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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again


Mainstream “journalists” should praise SouthFront Team 7 days a week despite regular and unprecedented attempts of globalist structures to destroy Southfront or at least suppress its work.

Because it is clear. If there is no SouthFront, all these MSM-styled budget suckers would lost their jobs as they would have nothing to write about in their ‘top-notch investigations’ and horror stories about never-ending ‘attacks on democracy’. David stars with laser beams will no more fly over Iranian tankers and words “neo-liberal fascism” will not bother globalist agents that seek to brainwash the international audience.

Fortunately, for SouthFront’s fan base in the camp of globalists’ puppets, our team is not going to halt its work anytime soon. Therefore, we have a brilliant opportunity to take a look at another fairy tale ‘investigative report’ on how SouthFront is playing a core role in disinformation campaign aimed against Germany. Probably, our friends in the State Department ‘investigative branch’ were dusted for the failure with “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem” report (a large part of which was dedicated to SouthFront) and reassigned the next ‘investigation release’ to their junior colleagues in German mainstream media.

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

SouthFront images that cause concern of ‘MSM investigators’

This story started on April 2 when we received the following media request from Christina Brause of Die Welt:

Dear Sir or Madam,

for an up-to-date reporting, we ask you to answer the following questions:

“Southfront” describes itself on its website as a project by an “independent team of experts” and by “volunteers from all parts of the world”. How many people are currently working for “Southfront”?

According to its own information, “Southfront” needs around USD 5,000 as a monthly budget to run the site. To what extent are these just required donations? To what extent does “Southfront” have other sources of income, and if so, what are these.

To what extent is it true that the PayPal account that can be used to donate to “Southfront” belongs to Aelita Mamakowa? If so: What duties or position does Ms. Mamakowa have at “Southfront”?

Between November 2015 and March 2016, the domain “southfront.net” ran through Aljona Tschugulewa. To what extent did Ms. Tschugulewa work for “Southfront”? To what extent is she still working for “Southfront” and if so, what are her duties there?

To what extent is it true that Viktor Stoilov, Brian Kalman, Rene Landry and Holger Frommert are or were active for “Southfront”?

We ask for feedback by Saturday, April 3rd 2021, 10 a.m.

Kind regards,

Christina Brause

SouthFront aims to be as transparent as possible. So, we provided the detailed answer to these questions:

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

On March 4, Die Welt published the article entitled „Hilfreiche Idioten gibt es viele“ (There are many helpful idiots). The article written by Christina Brause consists of a summary of various rumors and old claims from Euro-Atlantic propaganda structures staffed with resentments that SouthFront successfully works as a mostly volunteer endeavour, which includes the involvement of volunteer translators from English to German.

SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

Click to see the full-size image

About 80% of the article released by Die Welt repeats the old ‘horror stories’ about SouthFront that were repeated multiple times by MSM in the past years. SouthFront repeatedly commented on all of them. This includes the usage of PayPal with a .ru address, the usage of Russian domain registrar Reg.ru and even claims that SouthFront’s content is of ‘too high quality’ (like this is a crime).

Die Welt’s ‘innovation’ is the bet on Holger Frommert as a source of information or as an embedded agent of Die Welt. We do not know how it really was. In any case, we are very grateful to Mr. Frommert for his albeit short-term but productive cooperation with SouthFront as a volunteer translator from English to German. In fact, Mr. Frommert translated more than 100 articles into German and did it so quickly that our main editorial team was not able to put them on de.southfront.org quickly enough.

Another interesting part of the article is the claim of Jakub Kalensky from the Atlantic Council that “SouthFront alone is just a drop in the bucket …but there are hundreds to thousands of them.”

SouthFront would like to ask Mr. Kalensky to provide examples of organizations independent from globalist structures and MSM agenda that work in the field of military analysis and are similar to SouthFront (or at least are capable of producing content of the comparable quality with the comparable scale).

As to the “traces to Russia” section of the article, it barely includes something new besides the ‘deep analytical conclusion’ that SouthFront Team member, Rene, was not able to publish 10 translations per day on de.southfront.org because during that time Russia celebrated Christmas. In fact, that period was closer to the New Year holidays, but who cares.

No ‘investigation’ about SouthFront goes without claims about the usage of Russian domain registrar Reg.ru. Die Welt also pointed out .ru address in our PayPal account, which has been ignored by ‘MSM investigators’ for years. Probably, they were not able to find the donations section on southfront.org. In its open letter to the US State Department, SouthFront drew attention of its staff to the fact that SouthFront has always had an account with .ru address. So, finally, thanks to joint efforts of SouthFront Team and the State Department, we can see this valuable information in Die Welt’s article.

Do the authors of ‘MSM investigations’ really think that if SouthFront Team members were to work secretly for the Kremlin or Russian intelligence services (for example, the mighty GRU), we would not have found the time to obtain southfront.org domain or PayPal address through some non-.ru services?

The simple fact is that as a result of the unprecedented pressure exerted by the globalist structures on SouthFront, it was decided to carry out a part of operations through Russian services. This happened years ago and has always been public information.

Die Welt also repeats the cobwebby information that one of SouthFront volunteers (that participated in SouthFront over 5 years ago for about a year) once participated in a Russian journalist competition, which took place about 11 years ago. The Die Welt article used this event to link this person with ‘top Russian circles’. And further, the genius author invented a fake husband for our lawyer, Aelita, who indeed resides in Russia. SouthFront assures that Aelita was very surprised that she should share bed with some another person, instead of the one she used to.

In the end of Die Welt’s article, Mr. Frommert provides one of the reasons why he halted his cooperation with SouthFront. This is because of the alleged proximity of SouthFront’s position to those of AfD and Donald Trump. SouthFront has to remind once again that the diversity of opinions and the freedom of speech are among the core principles of our work.

Additionally, SouthFront wants to repeat questions to Christina Brause, which we asked in our response:

– How many members work in the Welt team?

– What is the monthly budget required to run the Welt website?

– Who is the ultimate beneficiary of Welt?

– What salary will you personally receive?

– Why you believe that you are allowed to request information about personal data of people, especially if it could endanger their life and health?

It should be noted that we have received no answer from Christina Brause and Die Welt Team.

With much regret, SouthFront has to note the steadily decreasing level of the professionalism of ‘MSM investigators’. We would like to draw attention to the 2017 article of Politico on the same topic. The only difference is that Politico was covering how Big Bad SouthFront was threatening the US military and veterans. Nonetheless, during that case, Politico Team demonstrated much more professionalism than Die Welt in 2021.



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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again

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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again



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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again



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SouthFront Is In The Center Of MSM Horror Stories Again


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Jihadi Colin

Anyone who mixes up southfront.org and .net/.com either has no business writing articles or is deliberately being mendacious.

Given that they didn’t, predictably, respond to your questions strongly indicates that it is the latter.


I cannot recall a time in my 70+ years when Western leaders have been in such a frenzy of fear.

Is it the fear of a complete crash of their financial system, that only stealing Russian, Iranian and Chinese resources can mitigate?

Or is it the real fear that Russia, China and Iran have finally lost patience with the West and will fight, rather than suffer any more aggression from the West, that would, de facto, enslave these populations for a millennia?

Supreme Blyat

I cannot recall it in my 500+ yearscomment image

Tommy Jensen

Putin is it you?

Supreme Blyat

Yes Sir Rotenberg, how may I serve you? A $billion contract with gov, will work for you?

Tommy Jensen

Not really. Its the same fear criminals have that someone will discover what they have done.
If you discover people you admire have done some very low things, you lose your respect for the said.
Thats what they fear.


That’s very true.


There actually is very little fear that the new “axis of evil” countries “have finally lost patience.” This is what the “international clique” leaders want. Remember when Germany lost patience and annexed mostly ethnic German Danzig or how Japan lost patience and attacked Pearl Harbor? Did the elites fear that would happen? Or did that allow them to take countries victim to the elites’ sanctions and provocations, then frame them as the aggressors…?

What the world oligarchs now fear, Florian, is that their Project for a New American Century “new Pearl Harbor” will not succeed in steering their subjects’ rage against their enemies. With the right counter-propaganda, it may even backfire and turn people against the elites. South Front is a part in making that happen.

Tommy Jensen

Just wonder why SF respond an intimidating and indiscrete letter like this? All msm who fake, will fear those who dont fake. The liar fear the truth.
Its a good sign. The pretender, the devil fear the real stuff Jesus.


It’s smart and the team is skilled in writing tags and keywords for their pages and pics.

They answer the intimidating letter and at the same time publish the whole story here. Anyone who searches for something like “die welt south front” receives links from both. First one the article in Die Welt and the second from south Front.
In image sections it gives more results about south front including their answers (wondered why they published answers as images? They can use more tags)

Try it.


Ok, ok, ok.
I was/is wastly anoyed because of some peculiar angles, when the articles are a bit over the top on blaming the victim, if anything, I hate that above everything, I ignore the Units/etc because they are an part of life, like acmes on our asses, despite their pressens whom can from time to time by painful, but then again, thats the way it is and we have to live with it, regardeless of our own “fragilitys”.

When thats said, De Welt is an shithole, a German…… I am not sure, since they dont deside jack shit in their own land since they are occupyed by the Imperial banana republic Moronika, but lets asume for the sake of aruments its a German, hehe, site whom thinks we stil live in the 80s, where their hegmony was solid, despite their level of idiot propaganda was then the same to the present where we can hammer back, and if you think our resistance to the western scums are an problem, depends on where we are Russian boots or not, to the never ending quire of bitches whining about some of us been everything from nazis to racists, etc, they cant help it to go total retard regarding counter agruments and reasons to why more and more people dont belive them anymore, and in their delutional stupdity drools something about been Putin Boots, ugh….. just like the way some of us have argumented against this CONvid swindle, not by inventing anything, I never do that, it may happen but then I dont have any problems with admitting it, but take whats been feed to the ether and reflects that back with questions, and arguments and the response, is just childish babbeling and whining, because they know we know that they are lying about everything, all the time.

I miss the days when SF was a bit more neutral, I havent been here for months, because the war on Armenia was drowned with bullshitting from every angle and I know that the truth about it and why it started isnt comed forth, for now, and the even more serious consequencess it will have because of Putins inability to act and the corruption of the Russian Gov whom as others puts economic issues before anything else, I leave it there but stil I warn the Russians about what is coming because of indesisivness when it mattered most, and on top of it, no matter what, Putin is sacreliggious and cant be critizsed and the RuA holy, and if I want to read idiotic drivel about how sacret Putin is, I go to the scrapyard of Faker, where the drivel never ends, I have critized the Gov, and thats it, nobody else, I stil consider Russia/Kola as my homeland, the realms of my forefathers.

But, thru all this years, I always go to sites where the information is good, sometimes I react on certain use of words, clouded, conflicting, ( yemen is an good ex. when everybody uses the narrative witch is used by the west on Iran, put infront of some issues when yemen is under totoal embargo, then why the focus on Iran, tsk, tsk, tsk, etc ) inconsitstenys in the articles but I can live with that, but the truth is, nothing beats SF even to day, I want as far its possible to have both sides covered, and you do that better than most.

In an way I apologize for been a bit tempered, but dont think I will be more uh….. kind, I know much more to day than what I knew just an year ago, incl Russia and its history.
But I leave that to other platforms, if not challanged.
Have an nice day and I hope people suports your site.


Ryan Glantz

you don’t get flak unless you’re over the target.

Bravo, Southfront, for reporting real news!


I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but Ms Brause’s and Die Welt’s dishonesty finally nudged me: I became a monthly subscriber to Southfront today. Please continue your excellent work


The usual pindo vassal presstitute backboneless scum, which can be found across the “free” world massmerdia..
She sells herself for much more than 5k greenbacks per month, and gets a fat bonus for every hit piece ordered by her masters, and executed promptly, and looks condescending on SF volunteers, waiting for the next incentive.
Pindos like to surround themselves with ignorant, incompetent, spineless, but subservient fauna.


In my experience, they just published a free advertisement for you.

The more they freak out and publish this kind of smears, the better for you. In this regard people are divided into 2 groups, one eats anything they are handed and resist to the death against what they are used to. The other group are more open and curious. It’s enough that only a handful of the latter group among their readers check your website out of curiosity. Sure, among them will be some people who try to guide and rescue your readers but there are also people who read, think, share and introduce you.

If I were you, I’d wish for more of the similar “investigative works”, the more the merrier!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x