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SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube

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Dear friends,

You have probably noted that something strange is happening with SouthFront’s YouTube channel.

Analytical and military videos, that just a few weeks ago were collecting 50, 100 thousands of views and even more, are now barely reaching 20,000 views. This happens despite the stable high number of likes and comments under the videos that SouthFront publishes on YouTube. At the same time, some subscribers say that they do not see SouthFront videos in their feeds even despite being subscribed for notifications about new videos manually.

SouthFront has appeared among those media organizations, investigators and activists that suffered the so-called shadow ban – the platform’s decision to employ scripts manually limiting their community reach.

The inability of YouTube channels, which challenge the mainstream narrative, to monetize their content is not even a secret.

The ongoing shadow ban is the most recent in a series of attempts to censor and discredit SouthFront. Through the years, these attacks became more and more sophisticated.

We passed through all these difficulties due to your support and we are not going to give up.

Dear friends,

  • If you have not enabled notifications from SouthFront’s YouTube channel, please, do it right now. This would help to avoid at least a part of the shadow ban effects.
  • Tell your friends about SouthFront and drop a link to our website.
  • Don’t forget to visit southfront.org. You will find all fresh videos and a lot of additional content, including maps, graphics, text analyses and daily coverage of the developments in war zones, there.

By the end of July, we are going to release several fresh analytical videos, including the ones about the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and a summary of the military campaign in Syria in 2018-2019.

The intensity of developments in Syria has decreased. Therefore, there will a bit more various analytical content about the developments in the Middle East and around the world and a bit less ordinary war reports that we all do like to watch.

Meanwhile, less than a half month left until the end of the month. If you like SouthFront videos, graphics and text analyses, please, support our work.



Account: southfront@internet.ru

SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube

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SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube

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SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube


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SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube

SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube SouthFront Shadowbanned On YouTube


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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Jim Prendergast

Southfront along with Syrian Arab News Agency and Al-Mazdar have been consistently timely and accurate with their reporting from the Middle East. Their veracity can be tested with accounts from independent witnesses. They are being censored for their truth.

Zionism = EVIL

The truth is a liability in the Jew controlled “western” world. They feed their ignorant populations lies, distortions and endless brainwashing from morning to evening and then some. Even their own PEW poll states that US, UK, Canada, Australia, France have the most ignorant populations in the world. You wonder why?

Jim Prendergast

The nations you name are just a small part of the world.

Zionism = EVIL

True, but they bark the most and are warmongers and totally controlled by Jew scum. They have ignorant brainwashed populations who are fed a steady diet of hate-mongering, racism, “exceptionalism” and lack of respect for humanity. The Americunt arseholes fan wars for the cursed Jews and the poodles named in earlier comment follow their masters blindly to shed the blood of millions in innocents in small nations that really can’t defend themselves. Now these arseholes are having a problem with Russia, Iran, China and lots of others who are questioning the destructive Jew agenda of endless wars and global economic plunder.


Hi SouthFront. Would it be possible for you to start doing military situation updates (such as what you currently do for Syria and Afghanistan) for the areas in Africa that are starting to see an increase in Daesh/Boko Haram activity? They would be very helpful!


Greetings, time to time, we release maps covering the regions of activity of Boko Haram, ISIS and Al-Shabab in Africa. For example: https://southfront.org/at-least-26-dead-in-gunment-attack-on-hotel-in-somalias-kismayo-map/, https://southfront.org/map-update-boko-haram-and-isis-attacks-in-niger-and-nigeria/
Sincerely yours,
SF Team

Zionism = EVIL

SF is gaining quite a bit of attention and respectability, I would suggest also cooperating with Press TV, al Masdar, Sputnik and even RT. There is a plethora of reputable independent non-Jew controlled media in the world now. And many people in west are not scared to challenge Zionist lies and distortions.


Isn’t there any alternatives to youtube ?

If there is and you do use it please let us know.
Youtube, twitter and FB are part of the main stream media that is controled and manupilated by the deep state, we had enough of them.


Well, that was expected. But… Congrats SF, you got a link from National Interest https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/unstealthed-how-easily-f-22-can-lose-its-radar-absorbing-coating-68297

Edvin R

Lol…you just cant accept the fact that people dont buy your fakenews and Assad propaganda…shadowbanned my ass.

Zionism = EVIL

The fact of the matter is that the Zionist and western corporate media or lies manufacturing machines are losing the PR war in the world. No one believes the Jew media and its endless litany of fake news, lies, manipulation and so they are running scared. Unless they shut down the whole internet, it is too late. Zionist, British and Americunt criminals have nowhere to hide now!


You can do the Hunt manoeuvre by just simply not inviting non-compliant media such as South Front to free media meetings.


Shadow banning, de-platforming is happening all over the place. Cyber-fascism is deeply rooted in the scummy social media and tech corporations.

Zionism = EVIL

The so-called west is historical hypocrites and their Jew masters held total monopoly on lies, distortions, fake news and fabrications prior to the advent of the internet, which they now regret and are trying to stifle. The Jews and their Bilderberg/Murdoch Fox, BBC, VOA type gutter media was able to sow absolute propaganda against the USSR and later progressive left, but now people are fighting back as we saw with Wikileaks, Julian, Assange, Edward Snowden etc. The more the Zio-Nazi evil coalition tries to censor the truth, the greater the resistance will be.

Jens Holm

ME countries constantly shadow or bann too.

Martin Lepianka

what makes you think cyber fascism isnt growing a root right out in the open!!! yeah these are fascist. People such as Chomsky , Maduro are personally poverty struck individuals with an extreme disposition for crime. Must be eductated by the US millitary , not the internet. WHY NOT SHADOW BAN those dumb fascists. See how they like it. for those that dont know what fascism is : Fanatical nationalism that actively attacks socialism.

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