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JULY 2022

SouthFront Is Calling For Volunteer Voiceover Artists

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SouthFront Is Calling For Volunteer Voiceover Artists

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Take your chance! Join the SouthFront Team

SouthFront: Analysis&Intelligence unites volunteers and specialists from all over the world and you can be the next to join our ranks.

We are looking for English language voice over artists of any age, gender or nationality. If you have a wide experience or you wish to improve your skills join our team.

It’s your chance to assist the work of an internationally recognized media and join the independant community.

If you are ready to fight in our ranks, feel free to contact press@southfront.org

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Rodney Loder

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Ali Ben Hodge

wow man no its the space aliens + piezo electric crystal meth implanted in the brain at birth dude


you need a volunteer moderator

Ali Ben Hodge

Yeah I think the guy with the phony accent of the perfidious albion got fired…

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