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JUNE 2023

SpaceX Prototype Starship Explodes Day Ahead Of Manned Launch

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Less than 24 hours ahead of SpaceX and NASA’s rescheduled attempt to launch two astronauts into Earth’s orbit as part of work on the Commercial Crew program (set for 3:22PM ET Saturday), the Raptor engine in SpaceX’s Starship SN4 prototype blew up on its test stand in Boca Chica, Texas.


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RDI80 Needed!


That was no accident, someone was behind it.

Zionism = EVIL

Jew cunts.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunt technology at its best LOL Should have called Russia.

Assad must stay

Andi think they are planning to send astronauts in space on a spacex rocket today oh boy lmao

Ooga Booga

Now what? They are on their way to ISS.


The US Zioterrorists are better off paying $80 million per seat on the Soyuz, don’t want another space-shuttle fireworks display to adorn the skies on shabbat

chris chuba

‘A prototype’, so this means they were testing a new engine meant for a later revision of the rocket, not the same one they are planning to use today, correct?


The US Space Force need to be renamed as the US Space Suicide Bombers, I think.


I wonder what is the name of the captain of this Enterprize-ing starship?


Seriously though, I reckon someone found an irremediable fault in the craft and the management went like “ah F$#%!” and pushed the self destruct button!

Bill Proffin

It’s a different design, but yes, the idea that the Zionist golem can launch humans into space is ridiculous. Just take the ride on the Russian ships.

Assad must stay

why any astronaut would want to get on a spacex rocket is beyond me, when was the last successful launch?


SpaceX Tickets are free now. Buy two!

Assad must stay

yay hahahhahaah


In all fairness, this was a prototype.


That’s not what the article implies.


I dunno, it only says ‘prototype’ in the headline and once in the article, how much more explicit does it need to be?


Felon “I want to Nuke Mars” Husk deserves this.

jade villaceran

so what are they broadcasting? they are live at this time to launch the rocket


This is fantastic news. The best this year. I just wish that it had been the scheduled launch with Trump on site and bragging how clever US engineers are, when the ‘missile’ blew up.

The current mass riots in the US are the icing on the cake for me. :)


fake x musk can’t afford such real deal mishaps,yet it makes no sense like ok bad luck,lets just hop onto the next ship fellas don’t worry’ This is what I mean about fake events are always contradicted in logic, for example id that was say one of the soviets even nasas back then real deal (explosions) it would take many moths if not years to get it sorted properly for the next attempt to concurr?Dummy tanks at best!

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