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SouthFront’s YouTube Channel Is Banned


SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

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On April 30th, our Facebook page with about 100,000 subscribers was deleted without any warnings or an opportunity to file an appeal. (LINK)

Now, the situation appears to be even worse.

On May 1st, YouTube terminated all of South Front’s channels, with approximately 170,000 subscribers. Our YouTube channels were also terminated without any warnings or notifications. The main YouTube channel in English had over 152,000 subscribers, 1,900 uploaded videos and approximately 60 million views.

SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

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The termination of our channels occurred regardless of the fact that our YouTube channels had zero active strikes. Covering conflicts in the Middle East, we expressly understand the inherent sensitivity of the issue. Therefore, we have strictly followed YouTube’s Community Guidelines and have always complied with the Terms of Service.

SouthFront’s YouTube channels were terminated without any warning. All that we got was a single automated email regarding the termination of our inactive channel in Farsi “SouthFront Farsi” that included several translations of our war reports. However, even this email provides no details regarding the decision and just claims that “SouthFront Farsi” violated YouTube’s Terms of Service without any elaboration.

SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

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Throughout the past five years of our endeavors, South Front has been constantly subjected to pressure from different Euro-Atlantic structures and US tech companies that hold a monopoly on the dissemination of information. We have repeatedly faced attempts to censor our coverage of world events, in the form of written analysis, videos and livestream interviews. (LINK, LINK, LINK)

The only reasonable explanation, we may imagine, is that US authorities ordered YouTube and Facebook to cleanse the media sphere of sources of objective coverage and analysis on the Middle East region as a part of the ongoing preparations for a war with Iran. (LINK)

We think that the current situation deserves attention of the international public, including the journalistic community beyond individual ambitions of separate media organizations and journalists.


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SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

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SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

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SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned


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SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned


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SouthFront's YouTube Channel Is Banned

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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    • Trap Is Not Gay

      Jews are in a race to disinform most people possible.

    • AleK

      Absolutely agree, they actively promote ‘politically correct’ videos (*fully in accordance with globalist brainwashing narrative) history, politics, culture, doesn’t matter, their promote their bullshit and censor everything else…. even ‘Google search’ is tuned to promote the Guardian, BBC, CNN, the worst globalist media, and hide those who oppose them.

  • Dunkin’ Capitalism

    Nooooooooo! Capitalist cultural hegemony strikes anything opposing it when it begins to collapse

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    use VK. Russian Facebook. 500 million viewers, 14th most visited site in the world

    • Harry Smith

      YouTube is better monetized.

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        if southfront banned what money is there in YT for them?

      • ArcAngel

        Ah…. so what!
        Your post makes no sense.

    • Trap Is Not Gay
      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        fuck off

        • Trap Is Not Gay


    • ArcAngel

      VK is interesting (some what).
      Facebook is sheer demonic vile stupidity.

  • Rhodium 10

    You tube, google facebook are under CIA control…and they have no chance but to obey

    • Chris

      How does everyone love this freedom all around you? (As long as that freedom you speak of is approved by the white Zionist Anglo hegemony) They must be defeated at all cost.

    • elpocho

      They have more influence than useless CIA, they chose to comply. While losing that influence forever, since nobody wants to be told what to think, at least outside the US.

    • YouTube Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Hollywood are not under CIA control… They are a direct arm of the CIA.

      They receive unlimited financial capacity, all legal hurdles are removed, barriers are erected for competitors. They are able to cherry-pick university talent, they get access to tax payer funded DARPA technologies, and the US government & powerful global institutions front their international negotiations and policed by the US military machine… That’s not free market capitalism. That’s some kind of grotesquely colossal mafia operation.

  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    Where can we find SF now?

    • groundzero

      Well, you’re at SouthFront.org so you found it!

    • Hyperbellum

      SouthFront is on Patreon where you easily can submit $2, $5, $10 or any monthly amount of your choice. Don’t go for free, SF deserves every penny they can get …Peace:)

  • George Georgiou

    There is a war going on of course you would be banned at some point…

  • Drinas

    RUTUBE, BITCHUTE.. In any case, this is further proof that USA does not tolerate any contra-narratives, and any hope of reconciliation, like the ones ad nauseam cultivated by the Kremlin, are false hopes that must be forgotten. The target isn’t Iran. It’s Russia and China.

    • verner

      for the jews in palestine the target is Iran and since the bought and paid for lawmakers on the hill in washington dc and in the white house are nothing but criminally corrupt shills for the embedded/entrenched jews in the disunited states of A, Iran is the issue. there is no denying that and that they in fact are traitors of the american people is of little concern since the american people, by and large are obese, under-educated and poor, dirt poor and as is well known, poor people have no say.

      • Poppadop

        Iran, Russia, and China are all NWO targets; why make it an either-or discussion?
        And those poor, under-educated American people are also needed to man the police and military, so they have plenty of say. None of Trump’s kids are going to fight…

      • Ken Kelso

        There was never in history any state called Palestine governed by Palestinians.
        Tell us when did it ever belong to Palestinians? Answer Never. It was never a Palestinian land to begin with, so your question is invalid.

        • Poppadop

          Wasn’t the whole point of the Balfour Declaration to state support for a “Jewish” British colony in Palestine…?

          • Louis E.

            “Palestine” is a geographic expression for land that has never been the national home of any people but the Jews.No one is more “Palestinian” than an Israeli,and the terrorist lie that the Arab,and only the Arab,residents of that land (who are ethnically and culturally indistinguishable from surrounding Arabs and whose nationalism used to express itself in demands to be united with Syria) are “the Palestinian people” is an invention motivated entirely by anti-Jewish prejudice.

          • Poppadop

            Yes, clearly all the White people that European oligarchs moved into the Middle East have a totally legit right to be there… [/sarcasm]

        • AleK

          Your poor “logic” is invalid. There was never in history any state called America governed by so-called “Americans” before some british traitors paid by french money rebelled against the crown. Then they imported millions of foreign trash from all over the world, with nothing in common but their obedience towards their masters… worthless and brainless goyim slaves and cattle (just like yourself).

          Btw ancient Israelis have nothing in common with modern fake Israelis either, entrie idea of modern ISrael is as ridiculous and stupid as Mussolini claim on the Roman empire. italians are actually more ‘roman’ than these Israelis are jewish.

    • AleK

      The target is Russia. If they destroy Russia they’ll destroy Iran, Venezuela, Syria etc. with ease, unopposed (like back in ’90s). Deep state is waging their dirty war against Russia for years now, they are sickly obsessed with destroying Russia by any means possible (but they are still afraid to attack them directly). Only Trump is actually against China, that’s why they are against Trump so fanatically, he refused to continue their full scale aggression against Russia (although he colluded with scum like Bolton and Pompeo). Their blind hate is fully focused on Russia. They think they can control China, but China will be their doom eventually, they are nothing like Russians. Trump is not very bright, but even he is more logical than those psychos from CIA/Pentagon/Wall Street.

    • Jim Allen

      Russia, and Iran then China, N. Korea, and Venezuela standing by. As if US military is up to engaging even one of these countries without sustaining irreplaceable losses.
      Arrogant sociopaths, lunatic zealots with a nuke button.
      The City of London controls the world. Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal that owns the world.
      The Zionist Khazars hate Russia, and Iran (Persia) dragging this grudge for 1,500(+/-) years. Zionists want these countries destroyed, by whatever means necessary, regardless of cost. The Cabal has 550 trillion fiat US Petrobucks worth of gold. It can spend whatever to price to reach this objective.

  • dicecop

    As sad as it is, I’m amazed it took them this long. The best you can do is cooperate with another organization or try to rebrand

    • Chris

      There are other streaming services, like DLive… And the website works as well, so fuck Google!

  • Arch Bungle

    Your decoupling from the Zionist Controlled Media is almost complete!

    • Ken Kelso

      Even you are under under the control of the all powerful Jewish lobby. Next time you slip on a banana peel you must know it was those evil Zionists who planted it in your way.
      It is commonly known that the only way to shake of the control of the Zionist on your mind is to wear a metal spaghetti strainer. You must try this as a counter measure to the Zionist mind control technique

      • AleK

        Judging by all your comments you are 1) professional hasbara paid to defend the criminal state of Israhell; OR 2) one of those moronic, utterly indoctrinated brainless goyim sheeple that worship their zio-masters.
        In any case you deserve a reward the most retarded comment here (*truly pathetic attempt of sarcasm in defense of the global criminals you serve). You 🐒 obviously like bananas so your reward is: Netanyahu’s, Zuckerbergs and Pompeo’s bananas just for you! While on your knees you can put that metal spaghetti strainer in your behind to protect you from magical russian influence (at least until your masters censor, ban and destroy every other opinion but their own).

      • Traiano Welcome

        Cut ‘n Paste Drive-By.

  • Arch Bungle

    The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion


    4. Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.”

    • PopAlong

      Why do we read so many Americans with no education wanting to excuse their own country, while blaming Israel? Why do we see so many Americans say this? I’ll tell you exactly why we see this… It’s nothing to do with any facts they can produce? Nope. It’s nothing to do with them even knowing anything about the Zionist’s craving for global domination? Nope, it’s nothing to do with any of that. So why do we read so many Americans repeating the same ridiculous nonsensical crap over and over again?

      Well, it’s quite incredibly because the American believes if he can get people thinking the Israeli have infiltrated the US government? Then that in some way means that it’s not the USA responsible for all its crimes and murders. The dumb American will always look to blame anyone or anything other than their own government (Who actually are the only country that was forced to admit what they’ve been doing in Syria).

      That’s the only reason we see so many Americas say this today. It’s not because they actually really believe that? No, it’s purely a way for them to blame someone else for their own governments crimes.
      Well listen, to believe that, you’d also then need to start believing that every non-Jewish Senator or Congressman just stand around and allow them to do that? Without ever making a complaint? Or ever saying a word about it?. And that alone shows you how far off the mark these dumb brats really are.

      But what makes this so wrong is because the Zionist does want global dominance and always have, only because of these complete brain-dead’s and their Wikipedia take on Zionism it sees them miles away from the truth, a truth that is today staring them straight in the face.

      As we speak the Zionist is building his control over the world, and doing so in all of your own towns and cities, as you sit there like fools talking garbage ”to try to save face”. Use your own brains and minds, you all have got, and mix in with that idiot mind of yours some common sense and an ability to look at something in a new light? Then you might just wake up!

      • Harry Smith

        Well, it’s quite incredibly because the American believes if he can get people thinking the Israeli have infiltrated the US government?


      • Ken Kelso

        Even you are under under the control of the Jewish lobby. Next time you slip on a banana peel you must know it was those evil Zionists who planted it in your way.
        It is commonly known that the only way to shake of the control of the Zionist on your mind is to wear a metal spaghetti strainer. You must try this as a counter measure to the Zionist mind control technique

    • PopAlong

      Oh, Wait!!!….. YES I’ve got it!!!! Was it a Jew from Kathmandu?
      Oh no … WAIT…Yes I know I know!!
      ”The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”?
      That proves It! Amazing! Incredible! Shocking! And flabbergasting!
      The Israeli’s have Infiltrated the US government and Just do what they want, no normal American (non-Jewish) Senator or Congressman ever say’s anything?… Because…well erm…because they’re all In on It!! …Oh yes, …I hear you!!
      And the cheek of them Jews!

      Well, …my goodness!
      They believe they will treat us as their slaves! ….While they sit eating grapes!!!!
      I mean what? …Some hook nose Yid demanding grapes?
      He’d get a smack in the mouth for his outright cheek!
      And, and…… and……. WORSE than THAT!!!
      Oh YES, far worse than that, …we will ALL be living under one King!!
      Yes, that’s right, …King David of Israel Ruler of the World. (he’s yet to be born, but you know, ….that’s the Idea?)…
      Yeah, …you guessed It, God will be sending him LMFAO :)

      Oh YES, this King,… King David of Israel ruler of the world will be sent by the Almighty. LOL
      Dumb fucking thick uneducated wankers.
      So come on Mr The Jew did it, tell us all who these Jews/Zionists are, name them all, come on brains name them?. Wtf do you mean you can’t? So what the fuck is the point of you talking about them? You don’t know who they are, you don’t even know their names, In fact, all you know is what you’ve heard others say.
      What the fuck has that got to do with the USA attempt a global control both militarily and financially. American Tyranny, in other words, got to do with ANY of what you’ve said?
      Fuck all.
      All we see the Israeli doing is the same shit they’ve been doing for the last 50 years. YAWN!!
      We are not interested in shit, we should all be interested in the facts!?

      • Luke Hemmming

        The zionists did it!

      • itibi ra

        were you having an orgasm typing that? You sound sexually excited. Calm down, take your meds and go fuck yourself again.

    • Really!?


      • Arch Bungle

        LOOOL! Tell that to the white man. Here in Asia we eat Joo for lunch, with pork dim sum.

        Unlike white people your kooky religion means shit to us.

        And we don’t give a fuck if 6 million of you fuckers got fried by the Germans. Here we’ll fry another 6 million of you cunts if you try the same shit you did with the Palestinians.

        Looking forward to Shoah 2.0!

        • Really!?

          Oh please, listen Wuhan, you can’t do anything. And even with 6 million dead were an economic, scientific and financial powerhouse. We’ve not o my survived but thrived. The paLIEstinians get nothing (just like you). Big mouths like you have been talking tough for years. You are a COWARD, you can look forward to anything you want but as I’ve written many times and you refuse to respond because we know the truth – meet me any time. You’re a little bitch so you won’t. Then you’ll see what never again means

          • itibi ra

            I totally agree with Arch Bungle. Jews are parasitic infiltrators. Always have been and most likely always will be. That’s their cult mentality. Jews can infiltrate all the western countries because they are white, and so blend in. Totally unlike Asia (Hong Kong, China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. ) where you stick out like a sore thumb. Arch Bungle is totally right: the Asians will eat the jews’ lunch and don’t give a f*ck about your holohoax. Go Asia!

          • Really!?

            Blah blah. Asians / are you talking about China, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, where you were all colonized? More of you were killed by colonialism then the Jews in the Holocaust, so you keep mouthing off Wuhan. We’ll keep running the world. Now where’s my dumpling bitch. Go fetch.

          • itibi ra

            The Truth hurts, doesn’t it, Kikewad? You and your ilk are soon to be a extinct species. Can’t wait to come to the jew-occupied part of Palestine, book a room in a jew-owned hotel, and then do the Jew thing: shit on the sheets before i leave.

          • Really!?

            Oooh, look at another small penis insecure loser getting riled up. What happened, mommy didn’t give you her special rub tonight? I’m not really worried, you couldn’t afford a trip to Israel. Picking up other people’s garbage for a living doesn’t afford you the luxury of such a venture, but if you come to NYC I’ll leave a few cans on the corner for you to redeem. Loser

          • Traiano Welcome

            >where you were all colonized?

            I remember the Romans did a thorough job of colonising the Jews of Masada before they destroyed Jerusalem.

            >More of you were killed by colonialism then the Jews in the Holocaust,

            Yet there are more of them (Asians) than there will ever be Jews. 1.4 Billion Chinese. 1.5 Billion Indians. 60+ Million Thai (never colonised). Indonesia (largest Muslim country in the world).

            Never forget that Asia contains more than 2 thirds of the world’s population. The future is in Asia, and it will be a future rooted in Asian cultures with Asian religious dimensions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam).

          • Really!?

            Yup, the Romans, Babylonians, All of them. Where are they now. We’re still here. I remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Admiral Perry, British colonizing of China. They all did a pretty good job – more of you died killing each other too.

            Keep dreaming about Asian control – China only has tech it can steal. When you try to make it on your own we end up with viruses leaks out, thus – Wuhan virus. It will be the west that finds a cure. China’s economy is only good as long as it can exploit its own people and manipulate its currency. Jews control banks too, after all – you’re on a Russian (they hate you too) bot site and they push those conspiracies.

            As for morality, how are those Tibetans doing? Uhigyars? Etc.

          • Traiano Welcome

            > Yup, the Romans, Babylonians, All of them. Where are they now.

            The Romans are with us still. Time has been kind to them and they make the world’s finest fashion items these days :-)

            As for they Babylonians, they are with us still, though their political situation leaves something to be desired. No matter, time will improve them.

            > We’re still here.

            No you’re not. ‘You’ are the not the Hebrews the Roman empire eradicated.

            ‘You’ are Europeans and Slavs, who adopted the Judaism of the Pharisees.

            > Keep dreaming about Asian control – China only has tech it can steal.

            You seem to be behind times. Like the Japanese, who in the beginning began with copying, and soon moved on to innovation, the Chinese are now rapidly moving in to innovation. In fact, as we speak they are producing verified patents and licensing intellectual property to the West! You may find this hard to believe, but a simple search of the US Patent Office or other Patent offices will convince you of this.

            A sample of scientific publications in the last 2 decades will reveal hundreds of thousands of examples of original research and innovation by Chinese and other Asian (Korean notably) scientists and engineers. This volume is increasing daily, and without limit as young Asians graduate from the Universities in their millions each year.

            They have numbers, they have youth and they have intellect. Tiny European minorities cannot compete.

            > When you try to make it on your own we end up with viruses leaks out,

            The same mistakes, even worse, were made in the West, often at the cost of Asian lives:

            1. Dangerous biological programmes and experimentation on humans:

            2. Dangerous and harmful nuclear programmes and experimentation on humans

            3. Dangerous chemical accidents and experimentation on humans

            (Fort Detrick anyone?)

            >As for morality, how are those Tibetans doing? Uhigyars? Etc.

            What has morality got to do with this? Were you making a moral argument?

          • Really!?

            No, but nice try. You have italians, but the roman empire fell. Like the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Holy Roman Empire – all gone. All central to the persecution of Jews. All failed. We are here. We are everywhere. We get more nobel prizes than anyone. We are own more companies on the NASDAQ than any country other than the US. We are equally at the forefront of capitalism and socialism. We are literally everywhere. And you think there are 10 fingers pointing back. Sure (how’s that demographic time bomb working out for you in China?). We cared about the Tibetans because they’re victims. The paLIEstinains are not. Uighers – I couldn’t care less. Muslims getting what they dished out. Just pointing out your hypocrisy. So keep trolling. And losing.

          • Traiano Welcome

            >No, but nice try. You have italians, but the roman empire fell.

            Who cares what happened to the Roman Empire? It’s legacy is the foundation of the Western World. It’s genetic descendants are alive.

            On the other hand, the Hebrews are Extinct. They never even had an empire. Nothing but a footnote in history.

            > Like the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Holy Roman Empire

            Likewise. The genetic descendents of these empires live on, whille the Hebrews are extinct.

            >All central to the persecution of Jews. All failed.

            All empires fail. The jews have nothing to do with it.

            > We are here. We are everywhere.

            You are a copycat culture. One that was created out of nothing by the founders of the West. Your religion is a fabrication of History, you have no ethnicity.

            You are a tiny, sclerotic old dying minority that is sinking beneath the ocean of youthful humanity.

            Within 2 generations, you will be of no significance at all.

            > We get more nobel prizes than anyone.

            Your Nobel prizes mean nothing. The Jews who win these prizes produce almost nothing of real practical value to humankind, they are simply expert at producing wonderful but impractical theories that have delivered little of true value to human kind to date.

            Almost all of the significant advancements in Science have been made by non Jews, and in the recent few centuries, Europeans building on the foundational science left to them by the Arabs, Chinese and Indians.

            Your Noble-prize winning Jews rode on the back of Western Science and the advancements developed by Europeans. They leeched off the best that Europe and the Renaissance had to offer, and now make claims of superior intellect, which is demonstrably not true.

            Most of the materially valuable inventions, and patents of the modern era have been made by Non Jews, including Europeans and Asians, with an increasing number of Middle Easterners.

            > We are own more companies on the NASDAQ than any country other than the US.

            You mean those towering ponzi schemes that are nothing more than mills for fiat currency?

            The ones that make nothing of value but spin numbers all day long and are soon to crumble under the weight of the global american ponzi scheme?

            You jews are most well known for owning companies involved in financial scams. Your patron Saint is Bernie Madoff.

            The real companies producing value are controlled by the Chinese. Unlike the flim-flam factories run by the Jews in the US, the Chinese industries actually produce value, and posess substance. These are the future, yours are a mirage sinking beneath the sands of history.

            > We are equally at the forefront of capitalism and socialism.

            Which explains the towering failures of these systems.

            They are not long for this world, and neither is your kind.

            Not only that, the one successful example of Socialism (Chinese socialism), has Chinese at it’s forefront, not Jews.

            >We are literally everywhere.

            Only in your own delusional minds. There cultures and ethnicities that are far more pervasive.

            Yours is a tiny minority, and one which nobody has an interest in or cares about.

            Your boring religion and culture is not even an amusement to most of the world.

            And, on the contrary, it is *we* who are everywhere, and there are more of us than you will ever be.

            > Sure (how’s that demographic time bomb working out for you in China?).

            Quite well, actually. 1.4 Billion people, as planned, with enough critical reproductive mass to fulfill planned objectives for the next 50 years.

            We will be in our billions, when you have dwindled to your thousands.

            >We cared about the Tibetans because they’re victims.

            LOL! Nonsense, you care nothing for the Goyim. Your own Rabbis confirm this. Please stop lying.

            > The paLIEstinains are not.

            Wrong. They are. This is well documented.

            No amount of Gaslighting from your side will change that fact.

            > Uighers – I couldn’t care less.

            Yet you tried to include them in your fake moral argument.

            > Muslims getting what they dished out.

            Wrong again.

            In addition, the Xinjiang situation has nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with the treatment of a minority which has historically not been part of China at all.

            Xinjiang and the Uighers were not part of China.

            Of course, you being a typical ignorant white man would know nothing of the details regarding Xinxiang.

            Neither would you know about Western attempts to funnel extremists into Xinjiang among the Uigher, so it is more about the West, than about Islam.

            > Just pointing out your hypocrisy.

            You’re the hypocrite. Picking which persecuted minority you will call victims and which not. Your reasoning has no integrity.

            >So keep trolling. And losing.

            “Trolling” is what the weak-minded call it when they can’t handle the argument, as you clearly cannot.

          • Really!?

            Weak minded is right. Your every response is either deflection or whataboutism. You claim the Italians are the same as the Romans but the Jews and not the same as the Israelites. How’s that for inconsistent. Xinjiang & uighars are not part of China but they’re oppressed, jailed, raped, brainwashed & that’s ok, but Israel simply defends itself from islamofascism (not the passive observance of the uhigyars) and you’re all up in arms. You claim it’s about a minority- that’s baloney. Your oppression is specifically directed towards their religion. No beards, no praying, closed mosques, no fasting during Ramadan. How’s that for hypocrisy. You’re in your billions (never mind that Asian culture has always been fractured – Koreans, japanses, Chinese, Mongolian, you all hate each other, but you totally ignore the demographic bomb caused by the one child doctrine. It’s so bad that a primary export from North Korea is women. Sure, Jews are a tiny minority- with outsized wealth, power, influence. That’s why you’re scared of us. And you should be.

          • Traiano Welcome

            LOL! Wall to wall garbage. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

            On the other hand, here’s a concrete, real world example of what a fake race you are, and how your fake race is on a high-speed ski trail to extinction:

            “With a pressing shortage of Jews to defeat the Palestinians demographically,

            the Netanyahu government is considering a desperate solution. The leaked

            report suggests opening the doors to a new category of “Jewish”

            non-Jews. According to Haaretz, potentially millions of people worldwide

            could qualify. The new status would apply to “crypto-Jews”, whose

            ancestors converted from Judaism; “emerging Jewish” communities that

            have adopted Jewish practices; and those claiming to be descended from

            Jewish “lost tribes”.”

            You’re out of fake Hebrews.

            You’re running out of Jews.

            You’re about to run out of fake Jews too.

            Source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-seeks-jewish-non-jews-in-numbers-battle-with-palestinians/5606894?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles

            Better hurry up and find more ‘Lost Tribes’ … I bet you’ll be knocking on the doors of the Kaifeng ‘jews’ soon, so we can all watch the absurdity of Chinese claiming rights to Palestinian land by way of fake Jewry.

          • Really!?

            Your demographic argument went out the window years ago. Try again https://jia.sipa.columbia.edu/online-articles/politics-demography-israeli-palestinian-conflict

            See, you’re afraid of more Jews, because you’re afraid of Jews. That’s what underlies your hate – fear. It oozes from your every pore. You stink of it and it comes out in your posts with a desperate attempt to delegitimize the nation. The Jewish calendar was over 2000 years old when the first Chinese dynasty, the Shang Dynasty, was recorded. You’re a child. At best.

          • Traiano Welcome

            China specifically, and Asia in general will dominate for centuries. Your anglo zionist empire is a dead man walking, more specifically, the Jewish Zionist state of Israel are insignificant compared to the rising power of China, and here is why:

            Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ6q5s2ha7M
            – Patent Applications. The nation with the most patents will become the
            technological leader of the world. Check the year 2011 in the animation
            and see what happened back then. PS China also has more of its patents
            accepted than does the US. This animation ends in 2017 so can I suggest
            that China will probably be applying for around 3 – 4 times more patents
            than the USA today?

            Top 20 Country GDP (PPP) History & Projection (1800-2040) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-2nqd6-ZXg&feature=youtu.be – GDP (PPP). This is a measure of how much the average wage in a country can buy with that wage. Maybe scroll forward about 3/4 of the way or you will be waiting for a long time before it gets interesting.
            China surpassed the US in 2017 and the average wage earner in China can
            buy more with that wage than can your average American.

            World’s Richest Countries in the Future (2020-2100) https://youtu.be/0YCPh2fv0HQ – Future forecasted GDP

            World’s Top 10 highest manufacturing countries. https://youtu.be/gsZWQinHapk – Manufacturing capacity

            Trademark application by nation. China surpassed the US in 2001. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG5wGZAIAdM

            Exports of the top 15 nations in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2WeWOoTbag) – In 2013 China eclipsed the US in total value of exports.

            Number of phones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIGq723SZU8

            Renewable Energy Production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rugrDueew1Q

            Exports of Goods and Services. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa

  • groundzero

    South Front has continually reported the truth for years. This is why they got banned from Facebook and YouTube. If you ever needed to know weather or not SouthFront was real, well, now you know.

    South Front has helped us, now they need our help!

    I’m subscribing for $20 bucks a month now on the donate page, but, if any single one person will match my monthly donation I’ll donate more. Come on! Who’s with me?

    • Karen Bartlett

      I already donate $20.00/month, but I hope others will do the same.

    • Hyperbellum

      I’ve been supporting SouthFront $20 a month for some months on their Patreon channel. Now I’m considering making that $40 a month even if that will be difficult as I’m a 67yr old pensionist, not blessed with a lot of dough. SouthFront has been my premier source of news on Syria and Ukraine /Crimea for years, delivering outstanding reports and maps. Keep up the good work. You’re doing great. I feel sorry for YT, God bless their poor soul…

      • groundzero

        OK! I was going to go at $20 but I can do $40.

        $40 it is, done!


        Honestly, I can’t do more than that but I WILL do $50 if I get 2 people to match me at $5 each!

        • Hyperbellum

          LOL groundzero — Now you’ve convinced me to do the $40 as I told about. BTW I’ve also been supporting Syrian Girl and a few more on Patreon every month, though smaller amounts …Peace:)

      • Julia25

        Hi everyone, come here to meet for sex – http://tiny.cc/r2f9nz

    • Dunkin’ Capitalism

      I’l donate 100$

  • Karen Bartlett

    I’m betting this was Pompeo’s idea.

    • verner

      or sheldon adelson who sold it to fatso and son in law kushner since southfront is a severe pain in the jewish assssss.

      • Karen Bartlett

        Yeah, coulda’ been. Funny this happens right when the US gov’t is stomping on our rights to assemble, even go to church, due to the supposed “Corona virus” ( I believe it exists but not to the scary extent the gov’t claims.) They don’t want us assembling, discussing, etc. on social media as well as in public.

  • Chris

    Is Southfront on D-Live? The Last American Vagabond (who supports and frequently utilizes Southfront reports, which is where I found Southfront) uses D-Live as an alternative to YouTube.

    I’m ejecting from YouTube and evacuating that sh*t-hole Google/MIC viper den.

    Keep up the great coverage. I’m now a supporter with monthly contributions as well.

    Fuck Pompeo!

  • 1eeripsa


  • Markus Limmergård

    South Front, you need to publish all your videos on Bitchute. Only of fraction of your videos make it there. You have no time to lose. With regards to you being kicked off Youtube, I actually think that the loss is bigger for them, as people are already pissed off with their censorship. I haven’t been notified about your videos there for years anyway. This is the time to branch out. Publish on Bitchute and maybe a few others, but publish all your stuff. I’m really sorry about this, and I hope that those of you who can donate, will do so.

  • Truth walker

    youtube is dead, it’s time to find a replacement.

  • советский фундаменталист

    South Front, i suggest you Use VK the russian facebook. As of Bitchute i dont think its a good idea, since its a neo nazi haven. VK is perfect

  • It’s Yehudtube, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goolag and Globohomo, Inc. Expect nothing less once you breach any Globohomo taboos.

  • elpocho

    Its hopeless and disgusting how american companies are in bed with their government. worse than a communist regime. Let us hope China comes up with an alternative to google and you tube so we can send them bankrupt once for all. Only brainwashed idiots will still remain there at that point.

    • Hyperbellum

      Russian VK dotcom already has half a BILLION registered users, so there’s your alternative to YT … and BTW, re YT, there are more than a billion “brainwashed idiots” watching brainwashed pop music videos by the hundreds of millions views each one of them, thus, sorry to say, even the 60 million combined views on SouthFront’s YT channel is just ONE TENTH of the views of ONE video by Rihanna or Beyoncé …Peace:)

    • Black Waters

      Of course el pocho, It’s CALLED FASCISM. The U.S has not only their companies merged but their banks too, they are fascists.

  • elpocho

    they even make fun of you ”if you want you can appeal and file a complaint here” . losers, losers losers and losers, sore losers. Nobody wants to listen to what liers have to say that’s why people CHOSE their own media platforsm! US losers!

  • Raptar Driver

    Screw YouTube I simply won’t use it anymore. Turn your back to the monster and the monster withers and dies

  • Indonesian Expert


    it’s very bad bro, I liked your video and saved it and now the video is deleted

  • 1azdeb2

    I feel Southfront does an excellent report with current events. Problem is Donnie became upset after Farsnews reported 82 American were hit in Iran’s retaliation after the General was murdered. People blew up in the States. So in one of the State Dept sanction against Iran. Pulled Farsnews domain name. Donnie doesn’t like looking bad. I think NATO and the G20 are getting ready to take Assad down. Lebanon is being bought off from the IMF. 5 years ago we could report but not now. Southfront is in a long list. Remember Donnie is involved with the Jew Coup. Ziontists and Christian Ziontists will attack along with leftist. Bandwidth can be a problem. Thanks for your excellent work. Very professional.


      No the majority of the g20 are not involved,but rather the g7 tried but failed and shall persist to forevermore because debts has no future in the free world,their are finished all the losers!!


    Truth is winning,turning their narratives absolutely upside down and the best part it hasn’t even really started as yet,meantime their fascist empire are in tatters,their fake economys all come to nought,their sheepies in absolute dissaray and their fake q concept turnd out only to be a nwo disinformation pact to fool the masses into thinking trump as the seconf coming of christ ,where in reality they are mearly only protecting their special little species insomuch nwo/demoncrap/republics in their nwo tyranny!

    See if they had no q the peoples instead of living in false hope to arrest these vile c0ksukrz,chances are take law into their own hands to see to these trials,sentences and public executions take place,sadly the peoples have no heart to team up and rebell,this is why tyranny in usa is ruling,just like in the eu-epp too,whos next russia with their incumbent corrupt mayors/partner of the wests?
    How Ironic since these mayors forged the mandatory check pass/system that slows every one doen to the pont of higher risk contraction of the virus,their 4 death per million has doubled ever since,no?

    The only leader with the balls to keep everything in the house is Morrison,trump is not the magic wand!

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      So often I want to upvote you but then you go and praise ScoMo at the end and it ruins the whole comment, you are a smart guy and I respect your opinion I just wish you would see him for the inept globalist puppet he is.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    DTube or Dailymotion would be a viable alternative.

    • You can call me Al

      Good idea, if would be better in the long run as we all run from Google and the other swine.

      • Dick Von Dast’Ard

        Admittedly this is a bit of a long shot but would Sputnik International be able of working with SouthFront and publishing content through the Sputnik YouTube site? The draw of YouTube is that it is often linked with Smart TV’s built-in apps. (it’s (YTube’s) only real main attraction as far as I’m concerned)

  • LR captain

    what i find funny is that youtube would have made 1.2 cents an add thus they are cutting off a 2,000 $$$ daily cash cow.

    to but that in perspective, that’s 186K per quarter. chump change to you tube. But other video services thats a cozy little profit, or 3 new the tech staff.

  • 42p0ner

    anyone else marvel at the irony when people tell us how much better we are than da ebul chineese censorships?

  • solipsist

    I knew it was only a matter of time before they would shut you down, the beast rears its ugly head, I will continue to support you until the EMP blasts take out our satellites and internet and the world is plunged into inevitable darkness. Thankyou for your service.

  • Jupiter200x

    SMH Youtube is becoming like the Gestopo for information. I relied on you guys for OSINT and information. keep doing what you guys been doing.

  • World_Eye

    That White House needs to fucking burn with its current administration and Israhell should be nuked.
    Pure and simple, the world was never like this before Obama and Trump.

  • Black Waters

    Using censorship only gives more incentive to search the truth from the sources that it censors. Truth doesn’t need protection, it can protect by itself, but the U.S gestapo and their fraudulent banks fears truth as if it was a cross.

  • verner

    yankeetwats don’t like dissenting views and thus, what to do – delete delete.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    That’s awful… Was a subscriber since 2015

  • Claire Fighiera

    Stop using American platforms to share your work.

  • Oliviero M

    Hi, I am contacting lawyers online but this is complex, anyone who wants to create a joint initiative please contact me, or direct me to some specific field professional I’m ready to invest some little resources on this.
    Let’s use our firepower as long as we still have some.

  • YouTube Channel “South Front” was Removed on 5/1/2020 with 56M+ views, 151K+ subscribers, and 1907 videos (8 avail below):

  • hvaiallverden

    So, SouthF. get the f…. out of JewTube and dont even bother to whine, just find other sites or formats, its somehow easy to use JT, but thats not why I read and came to your site for me JT is 100% irrelevant, never forget that, and the comentary field in JT is becoming totally irrelevant to, its never the less The SIte SF that matters, quality over quantity is always better, or you end up like other shitholes, like RT and the western MSM, where half pornographic clickbait idiot storys are filled in since they cant or isnt alowed to write about issues where you are one of the few, we may disagree in some terms, but to be frank, they are so few I cant even remeber them, but the reason is your work up to this day, beyond most sites to day, you have an platform I know a lot of people uses, they cant admitt that because they somehow think this is an Russian Propaganda site, well, even that isnt a problem, since I dont consider that to be more of an problem than reading NYT or the one of the worst propaganda shitholes I can imagine, the ZATO nations MSM, incl Norway, witch never writes anything even remotely conected to truth.
    Like the dead silence about Germs and Hezb, an hiddeous display of corruption and been an petty Imperial bitch, like the Netherlands, but the good thing is, now, everybody knows it and in Denmark, the Police is protecting MEKs people, also the same in Norway/Sweden, weird isnt it, when the same nations claim they are fighting eh…. terror groups and the new attampts on lightining an fire in Lebanon.

    This deplatforming is and have been in the realm of “had to come” sooner or later, and Fecebook to Twatter is just Empire run propaganda shitholes, and I bet they are loosing this, and do this just because they know they are not stopping the alternatives from reaching out to an increasingly larger audience.
    The reason for me to back out is more due to personal issues, I am tired, seen so much shit that it afects me personaly and I just had to cut everything down, and this have Nothing to do with you, but rests on an problem I regard to much of the rest aka all medias, there are sites where they pimp an reality witch is so biased it hurts, some even an intellectual insult since they constantly pimps an meme about white ass neo-nazi nationalistic rednack mantra, and ignores much of what did happen and keeps up the attack on europeans for an reason I just cant undestand in no other terms than they are an part of the problem, propaganda, and I have been around for so long that to day, sites like ZeroH, aka the so called Alternative news witch is total bollocks, to Faker. and others, and I have never had problems with Russia, but I personally dont tolerate revisionistic drivel, I hate that from the bottom of my hart, but this, is NOT about your site, SF, you are an uniqum when it comes to report on the various war theaters, in that, you are more or less alone, right now, no one is equal.

    Take your time, continue with what you do as far you can, we all have difficould times and for the imidiate future its not looking any better, but find other platforms, I am not reading you because of JT, but because of what you give us.


  • jews again.

  • Bill Collier

    What is amazing here is I support you even though I often disagree and feel like your perspective tends to be pro-Russian. I want that perspective, even ifnI dosagree with it, because it rightly challenges my own presuppositions, which I know are biased. This is appalling that your channel is banned!

  • Golden shekels

    they hit you becuase isreal is about to do somting

  • Rodney Loder

    South Front should have opposed Syrian decision to support Gen. Haftar by giving Office space in Damascus.

    • Hyperbellum

      WTF? On whose side are you?

      • Rodney Loder

        My take is Gadaffi stood up to France and Britain and won so Obama had to drop what he was doing and bail France and Britain out with NATO bombing, everyone thought NATO would bomb Syria I stopped that using my connections to Divinity, also Assad faced NATO down and won, however Assad will go the same way as Sisi because they are both ideologically calibrated from the Greek perspective.

        I was willing to overlook this but it means in the immediate future Tripoli will fall to Haftar and Gadaffi’s heroic stand will be flushed away.

        I support Brother Erdogan for many reasons, mostly because Turkey and Qatar offer a leadership capability of the entire ME as opposed to KSA and Sisi.

        For me it’s about my claim to be the Messiah and so my mortal enemy is fundamentally the occupation of the Holy Precincts by a Jewish hypocritical swine.

  • Andreas

    Censorship is an indicator that events are not going your way.

  • Miles H

    Just stay away from American platforms which pander to ziocon propaganda. Use Liveleak, VK, Dailymotion… If we all did the same Uncle Cunt’s censorship would be irrelevant.

  • Gary Sellars

    Youtube, you people are FUCKING CUNTS.

    I hope the scumbag responsible for this DIES A LONG PAINFUL HUMILIATING DEATH.

  • Dear friends, you can find all SouthFront videos on our website in the section “SouthFront TV”: https://southfront.org/category/southfront-tv/
    Sincerely yours,
    SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

    • Louis E.

      I tried to look up your videos comparing COVID-19 to past pandemics and got only links to the terminated Youtube channel.

      (Visualcapitalist has updated their graphics since the ones you used,BTW…though I think the centuries of smallpox and decades of HIV/AIDS really don’t belong among the defined-brief-period epidemics).

  • Harsha

    so what is the alternative for YT?

    • Hyperbellum

      VK.com with half a billion (with a ‘B’) users is an alternative to YT

    • Ivan Freely

      There are a few. Dtube, bitchute, liveleak.

      • Harsha

        once i use archive.org to upload military content that youtube deleted twice.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Reality on ground is the issue.Their want Americans to stay on hear say without reality on ground.

  • Finn Olsen

    I was lucky to find SouthFront on BitChute but I can’t find it on Minds. As the purge of alternative news sites from platforms like YouTube and Facebook goes on I find it strange that many of these sites seem reluctant to share their content on platforms like Minds and BitChute.

  • Trap Is Not Gay

    The Jew-owned media complex in the Jew-ruled “democraze” doesn’t allow you to speak, right?

    You’re only allowed to speak if to attack the Arab adversaries of Israel and to attack Jewish banker-FREE countries (Russia, China, Iran, etc).

    Have you seen it before in the USSR?

    At some point the ‘democracy’ is going to wipe out RT, Sputinik, etc – the Iranian PressTV is already gone from Jewtube.

    • the Ba’athist Al Ali البعثى 🇸🇾

      Hate to break it to you, but we all gotta hear the truth…. it is with sorrow I announce: Traps are indeed gay

  • AleK

    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies”

    I’m not surprised these evil brainwashing platforms, fully owned and controlled by the Empire, banned you – I’m surprised they tolerate you this far… They only exist to poison people worldwide with lies, fake ‘values’, sick (anti)culture they promote. They are more infectious than viruses, more devastating than bombs… far more dangerous than the US army.

    But I am somewhat surprised they did it this way, an organized and orchestrated attack, obviously their masters ordered them to do so. Another proof they all serve the same purpose, the same masters .

  • itibi ra

    If EweTube bans you, then you must be doing something very correct. Please keep on doing what you do!

  • Jim Allen

    Well SF this turn of events is tangible evidence showing your doing everything within the journalism community. Accurate, unbiased, logical rational accounting of the news.
    This is a complete list of what US Government funds unacceptable, and the military censors remove the offending data from public access.
    Good work.
    So, now SF needs to get off is ass, and create some easy access thingie the West cannot control so us ‘Mercians can watch your videos. As a group we the people don’t appear to be the sharpest pencils in the box. Countries that interact with the US must place road signs in English, which should explain a lot to you.
    Thanks, Jim

  • Assad must stay

    dont worry southfront as long as you exist in some form or capacity, i will keep visiting you :))))

    • Hyperbellum

      Indeed, same goes for me. No source in the world — no English-language source I know of, that is — is better for sober and genuine news, visuals and analysis on the crisis in Syria and Ukraine. SouthFront is exceptional and indispensable. SouthFront must stay! …Peace:)

      • Assad must stay

        yes it must stay, peace to you as well :)

  • Russel Gurban

    You can’t just use US tech companies as propaganda platform and accuse US in collaboration with ISIS. I’m surprised that they were letting you to do this for the whole 5 years. Imagine someone opening propaganda page against Russia in Russian streaming or social media platform. It won’t survive even a month. If you want to make such propaganda against US, then develop your own platform independent of US companies.

  • ArcAngel

    Welcome to the Orwellian/INGSOC World of Corporate A.I.
    “Gootube” recently stated they were going to purge their platforms of ALL dissenting views.
    This purge would be conducted by AI algorithms, and there would be no warnings.
    The sociopathic bitch Susan W, also stated there would be some collateral damage (my words) in this new form of censorship, and if a site gets deleted ‘fuck ya’

  • ArcAngel

    I’ll just keep coming here.

  • Karen Bartlett

    Here is the latest video from the South Front steering committee. Patreon members can still get SF videos. If you become a member, you will receive email notifications of their videos:Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook https://shar.es/aHzJ6x

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    That’s why you SF guys were banned before from primary search engines on the net. All you do is a propaganda. Neglecting the fact that Assad is killing his own people & should be brought to international court of justice in Hague. Putin doesn’t care who kills whom, as long as the Russian naval & air base are allowed in Syria.

    • Swift Laggard II

      but why ban someone for ‘propaganda’? why assign yourself the right to censor others views?

  • the Ba’athist Al Ali البعثى 🇸🇾

    I’m really disappointed, I loved the YouTube channel, a great way to see how foreigners view the conflict in my country, I hope South front finds a way to reopen the channel
    Anyway, hi from syria 🇸🇾

  • Alex P

    Disgusting american censorship but thats what it is. America has zero credibility and its time to move on to new platforms.