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SouthFront Is Seeking for Video Makers, Scriptwriters

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SouthFront Is Seeking for Video Makers, Scriptwriters

SouthFront is an analytical project maintained by an international team of experts and volunteers, who threw down the gauntlet to mainstream media and think tanks. Surviving on donations and crowdfunding, our team creates mind-changing analytical content, strengthened by exclusive video and graphic pieces.

Since the launching of the website in 2015, SouthFront has become a significant independent voice that hitting government and corporate funded propagandists where it hurts. This is why SouthFront remains under stiff pressure from ill-wishers, facing significant attacks of various types.

Only recently: 

  1. SouthFront’s PayPal account was banned, cutting significantly donations that allow the project to survive
  2. A new wave of propaganda against the project has started

However, the SouthFront Team believes that we are fulfilling a vital role in presenting a more truthful assessment of world events, and we will continue our work in this hostile environment.

We currently need:

  1. Video makers: You will make documentary and (or) graphic video pieces, vizualazing the analytical content, produced by SouthFront. You’ll need to devote at least 6 hours per week to participate in the project as a video maker.
  2. Scriptwriters: We will be glad to find a person who is able to write texts for SouthFront’s common video products or able to suggest new ideas for SouthFront’s video production. You’ll need to devote at least 4 hours per week to participate in the project as a scriptwriter.

We are a volunteer team and we can not promise any monetary reward for your work. However, we can promise that our joint work will continue to keep on the alert transnational corporations and their “bought and paid for” media outlets.

If you are interested, please, email to: info@southfront.org (don’t forget check a spam box for the answer) OR you can use THIS contact form.

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