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On January 16 faced a hacker attack. As a result, our website was temporarily out of service.

The main goal of the attack was to disrupt Southfront’s work on the website. The attack also sought to get data about SouthFront team members and to damage the project’s donation flow in this already complicated period. As you recall, in December, SouthFront collected only 85% of the minimal monthly budget and was forced to reduce the number of produced content during the first week of 2018.

Luckily, it seems that the hackers did not achieve their main objectives. However, there is a chance that the hackers obtained some technical information that can be used to create forgeries or fake news, in an attempt to discredit SouthFront. Meanwhile, the number of phishing attacks aimed at emails of the project and its members have increased exponentially.

We expect that soon SouthFront will face more media and hacker attacks from corporations and interest groups that want to censor independent news outlets and independent coverage of the military and geo-political issues of our time.



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  • World_Eye

    The US DHS, does not stay steady with compliance from hacker groups that just want to disrupt SF. Cuz they want to kill the real news. The US is starting to be a Rogue regime country where freedom of speech, and the so called Democracy is now dead.Where you get arrested and shoot in close range from cops for nothing, literally nothing. Maybe Trump is really sick in that brain of his, and just making decisions that are far fetch from reality. I never remember the US to be this much rogue country, the relationship with Israel is making things hell.

    • Daisy

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    • John Whitehot

      “The US is starting to be a Rogue regime”

      Starting? Oh man.

      “Where you get arrested and shoot in close range from cops for nothing”

      Last year, more than 2000 people have died while being arrested by police in the United States. Yes, more than two thousands people. I don’t think nazi Germany could do better.

      • Hide Behind

        THEY could not of existed without huge masses of their populations had not allowed them to be.
        Mention of US population being composed mainly of “Little Eichmans” , was truth but cost a tenured professor his career, and the little Eichmans not understanding that Facism requires a Fascist population, did no more than salute the powers that be actions.
        He’ll, they know not what FASCISM realy is, all they know is the meme of lies about killing off of jews, nothing else,.
        Hitler is still alive today, but today he is a Russian, Chinese, N. KOREAN, OR anyone of pigmented skin that does not salute the American flag and it’s Eurocentric Lackys ass.
        Fro. Kindergarten through college all they get is bullshit about how great US is, truth is. Beyond their mental abilities, they have no co.parsons taught, and yes Jewish control of info limits anything other then concentration camp info
        There is no difference between the arm raised NAZI saluting Eichmans than what one sees at every major sporting event and misery payments to software and movie firms means of indoctri ation.
        Salute of Flag with no F’n idea of
        original ideals of that flags first raising, instead today we make F’n hero’s of those who wear a military uniform.

        • John Whitehot

          the reference to nazi Germany was in regards to the 2000+ people who have died while in the process of being arrested by the police in the US last year.

      • Mollie Norris

        They haven’t started shooting cats yet – I don’t think.

    • Mollie Norris

      Disqus has really become fascist recently – shadowbanning commenters. KimDotcom has announced that he’s starting his own internet
      It’d be great to have a real internet, not Google’s zionist anti-truth censorship.

    • Mollie Norris

      Israel is making things hell in general, and the US and UK are enabling it.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Israel, cause I know the Jew’s did it.
    Russians are just filthy Goyim’s to them, unclean animals to be used to labor and serve their Zionist interest.

  • Hide Behind

    Wondered when such an event would take place, but why no mention of type of hack
    It is not just US and Israel, Russia, China etc, that hack into alternative media, it is a world wide attempt to control all forms of info, and all nations, especially Eurocentrics security branches, and while they “own” the flow of major print and visual organizations, today’s norm, no privacy for anyone but themselves.
    Silicon valley types try like heck to get gov grants and each firm works like hell to come up with programs to both protect gov users and to attack the average mans rights of privacy and access to any thoughts beyond who’s dic. Or cli.. is doing what.
    Stop pretending that you can find freedom of speech on net, it does not exist, and in US and World have but to watch and read how orgs owners allow Israel and US gov to define what is hate speech or anti power, and make algorithms that track to phones and PC individual owners.
    The booty man New World Order is already in place. Just at edge of BENIGN control but ready very soon for anti human rights control.

  • Wondering. I made a 100 dollar contribution December last year but there was no acknowledgment from SouthFront and there have been popups for donation every time I visit this site since then.
    My money has gone somewhere else?

    • Dear friend, thank you for the support. Your donations do not affect “popups” on the website because it shows the general progress of the donation campaign. You can find a detailed report on the results of December (including funding and content production) here:
      Please, contact SF via providing details of your donation to check if it was received.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

  • u must v gotten into some truth that could do some real harm to the bad guys. keep up the good work, both of u.

  • IvanSmith

    Soros’s paid SCUM flexes ‘muscle” again, only to shit themselves!!!
    Epic FAIL!!!
    Soros, you are down bitch!!!