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SouthFront’s Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

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SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

Apparently, this is how de.sputniknews.com imagines SouthFront headquarters in London. IMAGE: MI-6 HQ, Kieran Dohert/Reuters

SouthFront is experiencing some serious ‘self-identification issues’ nowadays.

In late March, Germany’s Deutsche Welle wrote an article calling SouthFront alongside with RT and Sputniknews a part of the Russian COVID-19 disinformation campaign against the West. In the article “Corona-Desinformation: immer dieselben Muster”, Deutsche Welle accused our organization of spreading fake news (citing the European External Action Service) and thus alleged that SouthFront is tied to the Kremlin.

However, in April, it appeared that Russia’s state-run media believes that SouthFront is a part of the British disinformation campaign.

In the article “Wenn Verschwörungstheorien wahr werden – Troll-Fabriken des Westens: JTRIG und Integrity Initiative”, Sputniknews Deutch alleged that SouthFront is operated by the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (a unit of the Government Communications Headquarters – the British intelligence agency revealed by Edward Snowden).

SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

A screenshot from the page: de.sputniknews.com/politik/20200413326856417-verschwoerungstheorien-westliche-troll-fabriken/

Google Translate:

Alleged Russian disinformation from Amsterdam and the United States?

The entry of the platform southfront.org can be found in the ESTF database with entry from March 31: “CORONAVIRUS HYPE: HOW FAR CAN GOVERNMENTS PUSH PEOPLE BEFORE IT BACKFIRES”. This platform also appears in other parts of the database as an alleged “Kremlin-related” medium. If you take the data of a so-called IP tracker tool like ip.tracker.org, as we did, you will find interesting details.

Each website has a so-called IP address, an Internet protocol number with which each website can be identified. For many of the pages listed in the ESTF database, the location of the registration institution, the location of the page and the so-called name server is given as the Russian Federation. In the case of southfront.org, the registrant is the company REG.RU LLC in Russia, but the location of the page is given as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the location of the name server, dedicated.koddos.com, is again the USA.

That sounds strange and evokes memories of the methods and techniques of the British troll factory JTRIG already quoted here, how to deal with fake identities on the Internet, in order to – what did that mean – “discredit, encourage distrust, someone of something to deter, to deceive, to deter, to delay or to disturb “.

A long story short, Sputniknews Deutch claims that SouthFront is likely an operation of the British intelligence because its hoster is located in the Netherlands, while the domain is registered in Russia.

The fun fact is that the very same data was used by Politico in 2017 to make the conclusion that SouthFront is a Kremlin operation. The motivation was the following: Despite the fact that SouthFront’s hoster is located in the Netherlands, its domain is registered in Russia. So, SouthFront is likely a Kremlin operation.

This situation demonstrates how different sides of the ongoing media standoff make such contrary conclusions from the same facts in order to push their own agenda.

As to Sputniknews concerns that the website is registered in Russia, while the hoster is located in the Netherlands, we’ll take this opportunity to explain to our dear friends in Sputniknews certain peculiarities of the contemporary digital society. Yes, it’s true that the SouthFront domain was obtained (and registered) using the official Russian domain registrator Reg.ru. Therefore the site contains contact information of Reg.ru’s office in Moscow, not of SouthFront. At the same time, the hosting of the website was obtained using the hosting service Koddos.net located in the Netherlands. This was done because it was more convenient for those team members who registered a domain and got a hosting for the website.

Internet allows one to obtain the domain and got the server you want from nearly any corner of the world, using nearly every registrator and hoster available. SouthFront uses a variety of services in its work, some of them based in the US, others in Russia or yet other countries. We are, after all, living in the Information Age. And yes, the SF team includes citizens of the US, Russia and the Netherlands.

It is also interesting to note that Russian state media outlets finally paid some attention to SouthFront work (years after multiple prominent Western mainstream media, as well as US and EU government agencies) in April 2020. Highly likely, this is linked with the fact that SouthFront has been consistently criticizing the Russian internal politics amid the developing COVID-19 crisis.



Account: southfront@internet.ru

SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

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SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

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SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?


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SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls? SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls? SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls? SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls? SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?


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SouthFront's Self-Identification Paradox: GRU Or British Intelligence Trolls?

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Well, we could use the more scientific Duck Test. If it waddles like a duck, looks like a duck, behaves like a duck, but most important, quakes like a duck, there is a very high likelihood it is a duck. This place sure seems like a Kremlin Duck.

Rhodium 10

Thats because SF use to criticizes all parties… vs Pro western liberal cancer infected in Russian elite class….also vs corruption and embezzlement in Russian defense industry contracts…but usually magnificent Israeli airstrikes vs Syria… even when IAF failed and post fake satellite Photos…sometimes all Israeli missile have been shot down.. but IDF post a fake photo of any warehouse that have been damage( many of them as consecuence of the civil war)…and told that they hitted the “target”….SF also have not said anything about damage in Erbil base and other parts of Assad base as consecuence of Irani strikes ( Danish soldiers and Spanish) told about destruction of helicopters and buildings beside casualties among US troops!…

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

there was an article on the impacts of israeli attack on syrian base other day on here

Trap Is Not Gay

China and Russia should’ve called out Jews since the beginning as Iran does – the sanctions, marginalization, etc would’ve been the same, but at least the kike wouldn’t be able to hide in the American’s ass – and from there push everybody to doomsday, madness.

What have you gained for diplomatically speaking about “Washington” (!!!), as they’re going to push you anyway into a full scale nuclear war?
Nothing, right?

Swift Laggard II

what do you guys have against jews exactly? i don’t get it. it like it’s an obsession. one can view certain zionist policies with disdain by why do you guys lampoon the jews as if they are responsible for every evil on earth? you people are sick

Luke Hemmming

Well unfortunately it a case of the tar brush, metaphorically speaking. Or another way to put it. One small bad apple spoils the rest of the barrel. But that 1 small apple is actually 1 giant apple because of the power and influence it has over humanity and the whole global community. It is this 1 bad apple that has control of most of the globes most important financial institutes. It is the 1 apple that owns and controls, influences most of the worlds biggest and well known media and news outlets. It is the 1 apple that owns corporations in just about every conceivable industry sector you can think of, science, education, medical, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, etc. As a result of this it has its millions of minions that work for them. Some are oblivious to their nefarious connections to humankind misery but some gladly carry out the will of this bad apple. The 1 bad apple represents only 1% of the top 1% of the world wealthiest people and or families. A particular name always comes up, the Rothschilds. A very secretive wealthy banking family that obtained its wealth through lying to the public about the waterloo battle. From that point on it has grown to be the major player in the game. They form part of a small club that serves a dark master and they have an agenda. They hate humanity and they want to destroy us. They are often associated with the global satanic p3d0ph1l3 ring. Now they are the sick ones, not us.

bob shekels

More then one bad apple. Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Maxwell, Epstein, suffice it to say they are over represented.

cechas vodobenikov

since c19 fewer comments appear authored by the CIA paid trolls on this site…as the US empire crumbles into the detritus of history—a depression economy w breadlines, transparent poverty, open warfare and disease…their leading c19, obesity, etc conflates neatly w their stupidity, passivity, anxieties and fears


It is Not Mi6 nor Mossad or CIA…. South Front is a Mass Front for SPECTRE (an acronym for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion)

John Wallace

During the 2nd WW didn’t Britain have a section that madeup stories to get published in foreign media as fact to confuse and mislead German Intelligence. It was considered a victory when a neutral country published as fact planted stories . What has changed since then. Much more sophisticated now than then. Who cares what others say when it has been proven many times that SF publishes much more credible and factual news than the agenda driven MSN. Most of their news is based on pushing advertising revenue and facts are irrelevant unless they add to the revenue . When media change the article to fit the receivers beliefs of facts to confirm the media site as preferred choice critical thinking is eroded to non existence so the ring through the nose is easily hooked up to the chain of desired direction. .


I’ve read more than once that Russians stronger freedom of speech than the west. So that would put SF more in the Russian camp.

Damien C

The security services use sites like SF all the time they do NOT use them to sway direction of thought as much as to harvest IP’s from them and use them to identify internal threats to their particular system.

The Israelis have entire call centres in Israel dedicated to identifying people and listing all their views pro/anti Zionist. Then you are followed through your career whether you live in Germany France Canada Mexico USA UK Austrailia wherever … Everytime you go up for a Media Banking or Entertainment position they use whatever contacts they have to stop you or push you depending on your views historically.
They have many of these factories around the world to varying sizes but all linked to same system.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

And when they realise we know that, and still don’t give a toss, they get even more confused!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Just take a bow for your fans southfront. If they are lying about you they fear you

Zionism = EVIL

The GRU is perhaps the best field intelligence service in world. If SF is associated with them, then I have high hopes :) The western morons are just paranoid fucks who are really spooked now as their Jew fanned propaganda is being challenged and marginalized by a variety of objective independent websites and professional journalism. The GRU is not in the business of hasbara trolling but conducting excellent military analysis and geo-strategic reviews. The trolling is done by dumbass Americunts and the hasbara cluster fucks.


I think SF has it’s own opinion on the pandemic. The fact that parts of the opposite sides of the political/media spectrum thinks that SF is committed to one or the other, speaks volumes of it’s independence on the issue. Go SF. :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

If they all hate you, you must be doing something right!

Luke Hemmming

Yes just because a server is based in another country doesn’t make it a sinister operation. For example I worked for a company that had an online store. We, of course were physically based in Australia, but our hosting servers were in the USA. Does that mean we are really a US company just because our hosting servers were in the US? Of course not! It was just that the owners felt that the Australian server hosts companies were unreliable and overpriced. The USA server host companies offered better value and better security.


Two days after the report on DW, on Focus emerged the same story.


Patterns are always the same. Propaganda as in the Cold War: EU accuses Russia of deliberate corona disinformation

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