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JUNE 2020

SouthFront Youtube Channel Is Under Attack


SouthFront Youtube Channel Is Under Attack

Dear friends,

Today, once again we together have become a target of another trick deliberately perpetrated on SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence in order to damage our capabilities to disseminate an independent view on the main developments of the world.

This time YouTube has deleted one of our old videos “Foreign Policy Diary ‘War on Terror’ [remastered]” released on April 30, 2015 (!!!), because it allegedly includes some content “violating Youtube Community Guidelines”.

SouthFront Youtube Channel Is Under Attack

This video, like all of our content, was made with informational purpose in mind and was aimed to provide independent coverage of the threats of international terrorism.

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is one of the few genuinely independent projects available, which disturbs our ill-wishers. We are sure that this situation is the first step of a full-scale campaign aimed to down our YouTube channel which has been growing rapidly and attracts peoples’ attention, because of the exclusive independent analysis that can be found there.

The only thing that we violated is the mainstream media’s exclusive right to provide informational coverage of world events.

We expect that due to such hostile and disingenuous actions, as well as YouTube’s prejudicial treatment against SouthFront, our YouTube channel could be blocked in the nearest future. In this case, we inform our readers that you can watch all SF videos at our website, http://southfront.org

On the other hand it means that our foes are panicking. Thus, we, together, are on the right track.

In the present situation, we especially need your support. Without your support, we won’t be able to restore our broadcasting rapidly if the channel is downed.

SouthFront needs your support:
PayPal: southfront@list.ru

SouthFront Youtube Channel Is Under Attack

SouthFront Youtube Channel Is Under Attack

OR via: http://southfront.org/donate/

OR via: https://www.patreon.com/southfront

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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  • LiberalsRLost

    Vimeo a good alternative?

  • Bobby

    That’s why it’s called “Jewtube”. Only Jew propaganda and lies are allowed to gain wide attention. The Jews didn’t spend millions of dollars buying up these media platforms just for the fun of it.

    Jewtube is owned by Google which is owned by two dirty Russian Jews named Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Jewtube also has a partnership with the terrorist Jewish organization ADL for censoring any popular video/channel that go against the global Jewish agenda.

    • zencowboy61

      and google shares all our information with the US Govt. DHS and NSA

  • Caldera

    That’s right, when they are firing at you, you know you are over the target. This is a propaganda war like no other ever in human history.

    Your site is gaining popularity fast, it’s well developed and offers precise information. Keep it up, you’re doing the world a service and don’t back down.

    And go Russia!


  • Igor Dano

    Use liveleak and http://theync.com/

  • opereta

    I will not call YouTube “Jewtube” in this case since this shit is straight out of the US State Department. Obviously the US Zionist Lobby is also involved in suppressing information and gets priority treatment from Goggle, owners of You Tube in suppressing any pro Palestinian or Holocaust revisionism, etc, etc.

  • Everyone know full well, that Zionist-supremacist own and run youtube. Anything that is not in Israels favor or globalist-Zionist, is always being taken down at one point or another. http://realjewnews.com/

  • guest

    Google, U-tube, Bing, Yahoo, et, etc…All reiterate the same US-zionist manure. Google search engine is probably rigged.

  • Aquartertoseven

    Southfront, a solution to your finanicial woes; advertise. Look at the number of views you get per article, all of the money you’re missing out on.


    Please stop your attacks to the only democracy within a region full of theocracies.

  • Barbar

    Can you please add a link to the video censored by YT, as I can’t find it on this site?