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SouthFront Project News – Feb. 1, 2016

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SouthFront Project News - Feb. 1, 2016

Dear friends, readers, supporters!

First of all, we want to say “Thank you” for all who support the project by any means. Your response helped SouthFront to pass a serious crisis in December and was able to work in January. Thanks so much!

In January, we collected $4070,06 (including $101 at Patreon). This is about 81% of needed monthly budget ($5000).  We were able to operate the whole month successfully due to your donations recieved earlier in January.

Inspired by your support and all received comments and emails with warm words, SouthFront Team is making all possible to continue provide high quality exclusive content in February. The recieved amount (81% of budget) allows us to continue operate this month in case you continue to support the project.

In February, we are going to continue to work on quality of battlefield reports, military and geopolitical analyses adding new features and improving all used practices. Also, our Military Analysis Team and Video-Design Team are preparing a new video product which is scheduled to be launched this month.

We will continue to inform you about important news about the situation in the project.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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