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SouthFront Newsletter

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Dear friends,

The aggressive censorship and propaganda campaign against SouthFront by corporations and mainstream media outlets continues. In these conditions, we are considering new options of communications and content delivery.

There is a well-tested way of delivering news and content to people – an email newsletter (daily or weekly). Every email of this newsletter will cover key articles, maps, graphic pieces and videos released by SouthFront for a daily or weekly period. Points inside the email will be sorted by regions and topics, while every point will include a title, a brief description of the point and a link to the original content piece.

Dear friends, please, write in comments what you think about this idea and what format – weekly or daily – you will prefer.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

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Jim Allen

Daily is preferred, but I’ll be fine with weekly.

johnny rotten

The first thing is the quality, if you keep that no matter what the format is, thanks for your contribution.

Ton Smit

Preferably daily.

Obscure Shadow

Would prefer daily, but weekly is ok too. Thank you for your dedication and determination. Much appreciated. Persist to resist, comrades!


E-mails would be fine (in fact, would lend to creating a personal archive) if that’s what you’ve got. Ditto the sentiment that keeping SF coming is what counts!

Emiliano Laurenzi

It could be a good way to proceed, but the struggled to be on the web must go ahead, in a way or another.

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