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Sovereignty As A Pillar Of US Diplomacy And Other Fairy Tales By Mike Pompeo

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Sovereignty As A Pillar Of US Diplomacy And Other Fairy Tales By Mike Pompeo

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On February 15th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo proclaimed that “the West is winning” in his address at the Munich Conference.

His remarks were accepted by the auditorium with an awkward silence.

Mike Pompeo was attending the conference in the place of US President Donald Trump. In his speech he boasted of new jobs in the US, and various other feats entirely separate from US relations with Europe, Canada and its other allies.

“Today, throughout the Western Hemisphere, we have only Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela as redoubts of authoritarianism. Meanwhile, the United States is thriving. Our political system is free and enormously resilient. Our economy, too, is strong,” Pompeo stated. “The overall unemployment rate is the lowest in more than half a century, economic growth tripping right along. The unemployment rate for women is at the lowest level in almost 70 years. Wages are rising for all income levels in the United States, including our blue-collar workers. This is the power of the Western idea.”

At that point he was expecting an applause, it didn’t happen.

He paused, smiled and continued:

“The West is winning. Freedom and democracy are winning. And by that, I don’t mean just geographical nations. The West doesn’t define a space or a piece of real state. It’s any nation – any nation that adopts a model of respect for individual freedom, free enterprise, national sovereignty. They’re part of this idea of the West.”

There was no applause once again.

In his speech Pompeo made a few other absurd claims, such as describing respect of others’ sovereignty as the pillar of western freedom and democracy.

Examples that debunk this specific claim are numerous, most recently the US has been attempting to strong arm Iraq into not forcing it to withdraw troops from its soil, even going so far as to threaten its entire economy, by keeping its official bank accounts “hostage.”

Or such as proclaiming an individual as the legitimate president, disregarding entirely the democratically elected president, such is the case in Venezuela.

Sovereignty is important, but some countries simply need some assistance with it.

He portrayed Russian, Chinese and Iranian foreign policy as a “desire for an empire” and pointed out that these countries do not respect other countries’ sovereignty.

“Russia annexed Crimea, Iran has troops in many countries across the Middle East, China has maritime dispute with every bordering nation,” said Pompeo.

He said that the apparent rift in policy towards Iran, Russia and China that the US and Europe have are “tactical” and, essentially, mean nothing in the big picture.

“There is a common understanding, but we have tactical difference with Europe. Chinese Communist Party is a threat to the idea of the West, we won’t let information travel through networks that could be hijacked by the Chinese Communist Party”, said Pompeo.

Just a day earlier, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, saying that it came at the expense of European allies.

This could be very apparently be deemed as a bit more than a “tactical difference” as the German president disagreed with the entire strategy of the US, however, Pompeo and Co. have never been hindered by common sense.

“Our closest ally, the United States of America, under the current administration, rejects the very concept of the international community,” Steinmeier said.

“‘Great again’ but at the expense of neighbors and partners,” Steinmeier added. “Thinking and acting this way hurts us all.”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas echoed the sentiment, warning that China and Russia were ascendant in a new world order where the United States is taking a more confrontational role.

“Decisions about the future of the Middle East are made in Astana or Sochi instead of in Geneva or New York,” he said, referring to the capital of Kazakhstan, now known as Nur-Sultan, and the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

French President Emmanuel Macron “agreed” with Pompeo on some of its claims, but likely not in the way the US administration wished for it to be.

According to him, an effort by Europe to invest in its own defense and autonomy “is a logical consequence of what has happened in recent years. We have an American partner saying you need to invest more in your own security and that is true,” Macron said.

“The Americans say, ‘We are not the sheriff to provide security in your neighborhood.’”

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper also spoke at the conference. He said that top priorities of US defense policy were China, and then rogue states and extremism.

“Chinese Communist Party and Chinese military are active outside its borders. China is using artificial intelligence in order to strengthen its authoritarian rule, to supress protests and monitor its national minorities and it is engaged in technological theft. We insist that China must respect freedom, sovereignty and principle of transparency”, said Esper.

He also said that 5G leaves West vulnerable to espionage and that USA wants alternative solutions for the 5G network.

Esper said that the admission of the China to World Trade Organization under the assumption that it will become a market economy and eventually democracy, have proved wrong.

“China used benefits of free trade to build its authoritarian power”, Esper explained.

Thus, it is becoming clearer that sovereignty is a pillar of US policy, but that it is specifically sovereignty under US hegemony. The respect for sovereignty is also proven by the fact that the US has troops deployed in approximately 180 countries around the globe. Out of 195 countries in total.

Furthermore, respect for sovereignty is so significant in the US, that the Senate had to pass the “War Powers” resolution to stop US President Donald Trump from potentially starting war with Iran and other countries.


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“Mike Pompeo proclaimed that the West is winning”

The world should know by now that the US & it’s vassals consistently accuse others of what they themselves are doing …. by the same token, when the US & it’s vassals proclaim victory or achievement the opposite is invariably the case.

You can call me Al

What a total turd that Pompeo is.


Pompous Pompeo is getting even fatter.

He is as you rightly say, a turd, a turd in a political ‘mischief ‘
of rats.

Marcus Porcius Cato

He’s a new form of Pinocchio – the more he lies, the bigger his gut becomes.


AhHa, I understand now :)


Why do you insult turds? Turds are valuable. They serve a purpose in nature as manure for new things to grow. The cycle of life. Pompeo serves no purpose, he only wastes. Not the least of which his poor fat overindulged body.


Are you saying that insulting turds is a hate crime in Holland now, Barba :)

It already is in the UK :)

You can call me Al

Good point, my apologies.


The audience should have got up and left and let the idiot talk to himself.

Peter Jennings

What is it exactly that pompios is winning?
It’s the same old rhetoric from career talking heads. Pompios and the Trumpster think that their unemployment figures are improving. If increase is an improvement then they would be correct. The official figures are of course, fudged as with everything else.

The USadmin is trying to send its usual message that the US still wears its empire hat and that it is still worthy of controlling the world currency. It seems europeans are losing their enthusiasm for being vassals of america. In future europe could have the same problem as Iraq.

Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are authoritarian, according to the most authoritarian ‘democracy’ in the world, who cannot help itself but be Big Brother to its own people in ever increasing intensity, and to those abroad outside of US jurisdiction.
US foreign policy over the years has been to garner agreement from its friends before launching attacks on others. If no agreement is reached, fuck them and do it anyway. That includes spying on gov’ts and hacking the phones of EU leaders without first informing their ‘friends’. It also includes interference in EU and British elections, and just about every other election in countries surrounding Russia and China and the countries of South America.

USadmins always regard other admins other than their own and their ME landing zone, as regimes fit for change and exploitation. That may also include EU countries who become stubborn to US antagonism.


We can expect no more from a nation that is fully controlled by Khazar interests first.

Peter Jennings

They are hell bent.



Pompous thinks that the auxiliaries are still hoodwinked, although one can only guess what thoughts were ricocheting around his empty skull as his audience failed to provide the expected ovation to the glory of the American imperium. It’s almost as if the actual objective of the Trump regime is to implode that imperium as fast as the twin towers imploded on 9/11.


Europe is afraid of wars, Europeans themselves have become cowards in their own countries fearing Islamic immigrants that have infested in millions like roaches. The U.S can not trust NATO states to support it against Russia or China, maybe only the U.K thanks to their Brexit. As long as the European leaders don’t take a harsh stance against countries like NK or Iran, they just bring the war closer to them. Attacking Israel is easy, but it won’t save them from civil wars (that are coming) or an outside enemy.

klove and light

Little satanic stealing . lying, murdering jew at it again…………told you before…all your bs rhetoric…all your lies…all your thefts, all your murders wont help you in the Long run…..and sooner or later…be it tomorrow or in 100years, all humans will join the battle against the satanic jew Zionist motherfuckers… we will drown your satanic Kids and burn the rest of you satanics.

Peter Jennings

Most obviously history wasn’t your best subject at school, or after it.


My history is prefectly fine, European leaders today are afraid from the Muslims in their countries. It’s comfortable for them to blame Israel so they can appease the Muslims, but eventually it’s a timebomb that will explode in their faces. Also, the Jews can always come here where they belong.


pompeo is a fat copy of dunny the dunce, at least sort of, both open their mouths and the lies and inanities flow in a never ending stream and poor hapless european so called politicians stand there with their mouths gawping and don’t know what to say so they let the lying murdering washington bunch get away with it. and so it goes on and on – one idiocy after the other. what to do – just laugh at the idiots.

Chris Chuba

It’s as if he is trying to outdo all his previous lies.
“Iran has troops in many countries across the Middle East” – but not the U.S.

“Russia annexed Crimea” – after a referendum after the President they elected was ousted by a coup but let’s go with that. The U.S. supported Barzani’s vote for an autonomous Kurdistan. That equally violates Iraq’s sovereignty.

Iraq – threatening to seize their bank accounts for the infraction of wanting to no longer be occupied by foreign troops.

Syria – foreign occupation and seizure of their oil fields.

Venezuela – who are we do declare their elections invalid, select their new President and seize the billions of $ of U.S. held assets.

All of these dwarf even the wildest accusations against Iran.

Marcus Porcius Cato

“economic growth tripping right along”

Yeah, it’s tripping, alright, in the midst of the opioid epidemic.

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