport.com/amp/2019-05-15—researchers-at-vu-university-amsterdam-find-a-serious-leak-in-intel-chips-.H1gDLWY34.html


Kell McBanned

Use AMD, intels made in Jizzrael

Jens Holm

If someone really has installed an Intel like this, its the best excuse for Yourself ever.

Most Intels has been fine. Kind of the 9.998 Boing 737 are fine airplanes. Even Iran use them:)

Hasbara Hunter

Intel has been Creating a Backdoor since the very beginning…Good for Espionage….


Iran ordered 50 737 Max 8’s back in 2016, but due to the sanctions, Boeing have not been able to deliver them. The only other Boeings being used by Iran Air are the old 747-400’s. Most of Iran Air’s fleet are various Airbus models.

opet ja

This means USA will attack Iran. They will also pull non emergency stuff from Baghdad. That means they will probably attack both Iran and its militias all around the middle east. It is on Trump to stop this Bolton’s suicidal adventure.

AM Hants

Would Trump be so stupid, bearing in mind, he is only a year away from a Presidential Campaign?

He did get the votes, using the peace ticket, last time he went to the polls.

Rhodium 10

España no quiere guerra contra Iran…ni siquiera Gran Bretaña ha mandado buques de guerra alli!

Rodney Loder

Trump is crawling to Putin righ now begging Putin to save him from Bolton, just like Putin saved Obama from him stupid red line in August 2013.

Putin is backed by Xi who is talking the US trade war as racist and an affront to Chinese history, if Trump doesn’t pull back shame faced the US will be the Turkey in the shoot out, the Pentagon knows this and is jumping up and down.

I wouldn’t want to be Trump righ now, Putin will make him suffer, I think Bolton is gone.

And who will thank my heroic Salafist Brothers for their incredible strategic imperatives?. Allah Akbah.

Jens Holm

Another crap only. Crawling because he meet a dwarf or midget )

You are not Trump. You probatly cant even be elected as reliable toiletpaper changer. You text is fooling around as only can be done by fools themselves.

It seemes You only have the bad parts of Islam as well.

Rodney Loder

Why abuse me , I don’t abuse you ?. I abuse living prominent people on Public Social Media, Southfront is liable I’ve done it before the Authortties have been informed and interview me.

No legal steps taken against me or Southfront / al-Monitor / Russia Insider. I also accuse deceased people of murder and many other criminal activities.

If you want to attack me come on “One Political Plaza” and make all the crazy allegations you like I’m “RT friend” see what happens in GOP country you should be enabled righ?.

You could do that and I’m ok with it there because I know you won’t, anyone can shut me down but no one will because no-one can kill a Prophet and no-one can restrict the Vengence of Allah if His Prophets are ridiculed.

Someone you know is about to die.

Jens Holm

1) Trump is not crawling to Putin at all. 2) Putin did not save Obama. 3) Putin is not backed by Xi for most matters at all. If anything its the other way around like the history about the tail and the dog. Fine they agree in something, but You twist it. 4) Turks are not related to that at all. They are in their own agenda incliding the disputes around Nato as well as EU. 4a) It has my symphaty Turks would like to buy USA missiles cheeper as well as buying technology – and when the missile producers in USA wont do that , they try to hostage by buying Russian good ones – but also cant buy trechnology there. At least the S300 and 400 are cheeper and maybee even some % better.

5) Attacking You is a relative. Things are not as explained in 1-4a.

6) Most prophets before Sir Muhammed actually was killed. 7) I dont redicule Your Master. Things around Islam is very well descriebed and is allowed to be debated and put in perspective as well.

I have reading great parts of Your Choran as well as the other 2 parts. Most muslims hardly has been reading the Choran but only the very short versions and the main parts are only told and mixted into ancient cultures.

If a women was made from Adam somethings is missing from from him. I know You Prophet is not Henry Ford, but You say a car with no tires and seats is a good car as well as the more stupid woem are, the better world we have.

Muhammed also promised muslims to be rich by stealing from others, killing the many which didnt obey and took slaves. Thats Muhammed economics.

So I dont have advanced analyses seeing how You insist in being behind in mos things hardly being effective in anything. Thats partly fine, but if You blame others for everything, You cant expect we dont hit back and bow for You lazy illiterates.

I am not like that and would prefare a fence aroundYou instead, so that kind of dirt at least remains where it comes from.

I see no sign of you are cleaning anything in Your part of the world. As long as You hardly try – which include updating the holy book 1350 years of more to include soap, broom, shampoo and like that, my oppinion will remain.

We are not You and Muhammed also is an important historical persons and are treated like that form here and by most of us.

We do – no offence – exact the same with our popes and priests. Even most Russians see Stalin and several other Leaders mainly made bad things by force and fear.

Rodney Loder

Come on OPP and expose me because of what I say on Disqus, you won’t do that, you could, your rants would go down real good on OPP but your not allowed to shut me up, no one is because I represent what israel used to establish itself for the past 68 years.

I brought the Holy Ghost to this Earth and I was tortured for the past 68 years so the Catholic Swine combined with the Freemason Masonic Lodge could convince the influential people of all Nations I was the Jew Messiah but I just didn’t realise it, and needed to be tortured some more, until I did.

However I was born in 1950 so couldn’t possibly have led the Jews back, so the jews in Israel supporting Zionism are in fact pseudo Jews.

This migh be a problum for some but not for Salafists as Salafism in my chosen Religion and so Salafism becomes the medium between Diviniy and not only man but indeed the entire Temporal Creation.

Christians and Jews can’t deny this because they used me for 68 years to be what they have become, but even so if they fess up immediately at least they will be something.

Adverse to that if they don’t I will just deny Christians and Jews to be in existence, this is easy for me since they usurped my identity with the proviso the I would, one day, be in acquiescence, however Allah has forbade me to be anything other than what I am.

Allah Akbah.

Jens Holm

I kind of dont care because I have heard the same songs since I remember.

You are right about the jews there comes from emmigrants, which in normal way once upon a time ago sold their property.


But most of the whole world wont accept the solutions for moving them somewhere else incl the sea

I dont care if You are salafist, atheist, scientist or communist.

If any upstairs brought You to here, it was Allah and certainly not You. You – according to the Christian bible – started as a piece of clay.

And sooner or later You will become something like that again.

The rest of Your words to me is religios spin off typical for believers. But You do forget the world is full of others, which are as much believers as You but in many religions and not in the narrowminded attitude as if there only are Jews and Christians in the world.

I might understand, that You dont like Baal. Moses got it written in stone. Muhammed told same same thing.

But You forget the billions of others such as hindus, buddists, shintoists and of course the atheists and sekulars.

By that You are a small important minority in the same seize as jews. By that facts, You should listen to, why so many others are that many more millions as well as Islam are in 3 main groups in the Sunni version. Here You should add and learn to respect, that Islam has many good faces as well as some bad ones.

I see the same for other religions.

If You want to live well on earth You cant, if You dont understand, if I after so many years hardly cares for things, which are not solved since 1948.

Maybee You should write a mail to Idlib and tell them how to make peace and understanding. It would be big progress if You could convince all of them to go home to their farms and kiosks and count how many children they have.

Rodney Loder

Absolutely impossible, you couldn’t have heard it all before, the Holy Ghost was so inconceivable not even speculative science fiction writers had ever, not even once, though of the Holy Ghost in the mantra that I alone present it in.

Salafists and Communists are anti Zionist not anti Jewish a Zionist can’t be a Jew and a Jew can’t be a Zionist I personally am always an on record calling for Assimilation and have referenced Lucien Wolf many times in my posts.

Only the Scriptures are relevant now, the water wars will start soon and the mayhem will become a second Armageddon, the only hope is the Mercy of Allah and our only method of realizing the Divine Favour of God is to reinstate the link between Heaven and Earth, I alone can do that since I’m Jesus himself.

I have many contacts in Heaven and they all say the same thing Dump Trump, Dump Trump, Dump Trump, that’s all I can get out of them at the moment, Allah Akbar.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This war has already started. Sadly many Iranians will needlessly die because of lack of Russian S-400 systems. S-300 is like shooting spit wads at an elephant. Many Americans such has myself have worked long and hard to delay this war for as long as possible to allow Iran to build better defenses. Iran has done well, but still lack an air force or 21st century air defenses. For those who cannot see the writing on the wall -The War Is Here- and people are already dying in Iran do to lack of medicines and other items being blocked by the Jewish United States.

Jens Holm

Your connections to USA hardly is drinking some coca cola once upon a time ago.

AM Hants

Iran has their own update to the S-300 and owing to them coming up with the Magrav technology, which Russia uses, when jamming the electrics, no doubt, it will be just as good as the S-400.


Many Americans will die in all those static bases around Iran. The Iranian version of the S300 has a useful spec. More importantly I suspect they will have built a lot of them. Unlike the Iraqis the Iranians appear to have invested in the operation of air defence assets.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

ahhaahah good, they are smart

AM Hants

Wonder if Pompeo upset Europe, when he turned up in Brussels, with a list of demands, concerning Iran?

Joe Kerr

The responses from both the EU and the UK suggest fatso failed.


I think so, the arrogance of the US is so obvious and the Trump administration has taken it to a new level.

Joe Kerr

Wonder if this UK major-general will now be sacked, or have an “accident”: https://www.yahoo.com/news/trumps-attempts-rally-allies-against-103322171.html

Make sense

Spain? Who gives a shit about a country bordering on 3rd world statis

Joe Kerr

The same reason the U.S. is becoming irrelevant.

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