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A global war is ongoing!

Today, it can be stopped only by us, ordinary people who have become victims of politicians and propaganda. Many of us found ourselves on different sides of the front lines, regardless of our citizenship, nationality or faith.

We need to be united!

In March and early June, SouthFront overcame a series of attacks on our website. Nonetheless, there are no signs that pressure on us will soften anytime soon.

SouthFront work in providing independent coverage of key conflicts around the world disturbs those interested in instigating the global instability. SF Team is determined to fight for the truth and further despite all the difficulties that we face. Nonetheless, our fate depends on you.

As of the middle of June, we’ve collected less than a half of the donation budget needed to keep our work. SouthFront will not be able to survive without your immediate support.

We appeal to all our dear readers and viewers who care about the fate of SouthFront, with a request to support the SF Team using the following crypto addresses:


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– If you do not have the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies, if you face any problems sending funds to the cryptocurrencies addresses given above or if you have the opportunity to send a donation only to PayPal, credit cards or checks, please contact us: info@southfront.org and southfront@list.ru.


Also be aware that many email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc. may block correspondence with info@southfront.org.

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Go broke and die. No one supports raping children and murdering civilians more than you. Deserve what’s coming to you

Ukrop 🐷

Very ironic… Southfront doesn’t support ukrainian NEONAZI war criminals. You are not welcome here, bot.

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Last edited 9 months ago by Work AT Home
Elohim Kosher Bar

Posts like “Work AT Home” are the kinds SF should be banning. Free speech should be allowed for trolls on all sides. Is SF getting it yet? Вы понимаете?

Elohim Kosher Bar

Jews hate truths, facts, and criticism. Jews are their own worst enemy.

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Last edited 9 months ago by Anglia
Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Your IP address shows that you are a stupid indoctrinated Norwegian.

You are now registered and will receive the right treatment in the future.

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Last edited 9 months ago by Anglia
Hans raus

I wonder why google didnt ban SF yet. SF want to justify killing ukrainian people on their own land. Its like supporting terrorism.

Last edited 9 months ago by Hans raus

and you justify killing afghans syrians iraqis yemenese russians etc


Don’t be so shallow. Russian people are dying for almost a decade in Donbas and South Ukraine. And what about Kosovo. KLA was even classified as a terrorist organization, and you supported them in killing Serbian people. Google didn’t ban CNN during NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, there are no reasons to ban SF either.


well you prob aint allowed 500 meters from a school

hell yeah

die already filthy racist russian shit.


jump from a bridge world would be a better place

Thought Criminal

Feels like SF has been saying this for years. Clearly the situation isn’t that dire, they just want to milk viewers for money.


or its expensive having a website and everything eles they do


Thought Criminal, exactly. They never get more than 30-40% of the amount they’re begging for and yet they’re still here. They have guaranteed funding from deep Russian pockets in the background and they just use these donations for their cars, jewelry and holidays. lol

Jasmine Cox

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Last edited 9 months ago by Jasmine Cox

I follow you since many years. Few times, when it was still easy to do it, I did financially support you. Your site is really good, with great informations that we don’t find in the MSM, maybe not always true, but probably more true that the one we find in these same MSM.

And even now, I’m pro-ukrainian, but I understand that life is not black and white…but mostly grey with many shades, I still in a way support you and respect you.

The problem is really the comments sections, too much hate, violence, racism, homophobia and so on…I truely believe, it’s hurting your site. I believe in free speech, but not in psychopathy, sorry but some people on this site are really sick minded.

Concerning this war or special operation, pro-russian, pro-ukrainian or neutral people, we should all realize that this a full nonsense, just helping some globalists and/or oligarchs. It should be STOPPED!

Karma is a bitch…


Its not Karma Tel666 – its prolonged US world domination. Have you read posts on pro-west websites ??


Read ukrainian forums, this is pure refined hell. Machine translators gives us such wonderful opportunity (sarcasm), if you can’t speak russian.


So you need to be antisemitic, and hope for someone to be raped?? Well, if their business model is to allow you – kids brainwashed with hate – they should ask for money from you. Good luck with that. I would probably support them with no comment section. But with this kind of crap – no way. Greetings from pro-Russian, but not brainwashed with hate Serbia!


I agree, I’ve never understood why the comment section is neglected and left to spambots. Isn’t it a necessity, in peace and even more in war, to quickly learn from one’s mistakes? Very few comments add real value to the analyses we’re given.


I agree with greg. The easiest solution, providing that the team does not have time to moderate the comment section, would be to switch the comments off. Sometimes I do not share a good publication from SF with new people, just because of the comment section – I am afraid they would have a very bad first impression of the SF.


Too much hate? You didn’t read any of ukroforums. After 5 minutes reading you will realize that SF commentaries have just 2-3% of this aggressiveness. Same thing happens when ukros come to russian forums, because they loves to spoil everything, real cursed demons with the ideal gas instead brains. And don’t even start on “homophobia”. Homo is human in latin. Perverts losing their human image and shouldn’t be tolerated, if they are demonstrating their illness at public. Do what you want at home, but don’t demonstrate your filth, because this is disgusting, especially so called drag-queens reading books to kids and lesbian “pastors”. This is heavy mental disorder, that’s why it (LGBT propaganda for kids) was prohibited by the law in Russia. I agree with you in the rest, need to be more patient and polite to people who is polite towards you, it’s the golden rule of ethic.

Last edited 9 months ago by Антон

You don’t fix hate with more hate, Anton. People don’t want hate-spammed comments, just from another side. All sh!t stinks, no matter if it’s NATO or Russian. And about that “home” thing, you are the one that mentioned LGBT, or butt sex on every single thread. There is no need to talk about it unless it’s connected to the article (like that crap about unicorn patches). Also, you have NO excuses to be anti-semitic. I feel sick when I read about those “antizionist” (actually anti-semitic) conspiracy theories on the level of Hitler’s “literate work”. You are hating nazis, and then swallowing that exact Nazi narrative that Germans ate during ’30s. You cant be too young not to understand that. I’m pro-Russian and I’m sincerely hoping that you are the minority in the pro-Russian world. If not, I’m on the wrong side.

Where is Clyde?

Ouch 🔥


“you are the one that mentioned LGBT, or butt sex on every single thread.” “Also, you have NO excuses to be anti-semitic.”

Can you prove it? You can’t, because it’s not true. And where did i say about pushing more hate as answer to hate from another side? Read my previous message till the end: “I agree with you in the rest, need to be more patient and polite to people who is polite towards you, it’s the golden rule of ethic.” You should realize that SF (as any other news portal) is not a place for calm academic conversation, don’t await too much from ordinary folks, though this place is far better than stinky “Youtube”, and most MSM from west, Poland and Kiev with their famous standards of democracy, freedom of speech and facts checking.


jews themselves repeatedly explain why decent humans should hate and eradicate them.


Hahaha, this cesspool of deplorables is funded by Russia. They don’t need money to keep spewing russian propaganda. These donations go straight to their pockets for their cars and jewelry. They get max $1000 USD (out of 5000) every month and yet they’re still here. Only idiots donate to this russophile dump of a website.


When they start saying again, “Ladies and Gentlemen” at online workworks, then I will return, but not until then! Florida is a common sense conservative state where most people have brains! http://Www.desalary.com


Go get money from your master Vladolph Pitler… heheheh


I’m sure you make more than enough money by allowing those “I’m earning thousands of $ from home” spammers. So no donations from me – at least not unless you get rid of them, and add at least some anti-semitic filter in comments.


It’s too bad we don’t have anti-semitic filters in real life. The world would suddenly seem like a paradise if the jews disappeared.


I don’t care about mean words in comments, lol. But the spam is an issue. Also, I’m sure there’s someone who would be willing to run ads on here, maybe Russian/Chinese companies? ppl are willing to donate, but you can’t be over-reliant on generosity.

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