SouthFront Project News – Feb.17, 2016


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Dear friends!

Due to your support in previous months, SouthFront produced till February 17:

  • Videos: 36
  • Graphics: 119
  • Texts: 347

Your support also allowed SouthFront to:

SouthFront needs about 5000 USD per month to run the project successfully and keep a high quality of the content.

In February, we collected 2538,26 USD. Thank you to all! We appreciate your support. Nonetheless, this is still about 50% of the amount needed this month.

We kindly ask you, please, support SouthFront project. Without your help, our work won’t be possible.


SouthFront Project News - Feb.17, 2016

SouthFront Project News - Feb.17, 2016

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Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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