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SouthFront Resistance Forces

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Jos Boersema

If there is no fascism in Ukraine, then the law & order that NATO is protecting in the west might be one that would make Hitler proud. Indeed that is less of a stretch then one might think, because the Nazis reportedly where funded by the IG Farben Cartel, who after the war sponsored the creation of the European Union who had as its first president the Nazi Walter Hallstein. Nazi S.S. officer and Paris IG Farben head quarter board member prins Bernhard of the Netherlands (a german immigrant to NL) was instrumental in creating the so-called Bilderberg conspiracy that is responsible for creating the European Union. The economic objectives of the IG Farben cartel and other top capitalist Oligarchs in the Nazi occupied single market, have now been realized thanks to the European Union, and their army: NATO. As in the case of Ukranian fascism, this is not neo-fascism, this is not something new, this is the original at work. See book here, but it’s hardly the only source despite the best effort of the Nazi overlords to expunge their history: http://www.relay-of-life.org/nazi-roots/

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