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SouthFront’s 2020

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We, SouthFront Team, express a deep gratitude to all people who supported of our endeavor in 2019. The last few months, were not easy for our team. Despite this, we have many ideas and plans towards our work in 2020.

As to our plans for 2020, they briefly are:

  1. To keep up a high quality of our content and to expand intended coverage;
  2. To develop our capabilities in the field of production of infographics and maps;
  3. To keep a regular video news broadcasting on the level that we have in 2019. Concerning analytical and documentary videos, in 2020 we are planning to produce the next analytical and documentary videos:
  • The Modern Middle East: the evolution of the military political situation and security threats in 2020+
  • Mohammad Bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia. The growing economic instability and social tensions inside the Kingdom. The economic, political and military diplomatic policies of Saudi Arabia since the moment when Mohammad Bin Salman became a de-facto head of the state.
  • Analysis of the development of the situation in the Arabian Peninsula. This will include the Saudi invasion of Yemen, the Saudi-UAE regional standoff, the shift of the US policy and chances of the further confrontation with Iran, and the analysis of impact of these developments on the regional balance of power.
  • Analysis of the US-Israeli relations during the presidency of Donald Trump. The Israeli policy in the region in the light of the current state of the US-Israeli relations.
  • NATO 70th anniversary. The European structure of security and the ‘Russian threat”. Myths and reality.
  • Erdogan’s Turkey – the overview of the development of the Turkish economic, military and diplomatic power during the Erdogan period.
  • The belt of instability in South America: US-backed coups and coup attempts, the instability in states with ‘pro-US governments’, the increase of activity of non-state actors.
  • The new geo-economic reality of Eurasia. The creation of the Chinese-Russian economic political cluster.
  • An overview and analysis of crisis tendencies in the southern part of the Central Asian region: the threat of ISIS and other radical groups, the internal political and situation in the regional states.
  • An increase of China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2019, we expanded our video production and investigation teams focusing on the Middle East and Central Asia issues. In 2020, we are planning to expand our coverage of military and political situation in Africa and Latin America.

SouthFront is a crowdfunded endeavor. All these plans can be turned into reality only with your support.



Account: southfront@list.ru

SouthFront's 2020

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SouthFront's 2020

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SouthFront's 2020


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SouthFront's 2020

SouthFront's 2020 SouthFront's 2020 SouthFront's 2020 SouthFront's 2020 SouthFront's 2020


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Hos Ng

people would donate much more if your efforts could reflect better the fight that is going on between zioterrorists painting themselves as giews and the people of the world demanding an end to Palestines temporary occupation.
after all a dead cheney is worth an entire dead isis. to think these rats have infested our gov on all levels is inacceptable.

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