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SouthFront: The Knowledge You Can Rely On

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No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.
― L. Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz
SouthFront: The Knowledge You Can Rely On

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence produces not just content, but a kind of knowledge. The knowledge that wakes up to understanding reality is something more than the one point of view. SouthFront digs out the truth on issues which are barely covered by states concerned and mainstream media.

We exercise politics, geopolitics, history, sociology, economics and other humanitarian sciences to analyze ongoing issues and crisis, to show tendencies and reasons. We try to turn sophisticated pieces of information into a luminous exposition via analyses and recompounding, but not a simplification.

We can do this only due to joint strivings of our experts, volunteers and contributors from the four corners of the Earth. Men and women devote their considerable life time to create comprehensive knowledge on international politics in order to grant aid in learning, erudition and expertise to anyone interested in it.

Supporting SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence you invest in knowledge.

Investing in knowledge you acquire the best and safest treasure over the Earth.

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SouthFront: The Knowledge You Can Rely On

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